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First of all, Hello!  I can't wait to get started working with the Rebellion!


I have been slowly making changes to my life over the past few years (meeting goals!)!  I finished college (at 34 years old!), changed career paths, and had my second son!  All great things, but I thought that my life was becoming chaotic; no time for myself...then I realized I was the problem.  After having 3 back surgeries (all before age 30), I was at my highest weight (300 lbs).  I used that as an excuse to not get off the sofa, not move around, and that caused more damage.  I lost flexibility, lost muscle, and gained fat.


This year, I decided that I was going to quit blaming the clock, and start planning better.  TV will NOT be my priority!  I started by joining the corporate gym, going to group exercise classes and incorporating the Paleo Diet (that is how I found the Rebellion...Google searching)!  I want to get off my cholesterol medication, I want to reduce my risk of Diabetes, and I want to be able to get out and play with my two boys!


I have tried a lot of different "plans", but decided that they were too hard (sounds like I needed a waaaa-ambulance).  In reality I didn't have the motivation...now I do!  I am putting it out there, right now I am 6'4", 270 lbs. and when I hit my goal of 220 lbs. I will be rewarding myself with the best looking Seersucker Suit, complete with saddle shoes and kick-ass bow tie.  I will post pics when (not if) I get there, I PROMISE!


So thanks in advance for the support, help, and friendships!  I look forward to meeting you!



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Personal Stats: (
About Me)
Start Weight: 279.6    Current Weight: 270.1    Goal Weight: 220.0


Challenge History: Lvl 1 Rebel, PvP, Lvl 2 Warrior, Lvl 3 Warrior


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I can identify with your "TV will not be my priority" thought process. I have cut down on my TV viewing a lot since starting to get healthy a few months ago and I can't say I really miss it. I don't want to think back to how much time I wasted binging on House of Cards and the like!


Best of luck to you. See you in your seersucker!

2016 goals: Hit goal weight. Build muscle.

2015 goals: Get stronger, stop loathing squats and get better at them - DONE!!!

2014 goal: Lose 52.5 lbs. - DONE!!! 12/13/14




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i'm supporting both of you. i feel like we all could use a little less TV in our lives.

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don't look back, we aren't going that way:

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