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Rebels Report! How'd you do?

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Fell off the wagon, and finally reporting in...

Fitness Goals:

-Complete ten consecutive pull ups. D- - Maxed out at 7 pull ups. Tried to rework my technique and never got back on it.

-Attend Bikram Yoga once every week. F - Stopped going. I didn't like that this natural expression of your body is cloistered in a tiny room with white drywall walls and musky carpet. I didn't feel the natural attunement. I started doing Tai Chi, but scheduling conflicts also put this on hold.

-Each morning go for a walk. F - I didn't make the most of this time.


-Eat at least one raw meal and two vegetarian meals a week. - C- - Vegetarian meals regularly happened. Raw meals only happened here and there.


-Start composting. - F - Never happened. Did a Google search, but that was about it.

-Begin growing something. - A+ - For years my father would always have an avocado pit (Not the same one.) sitting in a small bowl of water. I always remember the sediment that built up on the sides of the clear bowls he used. I never remember one growing. We made guacamole a couple weeks before this started. I cleaned the three pits we had and put them aside. Six weeks on I noticed a root from each. I bought some nice soil and have been treating them well. Here they are!

Overall: I failed my primary goal which was the 10 regular pullups. So I must bear my burden of not having Chick-Fil-A for the remainder of the year.

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Giveing Myself a D-..

Life: Nearly achieved my Life goal Getting a 89% on Summer school Exam, where I set my goal to 90%: A-

However virtually failed all my other goals


Exercise at least 3 times a week. Started strong for the first two weeks, but stopped in the middle. F

Create a Lunch meal plan That I can stick to. Made a few meals for it but never completed it: D

Only way to go is up!, Looking to do better on this next challenge!

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