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Any of you ladies do vertical fitness?

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One of my colleagues teaches aerial dance with the silks and is starting work to get an aerial yoga class up and going. She thinks I'm strong enough now to go up without a knot and wants to get me in the studio to see if that's true. All of her dancers started training about the same time she did, so she's trying to get a good feel for where the difference between a true beginner and someone a little more advanced lies before she opens the yoga class for general public. I'd love to hear what anyone else has experienced with this.

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I would highly recommend AGAINST learning silks from a DVD. You can get yourself into a very dangerous mess very easily without a competent coach/teacher.



Thanks for the tip. I was just planning on trying moves close to the ground but landing on my head doesn't seem fun. 




I know pole is SO much fun, it doesn't even feel like a workout. I think you'll love it aerial looks so fun too. I need the money for a pole right meow


Haha I'm thinking I may be in the same boat. Who knew a metal pole could cost so much 


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