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After all else fails...what is there to lose?


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Came across this by a friend who recommended it. 


The Story

After numerous attempts to lose weight and tone up nearly all had failed. 

After tipping the scales at 16stone in 2011 i decided enough was enough. 

Previously i had attempted Weight Watchers and lost about 2 stone, only to regain. Like wise with slimming world. 

After seeing myself on holiday in size 18 swimwear i decided id had enough and this was no way to spend my young adult life, having fought with my weight for many years. 


I started on cambridge weight plan in Nov 2011 and ended March 2012 after losing over 4 stone by liquid diet. This was great apart from the extremely unhealthy relationship it gave me with food and the lack of it.

I managed to keep the weight off for about 18 months eating normally again, only wavering 6-7lbs.

Gradually after that its crept up again to 12stone2lbs on New years Day 2014.


I started my New year resolution to go the the gym every other day with my partner in an attempt to lose weight for a family holiday in May. After 2 weeks all i had doe was gain weight whilst my partner lost. We were eating normally (which wasnt classed as unhealthy, no snacks or fast food and no secret eating) but we were doing different regimes at the gym. 

So for the next 2 weeks i followed my partner step by step to watch what he did and see what happened. My partner lost 7lbs and i gained 5lb. At this point i was starting to lose hope. I have never liked the gym, especially cardio and after all this effort i was actually getting bigger and was now 12stone10lbs. 


It was at this point i spoke to a friend of mine and she recommended this site, showing me her results and guiding me through it. i immediately told my partner who spend and evening reading it all and to my surprise he leapt at the chance and started clearly the cupboards out and researching paleo foods. 


Now to the good bit. 

Unaware that there was specific dates for the challenge, we started on 17th Feb and finished today 31st March2014.

After 6 weeks of paleo (with only a few minor slips and not half as much water as i should of had), plus 10-15 mins of hard cardio every other day with 45 mins of heavy weight training and dead lifts. 

i know these machines can be very unreliable but this is what i got.(ignore it says 1994)



Date            Calf   Thigh  Bottom  Hips   Waist  Underbust  Chest  Bicep Relax    Bicep Bent

Before          40                109.5   106      94          85         102.5       30.5                28.5

02/03/14     39.5     62       108.5    106       91          84           101           31                   31     

20/03/14       40     61.5     108       105       92         84.5          99            31                   31

31/03/14      40.5    62       108.5    104.5    92.5       85           100           30                   32


There isnt anything i can see different in the portrait photos hence its not being posted.



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That's awesome! So, what's next?

AnnieP (respawned)

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