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Rebels Report! How'd you do?

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And so ends another great challenge!

Please post your results, giving yourself a grade.

Be honest, and tell us why you're grading yourself like you are.

Note: if you don't post your results here by Saturday, September 3rd at noon EST, you're not eligible to win. :)

(yes, you can just copy and paste from your thread, thats fine!)

We'll be picking winners from this challenge and any previous missing (I promise!) over the weekend.

PS - Next challenge starts next Monday, the 5th, so everyone get ready! I'll be posting more information on that later.

PPS - FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVENT FILLED IT OUT - please fill out the survey I created. We're trying to make all challenges better for everyone, and your feedback seriously means a lot, as we want this to be what you guys want!

So: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGVTYlhvQ1NpUVZmdWFONE9fNXBpcHc6MQ :)<3

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I rated myself a D for this challenge. I had 4 fitness goals of 1000 reps of each and I failed terribly on two of them, finished one, and barely missed the mark on another. For the three life goals I was only able to complete 1 of them. I don't feel too bad about it though since I lost 7 lbs, started dead lifting, and got over my last little bit of gym shyness. I made great strides in pushups and planks. So while I failed in the challenge areas I think I did okay in others that were not listed.

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my results!

i struggled this challenge, big time. went through a lot of shit personally (breakups, suicidal friends, etc) that just put me out of the game mentally.

but the good news is, after really taking care of myself the last few weeks and just focusing on getting back to me - im feeling a million times better.

i have a pretty epic challenge planned for next time, so excited and SO READY for that.


neck 13 - same

shoulders 41 (+.5)

ribcage? 30.5

bust 36.25

bicep 11.25 (+.25)

waist 28 (+1)

navel 29.5 (+.5)

1" below navel 31

hips 39 (+1.25)

thigh 22.5

calf 15

so ive clearly gotten bigger, but im unsure if thats because i may or may not have eaten my feelings a few times, or because my muscles are growing. probably a combination of both.

the LIFTS: - B-

so i did NOT hit my goal of getting my bodyweight over my head, but I did increase my overhead lifting by 10-15lbs on ALL movements, so for 6 weeks, I say I'm ok with that.


overhead press: 95 - still at 95.

push press: 120 - now at 130

overhead squat: 115 - did 125x3 the other day. so happy.

snatch: 85 - didnt work on these heavy.

clean and jerk: 115 - 125 :)


most recent numbers:

1 - 205 - now 215

5 - 175 - did 185x5x5, so win :)

10 - 170 - havent checked my 10rm, but did do 145x25, so. :)

the SKILLS: - C

doubleunders - I can now do 5 in a row, but barely. Need to still work on these, but I've been practicing them like crazy, so I can't get upset that I'm not further along.

kipping pullups - wanted sets of 10. failure, though I did start to learn butterflies which seem easier.

handstand pushups - got closer! but not a real one yet. now just one ab mat, which is awesome.

the LUNGS - C

5k - did not do this. boo.

crossfit endurance wod - went after work, 3-4 times a week, and rowed. this - has helped incredibly.


grip - only the real element i worked on here.

mobility/flexibility - did good the first 2 weeks, after that fail.

sleep - massive fail here. but not out of not wanting to, i just couldnt sleep half the challenge.

the DIET - F.

I failed. hands down, I failed.


I need to still pull the numbers on this, but I'm pretty sure I failed - because I most certainly didnt pay much attention to it. Though I think I went shopping once, other than groceries. Giving myself a D.

the LIFE - D

eh. D. Did one thing (new job at my current work) but didnt do the rest of the things.

Total challenge grade: D.

But I'm 100% ok with that - because through everything, I didnt stop training, I kept my head up, and I made some serious improvements fitness wise, and I did improve my life situation.

I just didn't complete the specific goals I had, and I let myself do some things (like buy gallons and gallons of ice cream) that I normally would have the power to stop myself from doing. I've been just so mentally drained this challenge (and the few before that, honestly) that its been so hard to fight.

I honestly can say though, in the past week I've felt more like myself than I have in a few months, and thats an amazing feeling. I wasn't ready for this challenge in the first place.

I'm ready for next challenge though. Completely ready. :)

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1. C25k. Did well for the first few weeks, then fell off. Mostly, though, because more running was getting programmed at Crossfit. So. I ran more than I was at the beginning of the Challenge. But I did not become a "runner".

2. Do the Whole9 P2P strength program. Nope. First I got delayed an extra week per order of the doc, and then my gym, again, started programming something similar to my plan. Did a cycle of 531 instead. So, no on the P2P, yes on the pure strength. Even hit a couple PRs.

3. Lose 12 pounds. Nope. I thought my diet was an epic fail this challenge, but I saw today that I lost 6. Hm. I'll take it. But need more next time.

4. Finances. Fail.

5. Give back. Funded a couple folks with microloans via Kiva. Made a couple other charitable donations. But not much of an investment of time, or even "self", which is the most valuable.

6. Mobility. Maybe two or three instances of mobbing. Other than that, fail.

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1. Strength Training Exercises 3 times a week: D I fell off a rock wall and hurt myself pretty bad the second week. The entire left side of my body was bruised and in pain. I'm just starting to get myself back in to exercising

--Start Level 2: F

--Do an unassisted push-up: F I made progress, but I'll have to start from the beginning again, especially since I injured my good shoulder in the fall.

2. Running 3 times a week: D Same as strength training. Can't run if I can barely breath (damn ribs).

--Run a 5K without walking: F

--Under ten minute miles: F

--Under 30 minute 5K F

--Sign-up for an official 5K F

3. Nutrition: It's okay but needs some fine-tuning. My goal is to:

--Write down everything I eat: F I really fell apart on nutrition

--Drink 4 liters of water a day. F

--Take my vitamins everyday: F

--Take Lactaid if consuming dairy: F

--Intake refined sugars no more than one time a week: D

Life Goals

4. Laboratory Work:

--Reorganize three experiment excel sheets per week: B

--Leave no trace! Clean up my cuvettes, volumetrics, beakers, waste containers, etc. at the end of each day: B

--Finish my summer report: F

--Rewrite my resume: F

5. MCATs:

--Study 6 times a week at least 30 minutes at a time: B

--Practice test once a week: D I only took one practice test, but I studied like a champ even while I was on vacation

6. Writing:

--Write 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes at a time. F

--Write at least once a week in contribution to an already existing novel: F

7. Reading: Yet another thing I love but don't do quite enough of.

--Read 3 times a week for at least 30 min at a time: C

--Read at least once a week in contribution to relearning/learning another language (i.e. not English): F

8. Make it to Colorado: A

9. Hike at least one mountain: D I went hiking but it wasn't really up a mountain.

Overall, I'm going to give myself a D. In a few areas I succeeded, most I struggled and a lot I flat out failed. But I'm ready to try again in the next challenge. You know what they say, when you fall off the rock wall you got to get back on (I'm not getting on another rockwall for a long time, but you get the idea). =)

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Overall grade: B

1.) 10 Body Weight Exercises

Followed from beginning to end.

B (missed a couple days)

2.) 10k Run



3.) 10 Pull-Ups



4.) 10 Minute Plank

I don't have a way of posting the video yet though. Just moved and won't have Internet for a week. The video is on my phone. :)

I never thought I could do this. Ever.


5.) 10 Cups of Water per day

Followed from beginning to end.

Stopped counting along the way, but I never stopped drinking water.


6.) 10% Refined Sugar per day

I accepted a Paleo challenge which put me down for a couple weeks of the challenge, but it made this easier.

I cheated once. :(


7.) 10 O’Clock

Followed from beginning to end.


8.) 10 Minutes of Reading Per Day


9.) 10 Miles of Mud

January!! I bought my ticket!

A for planning.

10.) 10% Body Fat

I'm pretty sure I am not ACTUALLY 10% body fat. According to my scale I started at 15% and today I am sub 10% according to it.

So, YES, I accomplished this with what I had to use. But am I actually 10% body fat? Probably not. Fact is, I lost 5% body fat in 6 weeks... Which was my goal.


Posted Image

Quests Accepted:

Paleo - I accepted a Paleo challenge after a week in to the challenge. This proved to be almost as hard as my 10 minute plank. Because of it, I didn't think I'd complete any of my challenges because I lost a lot of ground for a couple weeks doing this particular challenge.

B for cheating once on dinner.

Be a part of every challenge - I tried really hard to be a part of everyone's challenge but I am sure I have missed a few.


Stats at Start

Posted ImagePosted Image

Age: 24

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 180

Body Fat: 15%

Current Stats

Posted ImagePosted Image

Weight: 163.8

Body Fat: 9.8%

I think I accomplished a lot in 6 weeks. In retrospect, I think I could have planned it better. Going Paleo was smart, but maybe not smart mid challenge. I think I could have done more if I had already been Paleo before the challenge.

In total, I lost 16.2 pounds and 5% body fat. I ran a 10k on my own, a 10 minute plank, and changed my eating habits with a new diet.

All in all, I give myself a...


Why? Because I didn't plan well and only completes the challenges by the skin of my teeth. I hope next challenge I can plan better and include more life goals as well to make it even harder.

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Pretty much a copy/paste from my thread.

Final Results

Fitness A+

DONE 07-24-11 Complete my 25minute Kettlebell Konnection workout without resting on non-rest points.

DONE 08-02-11 Upon completion of 25 minute Video, create my own KettleBell workout

DONE 08-29-11 Continue to do Insanity videos, but not everyday. Do a test at the end as well

DONE 08-29-11 Start running again to prepare for my Warrior Dash in September

DONE 07-27-11 Reach the top of Mount St. Helens

DONE 08-21-11 Do 60 Pushups in a row without stopping

DONE 08-06-11 1000 Pushups overall

DONE 08-06-11 1000 Crunches overall

DONE 08-19-11 *New PvP challenge - Complete 2000 Pushups Overall (2654 total)

DONE 08-18-11 *New PvP challenge - Complete 2000 Crunches Overall (2711 total)

I am giving myself an A+ on the Fitness portion of the challenge because I believe I absolutely crushed it. I set an all time high Push-up record (60) for myself, I ran a sub-7 minute mile, created my own Kettlebell routine, squashed Wolfman at the PvP challenge, and climbed a volcano.

Diet C-

My diet is again 90% Paleo. The few grains I get are from the occasional chip or snack product.

Drink only once a week!!!! This one kills me sometimes but I am not going to beat myself up over it.

Well, I have just decided that saying I am only going to drink once a week usually doesn't mean that. Not that I am giving up, I actually have gotten better this past week, it's just that at some points during the challenge I was drinking (in moderation) every single night. My diet was probably more like 80% paleo but I have been consistent with that at least. I did drop a few pounds but I am guessing I gained a few pounds of muscle so that is good.

Life A-

DONE 07-27-11 Climb Mount St. Helens!

Get approved for and complete "Networking 4 VoIP" certificate. This will lead into further training at work


Read through Speaker For The Dead

DONE 08-11-11 Make my desk at work a "Stand Up" desk if I am forced to move into another office

DONE 08-24-11 Get my son prepared for starting Kindergarten.

Install Front Mount Plate on our Lancer

Fix our second dryer

DONE 08-21-11 Sell and or get rid of old car parts

DONE 07-17-11 - Run phoneline in house for DSL (Lowering cost of internet)

DONE 08-07-11 - Hang big mirror in our room

DONE 07-16-11 - Fix my desktop computer

I pretty much rocked my life goals and recently did some other things in place of them. We just cleaned out our garage and got rid of a bunch of crap. I still need to devote more time to studying for my Networking 4 VoIP class and plan to make that part of my next challenge. I finally beat FFIV and I climbed a Volcano! All goo reasons to have an A-

Final Score A-

I know my pictures don't really show it but I have way more muscle than I did at the start of this challenge. I pretty muched stayed at 212lbs the entire challenge except for this past week I have been at 209.4lbs

Posted Image

Posted Image

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How did I do? Badly! Very, very badly!

I've been completely absent from the boards of late because of moving house, then having no internet connection, then killing my computer, then the thing I ordered being out of stock, etc, etc, the saga continues. The goals have not gone well since been deprived of internet, you guys are basically my only source of motivation and support.

1. Tabata Sprints. F

First week and a half went fine, but then complete failure and no sprints have been done since.

2. Start lifting heavy things. E

Purchased 'starting strength' and read most of it. Haven't started the actual lifting things yet. But it has pretty much blown my mind. For example, the reason I squats were hurting my knees was that I wasn't doing them deep enough!

3. 1000 burpees. F

Again on track for a week and a half. Then complete fail.

4. Yoga everyday. E

First week and a half okay. After that, did a few bits of yoga, but by no means averyday.

5. Paleo! F

Lets not even talk about how bad my diet had been. When I get stressed I eat crap and I have been SO stressed of late. Rubbishy excuses, exactly what I was meant to be avoiding.

6. Do one thing off the to do lisgt every day. D

Many thing have been done, including the most urgent ones. But it was one a day and there is still a huge amount left to do.

7. Flutter. F

Hasn't happened at all.

Overall E-

Oh dear.

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Challenge Ranking:C

15 pull ups: only achieved a maximum of 14, and that was before I got serious about ju jitsu, which weakened my body. Rank: B

No Cravings,sugar and processed foods: Had cravings that were controlled but not enough since I sometimes ate grains and sweets, but no processed foods. Rank: C

Studies: Studied but not enough, since I didn't feel quite ready for my tests. Rank: C

6 manga read: Only read 2 mangas, but came close to finishing one more. Rank: D

Overall, It seems this wasn't bad for a first challenge, sadly, I injured my left foot, which made me unfit for duty in exercise.

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All right, let's give 'er a rundown and see...

My goals and their grades:

Strength Train Three Days a Week: I had 17 total days to strength train in preparation for the Dash. I took the last day prior to the day of the Dash as a rest day, and that would have been a strength training day of some kind. Of the 17 possible days that I could have trained, I trained 14 of them. 14/17 = 82.3, or a B- on the NC grading scale. (Daaaang. Miss three days and get knocked down that bad? That'll be a lesson for next time.)

Run 4 Miles --> Attempt the C25K Program: 14/17 possible wins. B- again.

Lower Body Fat Percentage: This would have been either a pass or a fail. Finishing lower would have been a pass. Finishing higher would have been a fail. The fact is, not only did I pass, but I achieved my goal of 17%, something I didn't think I could do. I think that's an A+, myself. Which is good because...

Life Goal: Meditate Five Days a Week: Ha ha, man, I blew this one. This is what happens when you work at home for a living. It follows you everywhere. I forgot that this is one of those things you can't be efficient with, but that you need to strive to be effective with. I'll remember that for next time. 13/30 = 43.3. Solid F.

So. All grades are worth 25% of the final grade. Cumulative total points divided out of a possible 400 equals 76.9 - a solid C. Not bad, but nothing that'll qualify me for the list of heroes or anything like that.

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Overall grade: C+ (I actually assigned points to each letter and then worked out an average, so it's very scientific)

Body Fat: F. Still what I was before the challenge. Did lose an inch around my waist, though.

Workout Schedule: C-. I had to do some tweaking to my original workouts and finally got a good working schedule the final week. I also missed at least one workout per week for one reason (*coughexcusecough*) or another.

Pushups: C. Had a weird carpal tunnel thing that made it difficult to do pushups without pinching a nerve in my elbow. I did eventually hit my goal of more than 8, but they were assisted and not the ones I wanted.

Diet: B-. I already knew my birthday weekend would be a wash, but I could have done better while I was on vacation. I also had some cheats with chips, cookies, and a brownie one week.

Writing: B-. I got one fiction story submitted and 1 nonfiction article submitted, though the last one was written with a lot of help from my grandfather.

Books: A+. Not only did I finish 4 books that I'd been reading forever, I also started and finished two others!

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My recap, with letter grades:

Continue with my mostly paleo diet. - A

Drink six liters of water per day. - A

Reduce smoked/jerky food intake to 4x/week or less. - A

Make each Sunday a batch cooking day. - B

Bring a paleo dessert in to work. - A

Crossfit 3x/week. - A (I did miss a session the last week of the challenge, but I've been sick for about two and a half weeks)

Run 3x/week. - B- (I started out strong and petered off)

Yoga or dance 3x over course of challenge. - F

Stretch 10 minutes/night. - C+

1,500 push-ups - A

Dead-hang pull-up. - B (didn't get there, but I worked really hard at it and made a lot of progress)

Get down to one Ab-Mat under my head on HSPU. - B (same as above)

Draft three personal statements. - A

Draft both addenda for my law school application. - A

Throw a successful kick-off event for my nonprofit work. - A

Take my little brother to two movies. - A

Read four books. - A

Sleep. - B- (my failure to get enough sleep wasn't my own fault, because I kept waking up coughing - I tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour)

Overall challenge score: B+

I killed it on life and food. As mentioned, I've been sick for a while, so fitness necessarily fell to the wayside for the sake of my immune system. That said, challenges like stretching and yoga should not have been affected by illness, and I dropped the ball on those (especially yoga, which never happened at all).

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Challenge Goals

Primal Diet: A

I really enjoyed fine-tuning the diet this challenge, and I intend to stick with this goal next challenge and maybe even button it down some more. I started out with a no grain/no legume/no fake sugar/no refined sugar goal and stuck with that but was pretty lenient with dairy and the type of protein powder I use each morning. I think I'm going to stick with the protein powder (although try a new "better" version as soon as my tub runs dry), but I cut out most dairy toward the end of this challenge and will continue with that for now. I'm not going to be a stickler about this (when I go to a friend's house and they make something with cheese, for example), but cutting it out of my everyday diet is my goal.

No Counting Calories: A+

This was awesome. I tracked all of my meals on MyFitnessPal.com, but set my calories goal at a really high level and then basically ignored it. I liked this a lot. I ended up focusing on the important things... carbs and protein levels and forgetting about the not-so important things.

At Least 145g of Protein: A+

I think I accomplished this all but two or three days. Most excellent! I plan to continue with this goal.

No Scale: A+

I had a long long discussion with myself before stepping on the scale this morning. I accomplished this with 100% success and plan on sticking with this FOREVER. I stopped obsessing about my weight and concentrated more on how I felt and looked and how my clothes fit. I almost didn't weigh myself today because I didn't want to risk falling back into a bad mindset. I ultimately chose to step on, though, because I wanted to know what I weighed so that I could judge my strength relative to my body size! I will weigh myself next Monday for the start of the next challenge and then put the scale away again.

Workout 4x: B

I accomplished this most weeks (I think 4/6), but need to be more specific with this goal next round. My goal, really, was to make sure I got heavy lifting in each week, but because I didn't state that, I found myself slacking off and counting things like my weekly volleyball game as a workout. It is, but not the workout I intended on making sure I stuck with! I'll be more specific next challenge on this.

Add Sprints: B

I hate sprints.

JavaScript Book: A+

This goal will change for next challenge, as I've started a programming course. Will be renamed to "do homework on time".

Yard Project: A+

This was an awesome goal and I stuck with it 100%! I removed three HUGE lavender bushes from the front yard (the wife is allergic), completely weeded and then guerilla-haired the front yard, trimmed and sprayed the grape vines, cleared the anise out of the raised bed and weeded around the artichoke, cleared out the old plants from what will no be the herb garden, trimmed and wrangled the kiwi, pruned all the fruit trees... and the list goes on. My wife liked this goal too. I think the only thing I'm gonna change here is maybe a requirement to declare a goal at the beginning of the week that I have to accomplish by the end. I found myself still procrastinating on the projects that I don't really want to do!

Dinner for Wife: A+

She really liked this one, and it was a way for me to sneak my primal diet in on her. I'm going to continue cooking for her, but not sure if it's gonna be another challenge goal or not.

PvP with Kain: A

Push-Ups Final Total = 1108, Crunches Final Total = 1100

I started doing decline push-ups on the last day of the challenge and may switch to plyometric for the next challenge. Crooked really kicked me in the pants on this one, and as soon as I started doing them whenever I left and returned to my office I started posting some good numbers!

Overall, I think I scored an A or A-. I also learned that I need to be a bit more specific in my goals so that I actually accomplish what I want to accomplish!

Starting/Ending Stats

Weight: 144 to 145.2

Squat: 125x2 to 175x3

Military Press: 95x5 to 115x1

Deadlift: 155x5 to 205x3

Pull-Up: BWx5 to BWx7

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Starting Strength was awesome!

Squat 65# -> 135# (+107%)

Deadlift 135# -> 265# and 1rm of 300# (+96%, +122% 1RM)

Bench Press 75# -> 110# (+46%)

Push Press 40# -> 75# (+87%)

Pendlay Row 65# -> 100# (+53%)

Note: all before and after numbers are done with 3x5 working sets, not 1rm unless noted.

Overall Grade: A solid B. Did good in the weightlifting and posting, not so hot in the diet. I think that I have an idea with "incentives" to fix that, and I'll try it in the next challenge. *evil grin*.

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1) Run a 5k without taking walk breaks. DONE. Completed 8/19.

2) 5k Friday. Every Friday. No matter how slow. Done. Walked a few. But done.

3) Stop being a pansy and start using free weights at the Rec Center. Nobody will judge me, and if they do, f'em. Done, but it was awkward and I hated it and I am running out of money so I am not going to the Rec Center anymore. I moved Downtown, so day-to-day life involves more activity. I need to restructure how I do that activity.


1) Stay off soda for the entire challenge. Nope. Decided total restriction was not a good idea. Only drank legit soda like once or twice though. Drank too much Diet Snapple. It wasn't technically soda.... so... BAD.

2) Eat no more than 1600 calories a day. Every day. Okay, I was doing alright with this for about 4 weeks, but then, I was absolutely NOT going over 1600, regardless of my activity, and I had a few health incidents. Like, nearly passing out in a shower. It was really bad. I got ill, physically, at least three times, in varying degrees because I was too rigid, so in the last 1.5 weeks I've foregone the 1600 calories, and in fact, I'm not counting anymore at the moment. I am working on having a healthy relationship with food, and I need to track what I eat, but also how hungry I am when I eat it, and how it makes me feel. I used the 1600 ceiling as a means of restricting myself so I could go crazy in the evenings with large dinners and scoops of peanut butter out of the jar. It was indulging my anxiety and OCD and did NOT help me with my desire to have a better relationship with food. I will work on that.

Potential weight/health goals:

1) In six weeks, I can and will lose 10 lbs. Done. Last I weighed myself (on the scale I used at the start of the challenged) I was 222, which is 12 lbs lost. I have probably stopped losing since then, since I stopped counting, but I'll know for sure soon. I am going to weigh myself after I get back from Chicago in mid/late September.


1) Develop and stick to a budget (the measurable goal is to put at least 60% of my next paycheck into savings and have it stay there.) This would have been done if I hadn't moved. Now I have expenses I didn't have before. So my goal changed, but yes, I have a budget, and I've been sticking to it... I'm just a lot poorer as a result of my lifestyle change.

2) Avoid driving whenever possible Moving Downtown helped with this one. I drive on average no more than once a week now.

3) Keep my living areas clean and organized consistently. Done. Which is even harder than before because of ROOMMATES.

So, as per usual, food is the biggest problem, and my food addiction is once again rearing its ugly head. We'll see how that changes in the next six week challenge. I need to find ways to progress that suit my personality and habits without trying to be something I'm not.

Overall Grade: Eh, B-? I don't really care about the grade. I care about the fact that I did make progress during this challenge, both in running and in weight loss. A loss is a loss, no matter how small.

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I hit all 3 of my Fitness goals and 1 out of 2 on life goals. I'll give myself a B+.


Bike 300 miles - DONE - 300.6 miles completed

This one ended up coming down to the wire. Had 4 days to get around 30 miles. On Thursday, I thought I was going to throw up just 2 miles into a ride, so I had to wait until that evening to get around 12 miles in. I ended up feeling like crap on Friday and Saturday, leaving me to do two rides on Sunday to get all of the miles.

Along the way, I saw some good improvements on my pace as I got more comfortable with my bike and made better use of the gears. I shaved 3 minutes off my time for the Frisco Highline Trail (16.2 miles in just over 67 minutes).

Strength training at least twice a week - DONE (started off doing 3x a week, scaled back as I started riding faster)

The more I rode, the harder it became to strength train 3x a week - I scaled it back to twice and even then got creative with things like decks of pushups with my son. On the plus side, I reclaimed my ladder from harvest duty, and was able to set up a station for inverted rows.

Eat more protein than carbs each week - DONE

This one I really enjoyed. Calorie counting is my thing, and I've found it's a lot easier to count calories in protein sources rather than carbs. An ounce of chicken, an ounce of steak, eggs for breakfast, etc.

Every week I had more protein than carbs. The reason I chose every week vs every day is because with my job, there are times when I simply have to eat what is available within 5 minutes at the work cafeteria. That is usually pizza, or a ham and cheese sandwich. We were very busy in August, especially since we had 1 person on Leave, and 1-3 people out on vacation every single day (I work 4 days a week). There was one week where I was on a conference call for 8, 9, and 11 hours of my 11-hour shift, respectively (that 11-hour conference call day was one where I had to work 13 hours).

In the month of June, with my normal calorie counting, I averaged 242g of carbs and 105g of protein. In the 6-week challenge, I averaged 132g of carbs, and 182g of protein.

That works out to a daily average of 110 less grams of carbs and 77g more of protein.

I lost 6lbs during this challenge.


Get a new bike - DONE - got a Jamis Citizen 1

Yep, got it. Love it.

Posted Image

Have a yard sale to get rid of all the stuff I don't need - NOT DONE

Did not happen. Completely lost all motivation to work on it. May end up trying to sell some stuff on craigslist or at a friend's garage sale. Will donate the rest.

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It's the time that every kid dreads, the day that the report card comes.

Life/Fitness Goal

1) Quit Smoking

Grade: B-

It took me a couple of weeks to get my kitchen renovated, and that was not the right time for me to quit. Finally, the kitchen was completed and I was ready. I quit with the help of an electronic cigarette, which is just a nicotine inhaler. It has no tar or other carcinogens of a cigarette. Nicotine is not the best thing for my body, but it's really no worse than a little caffeine, which is why I give myself a B-. Eventually I hope to rid myself of nicotine all together. but for now, I am happy to not be smoking the filth. I breathe easier, I don't stink, my chest doesn't hurt and my heart isn't pounding it's way out. It's been 3 weeks since I've bought a pack and I am ecstatic.

Fitness Goals

1) Eat Paleo for 90% of meals. No more than 2500 cal. per day.

Grade: B+

I can't really complain too much about my eating, but that will make more sense in a bit. I have not been the best, too many carbs, but thankfully not much bread. I found out in the middle of this experiment that I am sensitive to gluten so I have been excellent about avoiding large amounts of bread. A sandwich here or there, but usually once a week. I have not been perfect with sugar and carbs, but I have limited it to no more than once a day.

Overall caloric average hangs somewhere around 2000 calories. The only really bad week was the one when I quit smoking and even then calories were around the 2500 threshold.

2) Get 3 hours of exercise a week.

Grade: C

I did well with this task in the early weeks of the challenge when I was renovating my kitchen, but when that was finished I kind of slacked off. This last week I have started to work the Primal Blueprint Fitness routine and I hope to do more of that going forward. I give this a C because, now that I have gotten rid of the cigs, I really need to get out and do more cardio to repair the damage to my heart and lungs. They can be stronger and I want them to be. I plan on this being my main goal in the next challenge.

3) Lose weight (All I want is to be below 240. If I eat to meet goal one, then I should be a good deal lower than this. Overall health is secondary to the scale for this first six weeks.)

Grade: A++++

This is, by far, my crowning achievement of this challenge. I went on vacation at the end of June and I was 254 lbs. I promised myself that when I got back I would make a real, concerted effort to finally reach my goal of 200 lbs. By the time the challenge started, I had already dropped 10 lbs. and started the challenge at 244.2 lbs.

This morning I weighed myself and looked down to see the scale read 233.2 lbs. That's 11 lbs. loss in 6 weeks. Close to the prime weight loss target of 2 lbs. per week. I am ecstatic. My lowest weight in adulthood was my wedding day almost 4 years ago. I was 229.5. My anniversary is September 28th and for the first time since we were married, I plan to weigh less on my anniversary than I did on my wedding. I've got a month to lose 4 lbs. At my current rate, it shouldn't be a problem.

I have Paleo to thank for this amazing loss. The last time I was this thin, I was using extreme calorie cycling to accomplish it. 3000 one day, 500 the next. It was awful and one of the reasons that I packed weight back on after the wedding(Being a newlywed isn't the best thing for diet in the first place).

With paleo, I am breezing through my weight loss. Even on weeks where I feel like I didn't do all that well, my body is a furnace that is churning through fat and doing so easily. When I got this low before, I was suffering from diet exhaustion. I had come from 316 and lost a bunch, but then had to fight tooth and nail to get to 229.5. I have battled for the last 4 years to keep my weight in check and maintain. I have been back into the 260's and as low as 240 but usually never less. Now, I can see the finish line. I can only be so lucky and keep up the current rate and be to 200 by New Years. It's hard to believe that's even a possibility, but it is.

Location Before After

Chest 46.5 43.5

Waist 44.8 43.5

Hips 45.5 44

Neck 16 15.25

Thigh 28.1 26.25

Calf 18 17

Arm 14 13

Total Measurement 210.85 202.5

Loss: 8.35 inches.

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Report Time!

You'll notice a pattern below, I did good the first 4 weeks, the last 2, eh… not so much. This is due to the changes happening in my house and the amount of stress that is all bringing.

Eating Goals:

  • 100% Paleo

    Not quite, but I think I did very good at this considering everything going on at home.

  • Fruit 1 serving per day, choosing between: Berries or apple (apples are accessible if I forget my berries at home). Try to only do an apple once a week.

    I actually did really good at this. There were quite a few days where I didn't have fruit and didn't feel a pressuring need to.

  • Nuts 1oz per day. These will either be pistachios (which I'm still trying to figure out how much 1oz is with the nuts in the shells) or almonds.

    Same as fruit, there were days I didn't have any nuts, and a couple I had more than planned.

  • I will not be logging my food into a calorie counting program, however I will be logging everything I put into my mouth and my feelings each day. This is vital to me figuring out what my triggers are.

    I did really good for the first 4 weeks but the last two I didn't log anything. My triggers? Stress. Which I already knew.

  • Create a weekly menu on Saturday for the following week. Post it. Follow it. :)

    Again, did really good the first 4 weeks. I need to keep doing this, it kept me on par for where I needed to be.

Fitness Goals:

  • BW Workouts 3x per week

    I got these all in the first 4 weeks. The last two, I did maybe 2 workouts. :(

  • Cardio (biking, walking, chasing my kid, etc) 2 hours per week

    This is the one I probably got closest to doing all 6 weeks. I didn't hit 2 hours each week, but I did get out and do things for all six.

Life Goals

  • Knit every night on the Dr. Who scarf I started 2 years ago for my brother's birthday so I can finish it for his birthday this year. (Fun!)

    This so did not happen. The first 3-4 weeks I did alright, the last couple I so did not want to pick up those knitting needles.

  • Take my kid to hiking twice, once at Starved Rock State Park and once at Indiana Dunes State Park. (Fun!)

    This didn't happen at all.

  • Continue working on budget, cutting down spending such that I can put money into savings every month. (Adult)

    This I've gotten under somewhat of control. When the housemate left for a month I looked at the bills he had been taking care of, only to notice they were late. So I've spent this six weeks trying to catch up on everything so I could implement the budget I created. We've been living on a very minimal budget because of this. Things should be even out in the next month. Five more months until my CC debt is paid off!

  • Update my resume and put it out there to find a job closer to home. (Adult)

    I've not updated it yet. I did find it. Oddly enough, my boss is finding me a job elsewhere… with him. Hah!

Starting Weight: 273

Ending Weight: 276

- I did lose 6 inches over all my measurements tho.

This whole, I've not lost weight in so long thing is really pissing me off. I know stress is effecting it, but really, it's pissing me off. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose. I can use the excuse, "You've lost 140 already, you've got a lot of skin hanging around." But in reality, I have a lot of fat too. The fat should be coming off quicker and it's not. I can't fathom that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. I really need to figure this out for the next six weeks or it's going to drive me nuts.

Overall Grade for this challenge? B

I've had some wins, some losses, but overall I averaged out somewhere in the middle.

After some thinking, and encouragement, I upgraded by grade to a B. I did really well the first 4 weeks. Staying as close as I did to my eating the last 2 weeks, that, in and of itself is something to be proud of.

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End of Challenge Report


- Goal: Do the Body Weight Brigade workout from the Rebel Fitness Guide 3 times per week.

- Results: Done! Did not miss any workouts, although some were delayed. A.

- Goal: Level up in at least one area to Level 2 of the BWB workouts.

- Results: Done! Leveled up to decline push-ups. A+ for Awesomeness! Very thrilled.

- Goal: Do at least two pistol squats (one per leg) all the way down.

- Results: I forgot to specify whether this was to be assisted or not. Assisted - yes, one time. I actually did a whole bunch of shallower ones unassisted, though, which probably should have really been the goal. So, I'm going to say, 'Done'. A.

- Goal: Get to 4 sets of 15 one-arm rows at 25 lbs.

- Results: Done! I did it! I did it! Woot! Ahem...A

- Goal: Do something on the off days, 3 times per week. Something, anything. Move!

- Results: Did pretty well up until week 3, then nada to speak of, even with the low bar. C+


- Goal: Paleo here to hell-and-gone, baby!

- Results: Done. Had a snickers bar here and there, two beers and a cookie or two, but really this was pretty good. A-.

- Goal: Drink at least 8 containers of water each day.

- Results: Pretty darn good, I'm gonna say. The days I missed I really felt it. I think I've developed a good habit here, and I think I've directly connected some sleeping difficulties with my lack of hydration. So, yeah, very glad this one was on my list. B+

- Goal: Drink wine or whiskey only on Friday or Saturday nights.

- Results: Good for the most part. A couple of times I had a shot mid-week rather than being awesome instead and once I had two beers to help me keep my good humor during a gig. Again, glad this goal was here, and I'm going to be doing this again, fer shur. B-

- Goal: No coffee in the afternoons.

- Results: Done! No regular in the afternoons. Substituted with decaf when I felt the need. A

- Goal: Cut back on the morning coffee drinking - down to 2 scoops regular to 6 scoops decaf, gig days and parties/festivals excepted.

- Results: Done! Down incrementally over the 6 weeks to 2 and 6. Darkness seems to be held at bay. A


- Goal: Clean out and rearrange kitchen cupboards.

- Results: Done! Did the target lower cupboards, and ended up doing the upper cupboards, the doohickey drawer and the refrigerator. A+

- Goal: Practice guitar flat-picking or bass scales and slaps 3 x week.

- Results: Errrr...did pretty well for the first three weeks, then nada. 'Practiced' at lots of gigs, but that wasn't really the point. C

- Goal: Chase a cow down the length of the arena at full speed.

- Results: Done! Took my breath away, but done! This was huge for me as it was a MAJOR fear to overcome. A+

- Goal: Nail down phrasing, keys, harmonies and other song details for a CD/gig project (30 songs) by the end of the challenge.

- Results: Well, that initial schedule did turn out to be way too aggressive. We did real well for the first 2 weeks or so, but after that, nada. I failed to consider all the gigs, events and crazy late-evening work conference calls that we have in our lives. D

Overall Grade: A-

I'm going to say that the overall grade for this challenge is an A-. The big, scary goals were achieved, and the music goals were thought about a whole lot.

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I am giving myself a C. I didn't flake out entirely but I could have pushed harder to meet the goals I set. I did just enough to get by, but did not set any new levels of awesomeness.

Several factors affected my challenge. First is the massive heat wave we are enduring. According to my log this reached crisis level about the end of week two and has not relented. We have had over 50 days over 100 degrees (avg. year we get 7!!) Also no rain. It is debilitating. Second we had a computer glitch which changed my routines and so I stopped posting here, but I did keep on with the challenge. Third - a relative was very ill for a period requiring a fairly large time investment plus much worry. Fourth, we are a homeschooling family and our kids school year started. Getting into our school routine took top priority.

But back to the challenge results - so grateful that I was participating, to keep me mindful of my fitness/health needs in spite of all of the above.

Here is a not very exciting report:


Do a bodyweight workout whenever I can - aiming for 2x week.

I did ok here, meeting this goal 4 out of 6 weeks, with one week that I did nothing and one week that I did one workout. This is a big improvement over 0 workouts each week, which is what had been going on for a while.

(Track my diet again with Lose It app - slow but steady weight loss is what I am looking for.) After a couple of days of consideration, I think I need to focus on some tracking, but also pay attention to what is throwing off my tracking. Why could I keep this up for so long, then it all fell apart? Get to the bottom of this!

I was not consistent with tracking. I did force myself to do it for a couple of weeks, but then a combination of losing interest, computer problems, not charging my ipod etc, caused me to just give up. I think one of the barriers to tracking is that it is a lot of trouble to enter the foods when I cook from scratch. Also the weather has been so hot that it is hard to cook - too hot in the house - and too hot to want to eat. A few bites here and there is a pain to log.

Eat at least one homegrown or locally sourced meal per day.

Basically perfect on this goal. I was probably doing this already, but I wanted to be more aware of this. It was a good exercise, and I am feeling better about all the money I spend on my chickens and garden.

Follow my housecleaning calendar.

I did ok with this. I am making an effort to keep up. I did establish a better chore schedule for the kids and this requires that I keep up with my side so they can do theirs. It has been a success so far. I am at least looking at the calendar and most of the days doing something on it...

Pay attention to my mood and do not lose my temper! Be respectful of others. My attitude has been deplorable and it has to stop.

UGH yes I am keeping a lid on it and trying to shift my attitude when I start slipping.

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Well, I'll post on here just for accountability but due to being sick on and off quite frequently for the last half of the challenge, I mostly got a big fat F on everything.

I am not too horrifically discouraged as I have some wild plans for the next challenge with a whole new way of motivating myself. Crooked knows what I'm talking about. I'm not quitting over a failed challenge.

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I think I woul give myself a B. I did relatively alright - I didn't stick to all of my goals (such as biking to work EVERY DAY, doing assisted pull ups) but I did do really well with other goals (knee pushups, walking on break, and saying no to sugary snacks at work). I learned a ton of things I wouldn't have normally learned and feel super motivated to continue on the path I'm on. Therefore, despite not having hit every single goal I feel I get a B as I was extremely productive.

Heck, just the reduction in sugar consuption is amazing I think. That stuff is terrible and super addictive!

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Overall Grade:C-

This challenge came at a time where I could not decide what I wanted to do to reach my goals. Add this into adjusting to college and commence with all of the floundering and indecisiveness that occurred.

Anyways here is how I am in relation to my goals.

Fitness goals-B

1. Exercise daily in one way or another. I have been able to do these exercises like this all year which means im not improving and this is becasue i hardly was ever consistent in exercising except for xc season back in the fall. This is the first time I have worked out regularly for 6 weeks in one way or another. Now that I have settled on an exercise plan this goal will be much easier to follow with the same plan instead of 3 different ones. Grade-B

2. Watch what I eat and make sure its healthy and that if i eat unhealthy that it is not often or in large amounts. I think I get bonus points for going Paleo here but anyways I am eating much healthier than before and this will only improve as I adjust to college. I cheated a few times when at home and such but I am around 80/20 Paleo. I still drink milk to get calories and don't mind cheese on things. Grade B+

3. I would like to be able to do 45 push ups, 15 pull ups, 60 sit ups and 110 lbs military press at the end of the challenge as well as iproving my measurements.Since I changed these goals I am not sure where I am relative to them but I will follow up when I set new goals for the next challenge. Grade-C

Life Goals-D

1.Get over this ex girlfriend that has been causeing me problems all summer. dEPIC FAIL. I saw her around campus and thought I would try to be friendly and such and that was fine but then we tried to be friends and after an on and off week of her getting my hopes up then brutally crushing it she decided it wasn't worth the effort. Doesn't sound to bad right? Except the way she did this totally freaked me out and was pretty cruel. I learned my lesson but am still having trouble not thinking of her and the shit she pulled. This gets worse in the 2 classes I have with her. This will take time and I wish there was a way to get over the regrets but I will move on eventually...

2. Start out college right by maintaining a 3.5 to maintain my scholarship. Grade-B

College is longer than six weeks but so far I have been doing everything in my power to make this a reality. This school is full of fellow nerds and very challenging even for a smart kid like myself.

Have fun and be a happier person! Grade-C

This kind of has to do with the whole girlfriend thing but I am doing better here. I hang out with my friends more and exercise more which makes me happier. I also joined the one Fraternity on my campus. Still waiting to see how this goes.

This challenge could have gone better but it was my first try and with all the crap going on I think I did fairly well. Thank you all for the support and I can't wait to start the new one and make it much better than this one. Cya all on the 5th!!!! :)

A note on the pictures. The left one is the most recent...



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Worst challenge ever! But I did get back to it the last week and a half after missing a couple of weeks in the middle due to life situations. I didn't hit my strength goals or record anything. The band I was getting in didn't happen (musical differences). And to top it off, I started smoking again like a chump! Even with all that has been going on in my life, I managed to get back on track, and I am motivated to kick some ass next challenge. I am still working through some of my issues, but I am no longer letting them get to me enough to sidetrack me from levelling up. D+

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Welllll.... I kinda dropped it after 3 weeks. After 7 solid weeks of pushing boundaries (I kicked my self in the ass and started exercising 4 weeks before the challenge started), I let myself use the shift between summer job and heading back to excuse as a reason to slack off, but that's just no good. No strength goals met, life goal half assed, diet goal ditched half way through... But I learned! I'm getting myself reoriented this week (sorting out my schedule and perfecting routine for the now available gym) and will be full back at it next week.

So lessons learned:

- Have a rest week planned! My habits were generally broken three weeks ago when I began really struggling with exercise. It wasn't as fun. I made no progress. It wasn't cool. I'm pretty sure it was because I was 7 weeks into a more active lifestyle after 4 years of sedintariness (totally a word).

- It is pretty easy to drop cokes and fast food if you really set you mind to it. Or it was for me. I just kinda stopped having them in July, and suddenly, I just don't care for them as much anymore. I've had a few this past week, but mostly out of habits I had in Atlanta. I'm going to start stopping those habits.

- Tracking progress is amazing. When I stopped tracking over the past few weeks, it became easier to not go to the gym.

- Lesson from the past week: its hard to workout hungover. I'm just gonna have to deal this semester, cause I'll be hungover a lot

As for the 6 week goals:

Exercise: Around 70% completion. I missed a few days the past few weeks, but overall, I really picked the habit up again.

Diet: Around 50%. I've done next to no tracking the past few weeks, but that's ok, because I learned a couple important bits. A) I don't eat anywhere near enough protein. B) I hate calorie counting.

Meditation: Around 30%. Meditation helped my concentration when I got to it, but I never really scheduled time for it during the day, so it was really hit or miss if I would actually do it. I'd like to keep the habit up, though.

So, nowhere near completion enough to get my NerdFitness tshirt. The only way to go is up, though, and my life *should* be in less flux during the next six week challenge, so I shall be back!

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