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Hey all!

I'm coming to Chicago on the 13th of next week.  My friends in Gaelic Storm (the most entertaining, talented group ever and the best show you'll see in the Month of March) are headlining the House of Blues, so I figure why not do a NF meetup, and then roll on over to the show right after!

Thanks to the suggestion of an NF Rebel (Thanks Rene!), I'm leaning towards Moe's Cantina. I figure we can have some healthy mexican food, drink a few Paleo Margaritas, and then dance our asses off to Gaelic Storm.  Don't worry if you don't know a single thing about them - I guarantee you'll leave the show saying "that was the most entertaining show I have ever seen."


I'm going to call up Moe's right now and make sure they're available, but DEFINITELY block off your Calendars for that Thursday afternoon/evening.  I know it's a school/work night, but sometimes you just gotta say "Screw it. Let's do it."

I'll get an official facebook event going, but wanted to share with you guys A.S.A.P.



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Oh my word, I'm so bummed :( I really want to meet you, Steve :( I will be on choir tour that week and will be in Chicago on Wednesday afternoon and from FRIDAY night to Sunday. *sighs* SO CLOSE! I hope you all have a blast and I would love to meet up with any of you that would be in Chicago that weekend! 

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Well...I just read that a NF shirt comes with the price of admission to the show, and now I'm even more upset that I can't go. :(

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I'll come for Moe's but I'll have to miss the music man. Which of the two locations is the one on the site are we meeting at?

Amazingly I have no Facebook so I can't confirm on the event page.

Also I'm bringing a +1.

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Said this over on the Facebook Event page, but figured I should join the boards and say the same here...


Great meeting everyone at Moe's on Thursday, and looking forward to getting started in the community over here!  Especially if it will help me reduce the damage done over St. Patty's Day weekend...out-of-town for work Tues-Sat, so hoping I can commit to some hotel workouts (packing my workout bands, in case the fitness facilities fall short).


- Curt


PS: Had another account on here a couple years back tied to my old school email address (now defunct) and my log-in creds have been lost in the tubes of the internet, so had to start anew

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