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Perth WA Rebels? No, Not PerthTasmania, or Perth,Scotland, or Even Perth Amboy? What's an Amboy?

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gonna be in albany this saturday! ill be at the whitestar hotel from like, 5/6ish getting drunk. staying at the royal george next door. will def be looking for a coffee the size of my face sunday morning. lets do this :D


non-albany-perthians: anyone free for a meet up this week or next? i wanna check out pirate bar ;)


Not sure what the White Star or the George's coffee is like, but the best coffee close to you on Sunday would be found at Fredericks, on the corner of York street / Peels place (next street up the hill from where you're staying) :D I'd say come to my work but we're closed Sundays, buahaha! Are you heading back to Perth on Sunday? 

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Living in Ellenbrook, I can recommend the Vines hotel/golf course/country club thingo - its pretty nice, and really near Midland :D



Hello & Welcome.

Thank you :)



Great news I live near Midland.

You have a number of options like Lupus said:


It is nice out there but it will take 20mins or so to get to Midland. (I have stayed here and it was nice)


Or there are 2 hotels at Crown Burswood though it will take you 20-30mins to get to Midland. (I have stayed at the Metropol, it was really classy)


Chapel Farm is a 5min drive away from Midland. It's not on Gt Eastern Hwy but it is a charming B&B. (I haven't stay at the accomodation here as I live around the corner but have frequented it for dinner and drinks. I love the atmosphere)


Same goes with Guildford River Retreat another cute B&B about 10mins away. (I haven't stayed here but it looks cute)



If you are after a really flash night I recommend Crown (Metropol).

If you would like something a bit more relaxed - The Vines

If you want something that's nice and close - Chapel Farm


Beyond that you have the "cheap" hotels & motels along Gt Eastern Hwy or you could stay in Perth city but you will be 30+mins away.


I hope that helps


Thanks guys. The problem with B&B is we have 9 of us ( 7 kids and 2 adults ) we would probably take up their entire roomage. The two at the Crown we have stayed in before but only as a couple and we would probably need 3-4 rooms. Too far out of my price range.


The other half has just booked us two apartments at the Broadwater, so no where near Midland but he will just have to drive us, even though he is suggesting the train.......WTF, no way on Boxing day with a tonne of luggage.

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