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Mobility/Rehab Site I'd Never Seen Before: Thoughts?

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The Question: just what it says.


The site: b-reddy.org.


The author: a personal trainer named Brian Reddy who specializes in rehabbing people with various kinds of joint pain.


A good, short sample article: 3 Common Weak Muscles.


A longer one that I found fascinating: Scapular Winging Causes and Treatments.


So: has anyone seen this guy before? Is he full of crap, or does he seem to know his stuff? The grounding in anatomy and physiology seems solid, but his explanations of common dysfunctions (like overhead shoulder pain or anterior pelvic tilt) are... a little unorthodox for someone who's mostly been educated on this stuff by the Internet.



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Curious what struck you as unorthodox? I am certainly no DPT, but coming from a fair bit of practice and reading in the work of Joseph Pilates and his students it seemed pretty standard to me. (Reading the two articles you linked and a few others.)

One thing is a lot of this is about working with people who, for example, are completely incapable of putting their arms over their head at all. Not people who 'get a little tweaky putting up the 100kg barbell if they don't warm up enough.' So it is certainly very different from content on fitness sites targeted at people who are already working out and experiencing some discomfort! But I think most of it still boils down to the much easier to remember Kelly Starrett joint axiom: work upstream and downstream. It's just how do you do that in cases of extreme disfunction.

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