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Perth WA Rebels? No, Not PerthTasmania, or Perth,Scotland, or Even Perth Amboy? What's an Amboy?

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I started off really well, was tracking the forums and doing my body-weight circuit thingy, and then kinda got into my old exercise routine (cardio and gym machines, heresy I know). All the free weights at the gym are still a bit intimidating with some of the members putting on a billion kilos. Still doing something though, might try out the barbell routines on the academy.

Anybody here bought their own exercise/incline bench? I've found some cheap-o ones at Big W, but not sure if I should just spend a bit more and get something decent from Rebel? Not that Big W has ever let me down before, but I would rather it not collapse on me while I have dumbbells overhead...

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We got a Bodyworks, one from a sports shop. It ain't pretty but it's functional for the price. The biggest problem with some of the cheaper benches are the racks are close together and you either need to do extra wide grip or narrow grip for presses with a barbell, as they sit pretty much where you want your hands. Dumbbell shouldn't be a problem though.

Wait! What............?

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