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opinions on foam rollers


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They're all pretty much the same -- they come in a couple of lengths. May as well get the long one for home, as it's not going to get in the way and rolling at an angle and falling off the end is just embarassing :)

To a degree they're consumables: if you use them lots, they'll eventually dent and need replacing. But they're cheap too, so, yay!

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right now i just use a baseball (general stuff), 2 cricket balls in a sock (aaaalllll the way down my back), a 2" dia ball-bearing i nicked from work (feet and calves) and what's essentially a hard plastic caltrop with rounded ends for if i need to make myself cry over one small area. i might get a foam roller in the future tho... or a car buffer

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i have a travel rumble roller, the softer one. and a black (harder) regular foam roller. also have many lacrosse balls.

thumbs up for any mobility device. oh, and i have a thera-cane.

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I use a standard white foam roller that I got at the chiropractor. It is great. Highly recommended. Although thanks to Nocturnis, I now want this one http://tptherapy.com/shop/all-tppt-p.../the-grid.html

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To a degree they're consumables: if you use them lots, they'll eventually dent and need replacing. But they're cheap too, so, yay!

Not if you use PVC pipe :)

I got a 4" diameter x 2 ft long piece from Lowe's. Works for me! Between that and two lacrosse balls I'm covered for my self-myofascial release needs for ~$13.

I had just the lacrosse balls for the longest time. I did not know what I was missing.

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I just got a black rumble roller personally, totally digging it. Its not soft / spongy like most other rullers i've used, though it sure hurts like a *censored* when your getting used to it.

Helps me get deeper in squats and relieves back pain rather good.

My wife loves it too and uses it regularily now, has really helped her back pain.

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You can make a cheap DIY version with a broom handle and a pool noodle.

also PVC, yoga mat and duct tape.

Otherwise, I use the one at my gym and it's my best friend. We have the extra firm one at the gym (oh and my chiropractor's office) and I like that best. We got one at home that's a bit softer and it doesn't do it for me (but Boyfriend loves it).

Oh, and lacrosse balls.

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I have an old one from my parents garage, but yeah its good. Hard to get enough pressure though. You might want to get a friend to help. They really need to put their body weight on it. Also as a note. If you're going to do this directly on the skin you might want to put it on the skin, then turn it on.

I wouldn't throw away your foam roller though, but using the buffer is a good idea. (ha ha buffer helps you get buff. I like it)

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