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So I was refueling the rental after a business trip...

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I get flown to Florida often for business. Today was the last day for this particular trip, and I was on my way to the airport when I stopped to refuel the rental before dropping it off. I pull up the the pump, get out, and what do I see? A couple next to their SUV tucked away into a corner of the gas station's parking lot... doing burpees together. =D!


I couldn't stop smiling about that shit. I wanted to run up and give them a compliment, but by the time I was done at the pump, they had already gone.


Best road trip spice ever, amirite? Exercise x for n reps at every fuel stop. Mwahaha. I will be implementing some variation on this theme on my next long drive. =)

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7/1/18: 184lbs/83kg @ 18%   | 1RM Bench:~150lbs/68kg Squat: ~250lbs/113kg Dead: ~315lbs/143kg
8/5/18: 174lbs/79kg @ 16.4%
Goal      155lbs/70kg @ <15% | 1RM Bench: 205lbs/93kg Squat: 265lbs/120kg Dead: 335lbs/152kg


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