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I think I squeeked by, but I'm not sure. I had 4 days where I didn't use the snooze, but 2 of them were weekend days, where I don't have the alarm on at all anyway. Does that count?

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LOL. Unfortunately not using the snooze when the alarm isn't on doesn't really gain you much quality sleep....  Did you go to bed at a reasonable hour any of the nights last week? Take any rest days?  It's a combo of 4 days combined, so if you did any of those other things (even if you do them regularly) they count.  :)

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Okay, I kinda screwed this challenge up, I got more sleep than I needed imo and with it I'm definitely guilty of hitting the snooze button. 


That pesky Dietician is going to get whooped next week, just like he did in week 1!

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