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Hi all,


I would like to start a rowing program 3X a week. Currently, I am on an intermediate powerlifting program 3X/week and would like to get some conditioning into the mix. I have access to a very nice university gym with rowing/erg machines. I haven't rowed much before but I can hit 1000m in slightly less than 5 minutes.


I did not find any resources related to rowing here on the forums so just thought I would throw it out there in case folks are interested.



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This is a great question. I don't know what my objectives are vis-a-vis rowing. If I had to say, then its probably just conditioning on off days to stave off my big belly from getting any bigger before I hit that 500lb deadlift. :P


I like it better than running and it doesn't give me shin splints and I can do more of it? I will look into the programs that you mention. Thanks ! 

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That sounds like exactly how I started. *spoiler alert* if you keep at it you'll end up drop $2K on one of your own. Best $2K I ever spent.


The next thing I am about to say is not necessarily the right way to do it but simply a historical retelling of what I did:

When I was powerlifting I used the rower in the following ways:

 - warm up or cool down - 2K gettting progressively harder or easier (faster) depending on whether it was up or down

 - conditioning after work sets - circuits with 500m sprints as one exercise

 - cardio - if it wasn't a good day to lift but I wanted to sweat, I'd do a 10K or 30 minutes. I'd swear it helped recovery but that anecdotal not data.


I didn't have any specific rower goals but just using those as part of a larger program served me pretty well for several years.

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What's your desire? Are you trying to build to a distance/pace or are you just doing conditioning?


One of the most common programs that I've seen around intervals, 1K at race pace, 500 m at rest pace, repeat X 3-5

The concept 2 for rugby players program is great.


Second the recommendation to look at the Concept 2 website.


From rowers/rowing coaches(including my girlfriend) I've talked to, the Concept 2 program is a great place to start - lots of info in the website, including videos on form/technique as well as programming information.  The general recommendation others have given me is "review the intro material before you start, row for a bit to get a feel for it, then go back and review the videos again, focusing on how to achieve perfect form".  At any rate, in absence of an actual coach I'd highly recommend the Concept 2 site for technique and training program info.

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Definitely 2nd the Concept 2 program. It's awesome! Love the Model D and Model E, definitely some of the best rowing machines out there.

Agreed, get a used model D and you'll be set.  If you find a model C, consider upgrading the to the angled handle and PM3 monitor.  Model E is pricier and probably has more than you really need.  Unfortunately, craigslist in Ithaca doesn't seem to have much (is that you looking for one?)  

Another option is to call Cornell and ask if they have plans to sell any of their ergs.  They will be much more heavily used, but probably well cared for.

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