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Hi! I started reading NF in earnest recently after seeing it in passing here and there in the past. I've been struggling with weight and wanting to get stronger, so I thought I'd join in :)


I'm 26, female, 5'4" and 235lbs. Currently I wear around a size 20 or 3x. I'm from Georgia and I live in Lawrence, KS with my two partners and an impressive stuffed animal collection. I'm currently looking for a regular job and work independently, speaking, writing, and doing non-profit communications work. I love reading, blogging, and dancing. My nerdy pursuits of choice lately are text MUDs and tabletop games, and I'm learning to play Magic. I also love learning languages and reading sci fi and fantasy.


I've always been heavy. My family is almost entirely overweight, diabetic, high blood pressure, the whole bit. My numbers are quite good - my resting heart rate is a bit high and blood pressure is a bit low, but otherwise sugar, cholesterol, etc. are all good. But I grew up in a household where food was love, reward, blah blah blah, and both of my partners are pretty enabling as well when it comes to eating processed stuff and fast food and not exercising. And I tend to follow the why just eat regular brownies when you can add chocolate chips and why add half a stick of butter when you can add a whole stick of butter method of cooking.


From age 11 to 18 I was a pretty severe anorexic. After that I gained and lost weight in 30lb jumps, mostly gaining weight during stressful periods and losing weight due to PTSD. Most recently I lost a bunch of weight due to PTSD at the beginning of last year and have gained it back recently after going off of some truly awful meds.


I used to be a dancer and was quite strong, although I'm disabled (cerebral palsy since birth, arthritis and spinal cord injuries since childhood, fibromyalgia since my teens). Since college I've pretty much stopped exercising except for walking, and in the last few years even that's become really hard, so I would really like to get stronger.


I'm on the short side, have a beard, and am rather chubby. Deep dwarf seems to fit as I'm blue-eyed, auburn-haired, and photosensitive. I'm not sure which class I fit yet - my exercise habits seem to lean either assassin or druid. 


I am happy with the way I look, but I'd really like to feel better and have an easier time fitting clothes, especially bras. A huge part of why I want to lose weight is to avoid having breast reduction surgery. I also want to live longer...not a lot longer, but most people in my family die in their early 50s (including my parents and several aunts and uncles). I never used to care - figured I'd be tired enough by then, LOL - but my partners insist they'd rather keep me around awhile.


My main goals are to eat more real food, especially vegetables, drink less (maybe eventually no) soda, find better alternatives for my favorite sweet and comfort foods, get physically stronger and regain my endurance, and lose weight (ideally I'd like to lose 100 lbs over the next 18 months or so and keep it off). I also have some life goals but I'm still sort of working those out :) Right now it's mainly to find a job and save up for a rollator so that I can go on long walks and gentle hikes.


So, hi! Sorry for the novel. Can't wait to get to know y'all :) Happy to be here.

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"Certainty of death...small chance of success...what are we waiting for?" - Gimli


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Hei Aishah,


it seems you've got a lot of projects in your mind! You've come to the right place!!


Good luck and see you around!

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Welcome, and congrats on joining the community!

Sounds like you have your priorities in order and know what you're after. Combine that with encouragement and support from the NF crew, and you're on your way! 

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -Aristotle

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Huzzahand congrats on getting started!

I can't imagine I'd be half as tough as you given the same situation, so you are officially awesome.


What sort of dancer are you?  I love dancing myself though I've only learned how in adulthood.  Ballerina I am not!

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Hi everyone!


I started here back in 2014 and fell off the wagon really fast. I recently have been doing challenges by myself and have been wanting some support, and I thought of this place. So I'm back :) I am planning to slowly jump back in and maybe join the NerdFitness Academy in a couple weeks.


I lost some weight on a med, gained it all back plus a bit, had some med-induced severe depression out of nowhere which has lingered for about six months but is starting to get better (and I'm getting treatment). I broke up with one of my partners and moved halfway across the country again to care for my other partner's parents, so adjusting to life as a caregiver has been both rewarding and stressful. I'm planning to go back to school in a year or so.


I have not hit most of my goals (although I've pretty much kicked soda!). But I started this year with a list of habits I wanted to develop and started doing 30-day challenges to inculcate them. I could use some structure. So I'm back :)


Thanks for being here and being awesome, informative, and inspiring.




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Backstory |  Facebook || Challenges: 


"Certainty of death...small chance of success...what are we waiting for?" - Gimli


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