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My wife and I ran the Superhero Scramble here in Georgia last year. Clearly, there will be some variation in the courses depending on where the run is held, but I know one thing I was completely unprepared for was the amount of uphill running (here, uphill meant basically a 75-80 degree incline of mud for a mile or so).


Best tip I received during my training was to make sure you bring a change of clothes and a trash bag. Trust me, you'll know what to do with it when you're done.

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It's soooo much fun!!!!  I did the warrior dash in TX and the hardest part for me was just the running.  The obstacle that I found the most challenging was the high wall with the rope, but I'm scared of heights and I don't have the best upper body strength.  I still was able to do it tho :)  I would say just make sure you're used to running over rough terrain.  I ran on more sharp pointy rocks than through actual mud.  


and yes like TheCrimsonFist said, bring an entire change of clothes and shoes with a bag for your muddy stuff. And maybe a towel you don't mind getting covered in mud.  

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i have run a bunch of different mud runs and honestly, the warrior dash is the best organized, but not anymore difficult than any other 5k mud run.


Just be prepared to do some climbing, ducking, jumping and balancing. if you can do 2.5-3k of running straight, you can do the warrior dash (there are a lot of cardio breaks because of the obstacles). Its meant to be fun, which it is, so its not super challenging, but still something cool to do. Essentially, go out, do the run, party it up and have an amazing day out there.


PS: Tough mudder and Spartan are on a different level all together and do require some prep.

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Done 2 Warrior Dashes, 2 Tough Mudders, and 1 Gorilla Challenge (although that wasn't really a race so to speak).


Anyway, like smftexas said, Warrior Dash isn't that challenging if you are in relatively good shape.  Very laid back atmosphere and the obstacles aren't hard.  That said, I did it with a friend who did ZERO training for it, and he was in rough shape by the end.  Sort of expected that you can't just get up after a few years of couch-potatoing it, and run an obstacle course 5k.


If you look to some of the longer ones like a Super Spartan, Spartan Beast, or Tough Mudder, you will want to train.  Not sure about the Spartan races, but people will help you with obstacles at a Tough Mudder for sure so don't be too scared about that (just see the Tough Mudder mantra for more info), but it's a 10k+ race.  So it'll take some effort even walking the whole thing. 

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Thanks for the responses everyone! Been busy with life but I appreciate everyone's input! Warrior Dash does look like it might not be much of a challenge, but if it proves not to be that just means I'll do a tough murder or spartan race sooner!

My buddy that'll be running with me has done a rebel race and the trash bag and change of clothes sounds like a great idea after what he's told me about the muddy mess.

I'll be running in about 5 weeks now, I'm still training though as if its going to tax me

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That's a wise choice, Sikul. While some of the races are easier than others, they're all pretty rough if you don't prepare yourself for them. I focused my training on handling the obstacles, and ended up being killed by the running; whereas my wife focused on the running and had a really hard time with the obstacles.

They told me I could be anything when I grow up, so I became a superhero.


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