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Mini Quest 2- The latest plot


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Well done, drinking plenty of water to guarantee you didn't consume The Dietician's diabolical additive!  The Dietician has distanced himself from the drink industry, cursing us angrily.    We have frustrated him into upping his game, and now he’s set his sights on a new target.  His new slogan is “Burn the candle at both ends; it burns the most caloriesâ€.  People are falling for it left and right!  But not us rebels; we see right through the plot.  Let’s defeat his misinformation with some quality rest!  


This involves three things:


1) Take appropriate rest days.  If you are supposed to take a day off between workouts, DO IT.  Don’t talk yourself into doing extra just because you feel capable right now.  


2) Go to bed at a reasonable hour.  You determine what “reasonable†means for you and your lifestyle, but consider making sure it allows sufficient rest time between when you go to bed and when you wake up.  8 hours is a lovely, popular number, but if you know an amount that works better for you, set your alarm accordingly (I’m a 10 hour sleep kind of girl, personally).


3) No hitting the snooze button.  We need to build healthy sleep habits, and lounging in bed trying to steal extra minutes takes away from the quality of your rest, even though it feels rewarding at the moment.


Do one of these things four times (it’s okay to mix and match) this week and earn a shiny +1 CON.  (eg: take one rest day, go to bed at a reasonable time 2 days, and not hit the snooze button one day)

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I'm totally up for this! One of my challenge goals is to sleep before midnight so this fits right in. I had a good first week with all my goals BUT the sleeping goal so this is just in time! Extra motivation yayy!

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I'm going to have to go with 4 days of no snooze button....I already go to bed at a reasonable time (between 9 and 10 pm each night) but I love my snooze button. I will have to start tomorrow since I hit the snooze button this morning...hehe...Good luck everyone! :)

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I will definitely be joining this challenge! :) 


I am going to do a mix of these, go to bed at a decent time and no hitting the snooze button. I don't generally hit the snooze button but I just kind of lay in bed for 10-20 minutes sometimes and that cuts my morning time down a lot. 

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Let's see... I'd have to actually exercise to take a rest day... getting to bed earlier is part of my main quest... but I do love the snooze bar (actually, not so much 'snooze bar' as lying in bed listening to the radio after it goes off).


Ok, no snooze bar for 4 days!

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I'm down, I'm usually pretty good about the time I get to sleep (7 hours seems to be my magic number), but the snooze button is what gets me, especially on days I need to wake up early. I think that might be my focused goal.

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I set two alarms in the morning so I have a 20 minute snooze. Going to use this challenge to start kicking that habit!

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I'll probably take up the getting up, since I am getting up earlier this week and the Sunday rest day!


I'm in!

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Well since part of my Challenge is to actually get out of bed on time I'm aiming for the no Snoozing, I already got up with my alarm the past 2 days so only 2 to go!

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I need to get to bed at a decent hour. I have book club on Friday and I've slack all month and need to fit in reading 2 books by then. Last night I stayed up until Midnight to get 45% done with 1 book and I can't do that every night. In bed by 10pm T-Th is my plan!

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Sleep is a big problem for me. I'll go to bed in reasonable hours - which is probably 1am.

I come home around mid night after tennis and I need to recover. I sleep like 7-ish hours and that's enough for me.

So far this week, I went to bed "reasonable hours".


I'll see how it goes tonight without tennis.

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Heck Yeah!  This is one of my goals, getting started now.  45 winks is the goal, at a rate of 6 Winks per hour.  


Night all, and don't forget the day of rest.  

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