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therealkat Rejoins the Ranks


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Welcome back.

Level 2 Warforged Druid

STR: 2, DEX: 1, STA: 3, CON: 3, WIS: 2, CHA: 3

"If these people tell this story to their children as they sleep; then maybe someday they'll see a hero is just a man who knows he is free."

Good night and joy be to you all ~Jitters The. Clown

Current Challange: New Challenges Ahead!

Battle Log: Clowning around daily

Past Challenges: Leveling Up PvP Jump Rope Boss Continue? System Failure Systems Online Calling Rush Confirm Reset Select World Select Difficulty, Select Character, Repairs, Press Start, First Timer, Jump Rope PVP Challenge

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Lol - I read the main line of "new challenge starts the 24th! And jumped in. FEB 24th. I'll be in on the next one in April for sure.

Level 24 Frost Archer ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Current Challenge: therealkat :: a witty challenge title appears!

MyFitnessPal || Strava || Endomondo || SmashRun || Twitch

I Instagram. I tweet. I cosplay. And I'm on Facebook




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