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Hey, there and thanks for dropping by. My name is Mike... I'm from the wonderful "Garden State" aka NJ (seriously, though - I love this state).  :) I'm 26 years old, college educated, and a total nerd. I love researching new and interesting stuff, controversial theories, and above all - I love mathematics (my college major) and physics. I'm also a big fan of strategy games, various kinds of puzzles, and the like.


I'm here because I have wanted to get in shape for quite some time but I absolutely loathe the idea of going to a gym which is a result of my being self-conscious and intimidated by people that are "bigger" than me.So, if the day ever comes where I am comfortable going to a gym, it will definitely be after some work has been done. 


Truth be told, I'm not in all that bad of a shape but it definitely isn't quite where I want to be. Typically, I've been a fairly scrawny / skinny kid, I'm around 5'8.5" and my weight when I graduated high school in 2006 was around 145. My weight has fluctuated a bit (as is to be expected) but always stayed in the 145-160 range. Over the last few years I've told myself that I wanted to start working out and getting in better shape but procrastination did it's job and served as the thief of time that it is. Plus, I always figured that since I wasn't technically in "bad shape" I could pick it up anytime and get working toward results. My total aversion to gyms gave me the final motivation to not start.


I've come to the conclusion that if I know that being in better shape will make me happier, why not get started and be happier for a longer period of time?



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Based on my goals, which are listed below, I think I'm going to end up a Range but I suppose we'll see what happens.


Currently, this is where I'm at:


  • I stand at 5'8.5" and am currently about 152 pounds. I need to take a few more measurements, though.
  • Moved toward a Paleo-esque diet. I have completely eliminated carbs and sugar from my diet as of 3/4, which has proved to be much easier than I though. At this point, though, I'm not entirely ready to give up dairy.
  • I've started doing the "Angry Birds" workout every other day and on the off-days, run on the treadmill.
  • I gave up smoking cigarettes 3/6.


My goals ultimately include:

  • Building solid biceps, a rock hard chest, and six pack abs.
  • Get my BF% down to around 9-10%
  • Be able to run a marathon.
  • Remain tobacco, carb, and sugar free.


*****I've entered a 6-week challenge and if anyone would be so kind as to PLEASE check it out and offer some advice / direction / whatever, I would GREATLY appreciate it. The link is below.*****



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Race: Half-Elf      Class: Ranger in Training      Level: 0 

STR: 0    DEX: 0    STA: 0    CON: 0    WIS: 0    CHA: 0


Current Six Week Challenge



Battle Log for Six Week Challenge



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Good job getting started here. Your goals seem very ambitious but with your bodytype quite achieavable. I know I would like something similar just not quite as low as 9-10% BF. I dont think thats quite me is all. Best of look and I'm off over to your challenge.

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Race: Undead Gnoll | Class: Ranger

[Level: 3 | STR 4 | DEX 2 | STA 4 | CON 4 | WIS 5 | CHA 4 ]

Intro: And Breath.. Challenges: #1,#2,#3(FAIL),#4

You don't drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there.

-Edwin Louis Cole


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