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Gaining muscle with problematic knees

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Hi guys (and gals),

I am new here, and I look forward to everything you all have to offer :).

Here is my story:
About a year ago and some odd months ago I decided I was going to work out (having not worked out since high school, 5 years ago). I had P90X, so I began doing it. It went well, and I felt I was making progress.
One of my friends had a gym membership and could take a guest. Having been working out at home, I went with. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill, and that was all.

The next week my knee was aching. I had assumed it was due to not having ran in years.
A few weeks later we went to Florida on vacation, where my knee starting giving out randomly, causing me to stop and regain my footing and continue to walk.

Since then, I have attempted getting back into working out a couple times, with the same result of my knee. I recently had been doing an eliptical (just jogging) instead of running. This went great for a couple weeks, then the same thing, so I quit.

A month or so ago, I went ice fishing and was hiking around and kicking around good amounts of snow. After the second lake, I could barely walk off of the lake and could hardly even bend my legs. This actually cut our trip short.

After this I saw my nurse at work, and she said she thinks it is due to weak knees, having never strength trained them.

I enjoyed my last routine, which was just short and simple. Divide body parts up (general, like chest, legs, back) into 3 different days, so everything is once a week, and then do about 2 workouts per part. Short 20-30 minute workouts.
Being that I am skinny, this was effective for me.

My question, is what should I do about warming up if I cannot run, strengthening my knee (most importantly), and leg workouts in general?

Also, does anyone have suggested workouts per body part that are most effective to hit all aspects of that region?

Thank you :)

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Squatting makes your knees stronger and is the kind of all strengthening workouts. The front page of NF is Spezzy writing about squats as coincidence would have it.

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I dunno if you knees should be randomly literally giving out on you just walking around and hiking.  It might just be a matter of strengthening them up through some good ol' barbell training, but it's probably worth getting checked out by a reputable physical therapist first.

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+1 for squatting. I have historically bad knees, exactly what you've described. I took two weeks off of training recently and my knees started to tell me. After one squat session, I was pain free again. I'll never go more than a week without squatting again.

"I've torn a hamstring tendon and re-injured my knee, lower back, and upper back while doing yoga. Don't get me started on shin splints. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't, so might as well be strong." - Some guy on the SS forums.

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