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Day 2 and so hungry!

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I've finished day 2 and have been very good with the Paleo plan. I've not had any grains and the only dairy was in my coffee. I feel like I'm eating a lot, and if I added my calories I know I'd be at least a goal or even slightly over. However it seems like 30 minutes after meal I'm starving! I don't know what I'm doing wrong or what I need to do to combat this or if I just need to deal with it. Please help.

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I agree with Angie, you should be feeling full on the paleo diet. If you are really eating a healthy paleo diet (meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruit, nuts) remember that these foods are healthy, natural, and generally lower on calories (as long as you aren't downing peanut butter and nuts among other things). Don't starve yourself. If you're feeling hungry, eat a ton of fruit, snack on veggies in hummus, or fix some scrambled eggs. If you're starving now, you'll just binge to make up for it later. Save yourself from that and eat more.

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Disregard some of that.  You will be hungry in the beginning (i'd say less than 2 weeks max) if you are going strict strict paleo depending on how extreme this is for your body.  If you used to eat about 80% grains only, then cutting all of those out confuses your body. It thinks that it's starving because it doesn't have it's main energy source.  When I was doing a whole30 (http://whole9life.com/2012/09/keep-calm-and-whole30-on/) I would eat a sweet potato, roast, green beans, some cashews, and raisins and feel hungry less than an hour later. Trust me- your body just needs to adjust to it's new energy source and start pulling from there. Until then, your stomach is going to be a doofus and still think you need food.


If you are making a big change to diet by eating vegetables, then meat, then healthy fats (make sure you have these- they're important for feeling full!), it will take a big for your body to adjust.  Veggys aren't high in calories, so seriously just keep snacking away. Try to limit the amount of fruits though as the sugars in fruits can add up quickly.  They were your main 'old source' of energy. Not your 'new source' of energy.  If you have more questions, then feel free to ask me.

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I agree with Teros. The first couple of weeks are going to be hard depending on your diet before you started. Your body is adjusting and you are creating new habits. However, if you hungry so close to eating a meal, then you might not be getting enough protein. Add a few more ounces of meat to your meal. See if that will balance it out. Protein helps you feel fuller in the long run. Also, if you are only eating 3 times a day, or every 5-6 hours, then put something in the middle. Eat an apple, or make some Pumpkin Muffins to scarf down between meals.


I started paleo about a month ago, and definitely, week 2 and 3 were the hardest. I got cravings for junk food, and the temptation to blow it all away was much greater. Completely changing you diet is very difficult, more so than many give credit to. But keep your eyes and mind set on week 4, and you will pull through just fine. Keep up the fight!

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Here's how it works for me if I lay off paleo and then get back on. I'm hungry, so I end up eating more, then as my body adjusts I eat less.


If I eat a steak with some eggs and tomatos I've still managed to consume half the calories of what I would get a burger king. The more unhealthy you were eating before the more noticeable this is. As you're body adjusts to you eating better food, it'll tell you it's hungry less than when you eat food that's less nutritious.


Calorie counting and paleo don't seem to combine well, though maybe others have success with it. If you're eating paleo just eat, and if you're hungry. Staying Paleo is easier if you don't let yourself stay hungry.

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Calorie counting and paleo don't seem to combine well, though maybe others have success with it. If you're eating paleo just eat, and if you're hungry. Staying Paleo is easier if you don't let yourself stay hungry.

+1 Totally forgot to mention that. The whole idea of paleo is to listen to your body instead of managing caloric macros.  Again, some people it might work; but I feel like the whole idea of paleo is that you are fueling yourself with the right food- so the amounts don't mean as much since it will balance out (1 day overboard, 2 days under, 1 day normal, 1 day overboard ect).

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I am no expert at all in this, and have just recently looked more into the Paleo diet, but

Calorie counting and paleo don't seem to combine well, though maybe others have success with it. If you're eating paleo just eat, and if you're hungry.


this line right here makes all kind of sense to me. 

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I have been dieting for 6 months on just a 'eat good food' type diet.  With a carb restriction and the simple obviousness of avoiding high fat foods:  chips, French Fries, salads drenched in 'dressing'.  And I've never counted a calorie.  I realy never have had much liking for that system.


I mean,  if eating right is a life long process, counting calories is only useful if you're willing to do that continually..... no thanks.

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I'm going to go ahead and agree with all of the people who aren't into counting calories, it's not actually that helpful.


But, if you've just started your diet and you're hungry it's probably worth counting them just once to see what level you're at. You mentioned having a calorie goal? What is your goal if you don't mind me asking?

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Calorie counting and paleo don't seem to combine well, though maybe others have success with it. If you're eating paleo just eat, and if you're hungry. Staying Paleo is easier if you don't let yourself stay hungry.


I don't know that I agree to be honest.


Yes, many people can eat strict paleo and not need to count calories, because it is harder to go overboard on calories if you're truly eating paleo (read: your diet is based around unprocessed meals of vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and some fruit... you didn't just replace your daily baked goods with paleo-fied versions and you're not eating almond butter by the jar). But the question here is related to the opposite issue - is the OP eating enough calories (or enough of the right things)? And that is very much an issue with paleo.


Depending on your diet before, there's a good chance that your calorie estimations are off, simply because your old standards of estimation aren't going to be much use. I'd say if you're feeling hungry and want to know if all is well, then do the math, at least for a few days. Be accurate. How many calories, carbs, fats and proteins are you getting per day, and where are those distributed through the day (especially relative to physical activity)? After a few days of doing the math on calories, not only will you have several days worth of concrete data to make your decisions on, you'll also have given yourself time to adjust to the changes. There's a good chance your body will adjust just fine -- many of our hunger signals are a combination of our brains expecting food and communicating that to our digestive system and our bodies trying to adjust to using different amounts and sources of energy. 


the short version: give it more time and gather some concrete data while you're at it... then you'll be in a better position to judge whether changes are needed.

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Step 1: drink a glass of water

Step 2: If you're still hungry a bit later, eat something


Fruit can be good because fruit can be pretty calorie inefficient (a big apple is maybe 120something calories, much more filling than a 100 calorie pack of crackers or cookies).

Alternate - protien. eat some jerky or chicken or a steak. steak is delicious. mmmmm, steak

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