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Deadlift form check

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Hi everybody, I did DL 1X5 265 lbs on Wednesday and it felt really really weird. My back didn't hurt but I really think there was something wrong with my technique but I couldn't figure it out. Can you please help me check my form? Do you think I should add more weight in my next work out or just stick to this and work on my form?


Here's the video


Thanks much!

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Hmm. I couldn't really tell because the plates block the view, but a I got the impression that the bar wasn't as close to you as it could be. But again, just a general impression.

The other thing I noticed is that having that few inch "advantage" with you being between two platforms that the load sits on, it might be throwing off your hip to chest setup ratio just slightly. Try getting your chest up higher just a bit; if you sorta imagine your positioning in the context of the plates being on the same level as your feet, your torso would be even more horizontal. After the initial setup, the following reps seemed to have your hips higher and chest lower, and your hips are moving first. Try to get them more in synch.

Alternatively, put a couple plates down, flat side up, and stand on them, getting you slightly closer to level, and try the same set up as now, see if you feel a difference.

All in all though, looks good. Keep up the strong work.

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Thanks guys, those comments are really helpful. 

@Knightwatch: the platforms are just soft foams. The plates sink deep in them. Would that still affect my hip-chest ratio? If so I think I will stand on a foam platform the next time I DL.

@MariahSnow: Agree, I heard so too. My form got really messy in this video :(

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I agree with knightwatch.  I think you have the bar too far from your shins when you start.  Watch the part of your upper arm above the plate and as you lift, you can see your arm go from about 10 degrees forward of vertical to vertical.  They should be vertical before you lift. 

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It could just be the camera angle, but one of the reasons why it *might* have felt weird to you is that your shoulders may have been just a tad bit too far over bar.  From the start of the pull, you pay need to rock back a bit more.  Sometimes  your shoulders are in the wrons spot because of having an "off" day.  

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