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Why are you a Veggie/Vegan?


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I embraced Buddhism when I was 13 and vegetarianism soon followed... I felt like a hypocrite touting respect for all beings, while eating meat. I've been veggie for almost 8 years now and at one point I was vegan for 2 months (hoping to try again!).

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I am a vegetarian/borderline vegan for humane and health reasons. Not only is the way we raise animals inhumane, it is not healthy for us. I eat eggs and some dairy (cheese is a hard habit to kick), because it seems the least harmful to us and the animals. 

If possible, be kind. It is always possible.



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I consider myself to be plant-based rather than vegan. I don't really have anything against killing animals for food; however, the food industry approach is cruel and torturous. And there are not enough resources to support the current level of per capita meat consumption if it were all converted to sane and humane practices. tldr; being a hipster meat-eater is not going to save the planet.

However, my primary reason for being plant-based is health. The people in the long-lived Blue Zones eat 90-98% plant-based. Meat/dairy is either a very occasional treat or a bit of flavor added to their staple foods.

There is research linking high consumption of animal products to all sorts of cancer. Eating meat puts you at risk for cardiovascular disease. http://science.sciencemag.org/content/361/6399/eaam5324

I personally believe that Paleo is a step in the right direction for most Americans. It's great to get people off of processed foods. It is supported for weight loss. But recently there have been studies that it is not good for your longterm health. https://www.bluezones.com/2018/09/news-study-finds-low-carb-or-keto-diets-could-lead-to-shorter-lifespan/ And there have yet to be studies proving any benefit except weight loss. https://daa.asn.au/smart-eating-for-you/smart-eating-fast-facts/healthy-eating/the-low-down-on-paleo-welcome-to-our-three-part-series-on-the-palaeolithic-diet/ It is basically Atkins + veggies, and the Atkins diet is known to be bad for your health long-term. Yet their ideology actively prevents people from finding the benefits of a healthier, plant-based diet. Just look at how you can't get beyond level 5 here without giving up legumes. 

Their prohibition of beans and whole-food carbs is nonsensical - those have been part of traditional human diets throughout history, probably even into the paleolithic. Archeologists/anthropologists have debunked the whole line of Paleo reasoning. https://www.drcarney.com/blog/entry/anthropologist-debunks-paleo-diet

It is disturbing to me that the paleo diet is being supported by this and other wellness sites as the ideal way to eat. It is not even close. Unfortunately, it makes me wonder what else the "experts" are getting wrong about health.

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I'm interested in transitioning to a more vegetarian/pescatarian diet because I'm doing an elimination diet right now to help my eczema. I'm seeing wonders already for my skin and for my health/fitness goals! I was already eating a very veggie-heavy diet and don't love love love most meats like a lot of my friends or family. Cutting out eggs, dairy and wheat (for the elimination diet) has been a total wellness game-changer for me and I'm thinking of learning a bit more on how to eat from the few vegetarian  and vegan people I know.


I'm supposed to re-introduce the eliminated foods now but I am not sure I want to as I like how THIS feels. I ate some egg a few days ago and my skin is already going "no, don't do that!". Haven't touched milk in weeks and I'm not keen on seeing what wheat is going to do to my skin if I decide to just go for a bagel or have a slice of bread. This is a great website and a fantastic forum and I hope to learn as much as I can from you guys! Its nice to see a healthy vegetarian / vegan community - thanks for helping me learn from your posts!  

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Im vegetarian, but trying to eat less milk and cheese. At first i was vegan because i was influenced by a vegan activist, but then it was just to hard for me to go out with friends and eat plant based foods. They were carnivorous. I guess you can say im vegetarian because im selfish of letting go some animals products , but there are days i dont eat any. Slowly, ill go plant base.

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Vegitarian for several years then went Vegan for 6 years before incorporating backyard chicken eggs into my diet about 1 year ago. No dairy or commercial eggs and no meat. I am an ethical veggie. Followed a truck of cows home in 2009 and never ate meat again.

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I was vegetarian and then vegan for many years. Eventually it made things really hard because I ate really unhealthy on the vegan diet, its basically just lack of knowledge and skills when it comes to cooking. I became vegetarian because of enviromental reasons. Now my job can make it very hard, I'm often out sailing and we just make one big meal for everyone and we dont have the resources to make a vegan meal just for me, I often bring my own food tho. I was also vegetarian when I was in the navy, but there were a couple of others on board who also ate a vegetarian diet. 

I now make mostly vegan food at home, but I get eggs from our neighbour who has chickens, and I eat the venison we hunt ourselves (I know hunting is a contriversal topic, and I am willing and open to discuss it with anyone and talk about it). So I dont buy any meat in the stores. I also still eat cheese at times, but Im trying to limit that as well. 

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