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Assassins, Report! How did you do!


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Total Challenge Summary
This was my maintenance goal. Gymnastics, conditioning, and strength training were definitely going to happen consistently over the past six weeks, so this goal definitely went well.

Body recovery/maintenance goal here. Shoulder shockers have been a great addition to my regimen and I think they've made a real improvement. My shoulder has only been an issue rarely over the past six weeks and they definitely feel stronger and more mobile. I'll continue with shockers, pull-aparts, and shoulder dislocates on a weekly basis for sure. My ankle strengthening regimen... I'm not sure how helpful it's been.

My ankle has been swollen and painful on and off this week and last -- horribly painful and swollen since after the meet on Friday night, though I don't recall doing anything specific to irritate it. Not 100% what to do here, other than give it rest this week and continue icing.

Food compliance side of this was not good. I think I averaged 4/7 days of compliance with my food goals over the weeks of the challenge. I'm not sure what to change or fix other than just being better about staying on target. I think I'll start hard tracking calories again next challenge because I DO want to lean out, and you can definitely see that I've put on some extra lbs that are not giving me any advantages in my gymnastics. Plus, it's almost summer and I don't want to have to buy all new summer clothes. :/

Alcohol compliance was actually okay, but I don't think it was beneficial and will not be a goal in the future.

The battle against the shit siege continues to be never-ending. This goal was somewhat helpful, but not really. I did not put enough stake in cleaning up and we bought a new bed which has created a whole new level of disorder and chaos in the living room where we put many of the displaced clothes and other bedroom furniture. The goal was somewhat helpful in reminding me to manage our refrigerator more actively though.

Overall Challenge Thoughts:
I need to find a better way to incentivize non-fitness goals, such as diet and managing the house. I enjoy working out on its own because it makes me feel good, I see improvements, and I get to do new and learn new things so I've never needed to incentivize working out. However, the other things do NOT make me happy and I do NOT enjoy them, so I need to think through how to make myself 1. care in the moment and 2. actually stay on task with diet changes and habit changes to make a cleaner, happier house.

Perhaps rewards will help. We'll see.

Other than that, I am very happy with my progress since the last competition at the end of week 2. I've learned a couple of new things, I performed much better, and I went to a national competition. I competed all around for the first time in over 13 years. GOOD TIMES.

Overall challenge grade: B


Videos of the routines are linked on page 14 of the challenge.

Raptron, alot assassin

67666564636261605958 575655545352515049484746454443424140393837363534333231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1

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Copypaste from me as well!


It's time to wrap it up! 


I consider this challenge a success.

Sure, it could've gone better. I could've done more challenges, could've worked out while I was at my parents for that one week of silence, but I didn't. End of story.


I consider it a success because it's done exactly what I wanted it to do - it made me try many different things, see the benefits of those things, get into new stuff and stick with some. It's made me get back into the fun part of fitness and made me see new ways or re-think old ways and that's just what I wanted to get out of the bad-weather-stupid-winter-everything-sucks-trot that I was in.








Unforunately, Charmander didn't make it. He died right away - he really tried but boy, curling that kettlebell just isn't possible for me yet. I can curl it when my arm's already half-up (for example when sitting and it's resting on my lap), but I can't get it up when my arm's completely stretched before I try. Ah well! 


Squirtle made it, oh yes! I completed my three zombie runs, the last one today around noon in the fields in sunlight. Every single one of them was really cool because we had nice weather and I had awesome company during them (mom, dog and boyfriend).


Bulbasaur made it, too. My three course candlelight dinner was a success and it was fun.  :)


And Pikachu made it as well! I wrote a song. Boyfriend now deeply regrets challenging me to do that, because I wrote a song about him farting in his sleep. I'm not allowed to publish it just yet, because I've just written the lyrics and he wants to actually make a song out of it, but it's pretty epic. I'm hoping to get that done sometime during the next week, or if that doesn't happen then during the next challenge. I'll definitely put it up here then  :D


I've not yet crafted a boulder badge because I'm so out of ideas on how to do that with the supplies I have. I'm thinking about just embroidering it on a t-shirt, but we'll see about that. 



I've got my next challenge written up, it just needs some tweaks, but I'll get to that during the week off. Hooping will definitely be a big part of it, because it's such a fun way to work out, there are so many things to learn aaand - since it's my birthday in 3 weeks - boyfriend will get me a "real" hoop (the hoopnotica travel hoops are on sale here right now, or at least cheaper than they were last time I looked) that will make it easier to do tricks and hoop on other body parts without the hoop dragging on the floor or catching on something. It also means that I can take my hoop anywhere without tripping over it on the way to the car and having other weird accidents.


I won't give up the challenge format! I'll keep that with me because it was so mcuh fun and to mix things up - and of course because I've got loads of unfinished challenges that must be completed! I'll post an update on the number of challenges I've completed tomorrow when I'm not in bed and just sneakily on the computer while nobody's watching. 


I can't wait for the new challenge to start - quick spoiler! Now that I've got my boulder badge, it's time to get my butt to Mt. Moon and see what awaits me. I heard Team Rocket is planning mischief there.  :D

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Just trying to get back on my feet. :)

apfelstrudi learns to outrun shamblers | Instagram challenge

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Here are the things I needed to do over the past six weeks to look after ME so that I could, in turn, look after other people.



1) Quiet time +3 WIS +2 DEX B 2.5 WIS, 1.5 DEX

Minimum 1 1/2 hours of alone time each day.

Complete time achieved 29/42 days, half time or more 10/42.  That's 39/42 days where I took at least 45 minutes of time for myself.  And it showed!


2) Exercise +3 STR +1 STA A 3 STR, 1 STA

Continuing the Star Wars workout expectation is 2 full workouts/week

Modifications or missing days are allowed for other physical activities (eg: snowboarding, if the opportunity arises) or for health reasons (reflux, sore throat, etc).

12/12 full workouts completed.  Although they were scattered. more frequent in some weeks than others, and none in the past two weeks due to health issues, they did all get done.


3) Feed myself well +3 CON D 1.5 CON

I’ll be acting on a meal to meal basis actively making good decisions about the carb content and fueling myself with things that make me feel good long term: meats, vegetables, and good fats.

Made all good decisions 21/42 days.  Hmm.  Looks like something to work on.


4) Stretch +3 DEX A 3 DEX

Mobility work after every workout.  I feel best when I’m not storing a ton of extra stress and tension in my joints and muscles, and since I can't afford massages, stretching it is!

Stretched after workout 11/12 times. 



In addition, PVP for no weighing started part way through the challenge.  I am proud to say no weighing through the end of the challenge!  Take that, scale.


Started a PLP, and had to scale back at day 10 due to health, but will definitely pick it up again.


This is the first challenge I've gotten to the end of and felt like the things I was doing in it were sustainable.  Despite the extra stresses and difficulties that came my way this challenge, I was able to cope thanks to the extra alone time.  I feel...settled, and I like it.


Also, if you add SS at the end of my challenge (an S for each extra Started), then my rating was BADASS.  LOL :)

Hiraedd the Twice Risen:

Hamadryad; Pilgrim

battle log


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Alright, in closing this challenge really went off the rails.  Life really got in the way as I found out I had to vacate my current home and buy a new one.  Which went really well, I am happy about it but I used it as an excuse to stress eat all of the cookies in my workplace. 


But either way, time to carry on and leave the past behind me.


But as of challenge results, even with the interuptions,  my core strength has improved drastically.  I can do 3ish pull ups, not my goal of five but an improvment.  Hand stants I can hold for the time I wanted but am still trying to get away from the wall.


As for schoolwork I am done the large half of my course, only about a third left to complete.

Level Two Half-Ogre Assassin

STR 3 /DEX 1/STA 3/CON 3 /WIS 2 /CHA 1



Challenges One Current

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CHALLENGE WRAP-UP: End of challenge assessment!


Goal 1: Strength train 3 times a week. Reach 40lbs with the weight vest by the end of the challenge. This will usually be circuit training, but can be substituted for other workout challenges if my week requires it.


Success! The only strength training sessions I missed were due to scheduling or mild injury. And I have reached +40 lbs with my weight vest training. +4 Strength


Goal 2: Sprints once a week. Do sprints intermixed with walking and jogging. No real parameters, just as much as I can handle.


I've gone out to do some sprints (mostly now in the form of parkour) at least once a week. +3 Dexterity, +2 Stamina


Goal 3: Continue to work on adding fruit, vegetables, and nuts to the diet. At least 1 piece of produce a day and keep nuts around for snacking.


I've done well with the fruits and veggies this challenge, I think cooking a lot of vegetables with meals and having fruits stocked for snacking have just become habits now. I've also got an ample supply of various nuts to snack on. +3 Constitution


Life-goal: Reduce the amount of electronic media my kids consume and increase their creative activities and physical activities. Current goal is that each child can choose 1 movie per day they want to watch.


This goal was a success... On my part. I've realized that it's a 2 person job to guide the kids activities, and with the lady being in school still and VERY pregnant right now, things didn't go much differently unless I was home. I think it's bad timing right now. That being said, I have changed my own habits pretty well and the kids and I spent a lot of time playing outdoors during this challenge and we as a family have started playing a lot more board games together or playing with play-doh, coloring books, or paint. Though the reduction of electronic media is not as much as I wanted, the addition of positive activities went pretty well, so I'm calling this a success and a great step in the right direction. :) +3 Wisdom


Bonus points!: I successfully managed to add front-flipping to my Assassin skillbook. +2 Dexterity


Pretty successful challenge, I'd have to say! LEVEL UP!

Race: Half Orc/Elf. Class: Assassin. Level: 3 STR: 7 DEX: 9 STA: 4 CON: 5 WIS: 5 CHA: 2

Current Challenge: Tommy Khaos VS Gravity!


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Time to report! This was my challenge:


During the course of this six week challenge my body's odometer will turn over 18,262 days (i.e., 50 years) --- yay.....  So it seems fitting that I should have a 50-ish theme this time around.


Main goal: Lose 50 lbs. Nah, let's move the decimal point over and make it 5 lbs. I'm not going to commit to that over six week's, but who knows?!

Here I failed, and probably moved the needle in the wrong direction.


How to get there:


#1: 50 jumping jacks/day


#2: 50 pushups/day


#3: 50 squats/day


Resolution: If I slip a day, the requirements will rollover.  In the past, I've made my goals too complicated, so by simplifying the challenge I hope to actually notch a victory.

I think I had to employ the rollover rule once.

Can I do this? Yes! 

Lesson learned: Set realistic goals and you can achieve them. Unlike my 100 push-up challenge last year, which prevented me from doing any other strength exercises, this time I was able to keep up a fairly regular practice of doing bodyweight exercises, e.g., Spartacus. 


But I'm disappointed in the overall weight issue, and so when my wife suggested we embark on the Whole30 plan, I said "I'm in!" 

Onward, Assassins!

Gnome Assassin - Level 4


STR 7.75 | DEX 3.5 | STA 5.0 | CON 4.5 | WIS 4.0 | CHA 3.75


"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts."


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The Challenge Sum-Up:


Mmm, overall, better than it has been, but not perfect. But I'm ok with that. I was more consistent with some of the things that I don't really like than I usually am, so that's something.


Goal #1 - Run - B


I didn't like my schedule for this, but I mostly stuck to it. I wasn't perfect, and let hockey replace running probably more than I should have. In the end, it didn't effect my performance in the beep test too much, and I'm still able to pass it, which is the whole point of this goal, so it's overall a success. I give myself a B for lack of consistency rather than lack of results.


Goal #2 - Strength - F


This totally slid by the wayside. I did a bit of it near the beginning, but haven't done any in a while. I'm having a hard time caring, even though I want the end results, I'm obviously not willing to work for them yet.


Goal #3 - Stretch - C


If  I looked back and actually counted the number of times I stretched, I might give myself a lower grade, but I actually did it sometimes, which is more than usual. It's not a habit, and may never be, but I was able to make myself do it more often than usual. I gotta find a way to logic my way to doing this more regularly, I just haven't found it yet.


Goal #4 - Multi Stage - C.5 (overall)


Sleep (C.5) - did ok with this through most of the challenge, but have gotten away from it in the past week or so. I'm getting back on top of it as we speak, but this will be a constant challenge with my natural night-person ways...


Unplug ( B) - did ok with this through the whole thing. There were days when I stayed on the computer longer than I should have, but it didn't get in the way of my workouts (stretching notwithstanding). Speaking of stretching, I definitely got away from the plan to shut my computer and go stretch, but that was less the fault of the computer and its allure and more me not wanting to stretch.


Adapt (B.5) - did well with this, though it was less about adapting than sticking to the odd schedule I made for myself. But I didn't often use work as an excuse not to do anything, and when there was a minor curveball I was able to reschedule things fairly easily.


Record (F) - I did record stuff, but mostly I didn't, and I rarely did it on the day on which I did the things. This is really only helpful for me when I haven't updated here for a couple of days and want to update several days at once. Not sure if I want to stick with this or not, I'm not getting anything out of it as it is, but if I was actually consistent about it, I dunno...

Dare mighty things

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I had a bad challenge this time. For some reason (which I'm still investigating) I just lost interest. Perhaps my challenge was too unspecific? Too "easy" and open? I did open it up after the last one to make it more flexible, but maybe it was too open. I did okay overall, but I stopped tracking (lost interest) although I think I did mange to keep up with what I was supposed to be doing. So maybe it just became status quo rather than a challenge? I also stopped checking in with other people's challenges. And all this was compounded by a plague-like cold, which kept me home from work for 3 days, and which I finally have now recovered from, although I still cough occasionally.


I did great on my last goal: flossing every day. I think I only missed 4 days overall (3 of which were during my "plague"), but I stopped tracking, so I don't know for sure.


No points for me this round, no level up.


Onwards and upwards.

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Lazy Challenge Assessment, FTW:

1:  Cook twice a week and eat all the leftovers (+2 Con, +2 Wis)- I was pretty spotty on this, cooked twice 3 weeks and once the other 3.  I managed to eat most of my leftovers, but threw out 3 meals that spoiled and have a freezer full of protein shake ingredients that I haven't touched in weeks. 9/12 meals gives me a C, which feels about right.


2:  Workout 5 days per week (+1 Str, +2 Dex, +1 Sta)- This goal went really well, I only missed one workout, and that was the week I flew across the country to Disneyland and caught a cold on the way back.  29/30 gives me a solid A; time to step things up by following an actual workout plan.


3:  Stay hydrated (+2 Con, +2 Sta)-  This didn't end up being a SMART goal, as the target quantity varied considerably day-to-day and the scoring was completely subjective to how I felt that day and the next morning.  I'm giving myself a C for lack of any hard data.


Life:  Clean house/Finish what I started (+3 Wis)- I'd like to say I did well on this, but my apartment doesn't seem any cleaner or more organized despite finishing 2 minor projects and 2 major.  Regardless, according to the stated criteria, 3/4 is a C.


Results: Overall score is a C+ (Str +1, Dex +2, Sta +2, Con +2, Wis +2.5)

Anim07734; God of Death in Training

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Nyxy reporting:
A certain werewolf science experiment turned out conclusive, which means I get to call myself a werewolf assassin now!

I learned when to work out, and used that to do more push ups than I thought I could do ever.
I give myself a very solid A for this.

The other challenges (learning serbian, and learning to feel comfy being me) suffered a bit, and get a C :)

more in my topic


Nyxy, lvl 13 Werewolf assassin!            Current challenge: butts               Fitocracy

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And one from me! 


Goal 1- Lose 6lbs (+2 CON +1 DEX)


Success! And I was also quite pleased that I managed to lose that before the challenge was out! I did have some trouble with some of the calorie counting, but I also think I'm at about a weight where my body doesn't want me to lose much more. And without me being able to do strength training right now (well shoulder work, I might throw caution to the winds and do resistance training next challenge anyway!) it means I'm not just losing fat. So next challenge I am thinking of upping my calories per day from 1800 to 2000, and possibly making my diet themed alongside Thor and Vikings. 


Grade A (Gained +2 CON +1 DEX)


Goal 2 - Run / Sprinting (+2 STA +1 CON +1 DEX)


This wasn't quite as perfect... But I still think it was pretty good. I think there was one week where I didn't do as much running as I wanted to but only by one session. AND I am now running a lot longer than I was before the challenge (but I think that's mainly due to the fact it's now light out when I get home...)

Grade - B (Gained: +2 STA +1 CON)


Goal 3 - Stretch (+3 DEX +1 STR)


I definitely fell down on this one, I would only stretch really when I'd been out for a run. Maybe I did a couple of extras on rest days here and there but definitely not every day. So given that I was running on 3-4 days out of the week I probably did about half of what I wanted. 


Grade D (Gained +1 DEX)


Goal 4 - Life Goals (+2 CHA +2 WIS)


Again another fall down here. I did do a lot more writing than I have before during this challenge, but it most certainly wasn't every day and I definitely could have spent less time twidling about on the interwebs in the evenings. So I would call it not a total fail because I am up ... maybe 6-10,000 words from where I was before the challenge and did a module of a writing course, but I should have been able to do more!


Grade: D (Gained +1 WIS)


Overall Grade: B-


Not as good as it could have been but I was also anticipating some of the problems and so changed my goals to reflect that a bit better. I am going to see the doctor on Friday to FINALLY get my shoulder looked at by someone who knows what they're talking about. So where I go from here will have to wait until I have seen them. I'm pleased that I level up and I'm looking forward to just taking the weekend to have a quiet time of it and not worry too much about anything really, I'm feeling a bit burned out right now. 




Vengefulpear has gained a level and become a Level 6 Assassin! 

Gained  +3 CON +2 STA +2 DEX +1 WIS


I hope everyone else had an awesome challenge and I'll be catching up with everyone today  :) Thanks to everyone, all of your positive attitudes really help  :)  

Assassin Guild Leader  Trainee


STR: 2 | DEX: 2 | STA: 2 | CON: 3 | WIS: 3 | CHA: 3

Current Challenge: Vengefulpear Revives!


Level 1



High Score:

Level 7 STR: 14 | DEX: 10 | STA: 1 | CON: 12 | WIS: 6 | CHA: 4


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Main Quest:
Build Strength, Endurance, Agility, ...Become a Better Monkey.

Current Stats

Age: 24 (will be 25 by the end of the challenge)

Gender: male

Height: 5’9â€

Weight: 160lbs


1: Do 3 Workouts per week 


Day1 and 3 
Day 5 
I chose these as I am somehow naturally built and I am a bit masochistic when it comes to working out.
Workout session (+5%)
If I have any energy left over, do a Zuzana Workout. (+1% extra credit)
I love her varied workouts and the fact that they can run you to the ground. (Pre-Nerd Fitness experience)
57% - I did well for the first 3 weeks, then 1 workout for week4 and 5, no workouts week 6
2: Dedicated Stretching /Yoga
If yoga: either Ekhart Yoga, Zuzana, or a P90X yoga 
I need this to help increase my range of motion and reduce the amount of pain I have in my muscles after workouts.
Stretching after a workout (+2%)
Yoga Session (+11%)
Stretching in the morning (+1%)
56% - I did well for the first 2 weeks doing both stretching and yoga, then the following 2 fell to about 1 yoga session a week, the last 2 weeks had no stretching sessions.
3: Drink Water!
Because I drink so little I have many issues ranging from skin dryness to the extended muscle soreness and possible blackouts from over exertion. (This is not an issue of drinking water vs something else...I only drink water or...almond milk... but I don't drink enough...like a camel)
Drink 1L (+1%)
37% - I did quite well the first 2 weeks, then average-poor the next 2, then very poorly the last 2...
Basically I started out great and then slowly but surely went back to doing poorly. In a positive light, the chain of good workouts lasted half a week longer than the last challenge. Maybe next time I can go weeks without reverting to old ways.
Grades: 57%, 56%, and 37%...all F's
all parts of the challenge not met.
Next Time: I need more refined/tangible goals. I approached this challenge with holistic ones of wanting to help my heart and build some strength and flexibility, but I guess that wasn't influential enough. (I was warned by Targilnar and Erick the Red)
I need to try and find tangible goals which I would enjoy getting to and can say it has done at the end, while still helping my holistic goals.

Monkey | Level 3 |

|STR: 4|DEX: 3|STA: 2|CON: 4|WIS: 3|CHA: 3|
1st | 2nd | 3rd



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Fitness Goal 1: Improve on vertical pull. Without injuring myself.

Considering I injured myself, and can't do regular chin ups - Grade: F. No wait... Grade: E, since I can still do exaggerated false grip controlled muscle ups. But those hurt due to pressure at my pisiform, and I thus don't like doing them.

Ignoring the injury, I started at 3x5 assisted one arm chins. Using 1 finger only for 3 reps

Ended at 3x5. Using 1 finger for 9 reps (first 3 each set).


Fitness Goal 2: Improve on vertical push. Without injuring myself.

Grade: C. I injured myself, but I can still do HSPUs. And I did improve.

I started at 3 consecutive reps of full depth wall handstand push ups.

Ended at 5 reps. (However this is not very consistent - 4 reps is more consistent)


Fitness Goal 3: Improve on horizontal pull. Without injuring myself.

Grade: B. I injured myself, but I absolutely smashed this goal in terms of improvement.

I started at 5x5 on setting 50 of my gym's machine.

Ended at 5,5,4,3,3 on setting 60. Also my full front lever form is much much better (without really bothering to train front lever directly - just occasionally testing it out once a week)


Fitness Goal 4: Improve on hamstrings. Without injuring myself.

Grade: C. I injured myself, but I did improve.

I started at 5,4,3,3 reps (15 total) on setting 40 of my gym's machine.

Ended at 4x5 (20 total) on setting 40. I never really intended for this to be a long term thing, I was always planning on having hamstrings trained by just barbell squats and deadlifts.


Life Goal: Learn to be a great father

Grade: B.

I stopped updating this, because I think it is possible to overthink the whole thing.

As long as I (1) Love my daughter and actually want to spend time with her, and (2) Actually spend time with her - I think everything else I will learn organically along the way.

My main fear was not being a strong enough disciplinarian - but I think the first step was simply being aware that was a possible problem, and being ready to correct it.


Overall Grade: C-

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Sorry/Not sorry for the delayed challenge recap. I got back from Kauai this weekend and was very reluctant to turn on my computer. 



So here's the results:


Goal 1. Finish 100 pushups program!

I’ve started this program several times, but have yet to finish the full 6 weeks. Last challenge I completed the first two weeks, an improvement of one workout and an exhaustion test more than the previous attempt. I love pushups because they make me feel like a badass and it is easy to see improvement. Just one more rep to be better than last time.



All six weeks completed = A

5 weeks complete = A-

4 weeks complete = B+

3 weeks complete = B-

2 weeks complete = C

1 week complete = D


Pushups: 3/4 2/3 1/3 2/4 1/3 1/3 | 9/20 

B, completed enough workouts to finish three weeks of the program if I had started from week one, but my initial test had me starting at week 3. I ended up one workout away from completing week 5, so I completed week 4 of the program. Scoring was set as a B- for three weeks, and a B+ for 4 weeks, so there you go. A solid B.


Goal 2. Use the Forest Gym!

I found a lovely spot in the National Park that I live in a few weeks ago. A 5-10 minute jog from my house, there are several hills of varying steepness and length that would be perfect for hill sprints. They are just up the trail from a young Western Hemlock with the only suitable branch I can find for practicing chin-ups and pull-ups anywhere near me. (This is a surprisingly difficult task in a thick, coniferous, PNW forest.) Weather permitting; I want to use this “gym†twice a week on average. If conditions are too dangerous, Insanity workouts are an acceptable substitute.



12 total forest gym and/or Insanity workouts= A

9 total forest gym and/or Insanity workouts = B

6 total forest gym and/or Insanity workouts = C

3 total forest gym and/or Insanity workouts = D


Forest!:   1/2 3/2 0/2 3/2 0/2 1/2  | 8/12

B-. Pretty simple grading here, 9 would have been a B, 6 a C.


Goal 3. Resist Dinning Hall temptation, stay true to the Paleo!

The return of Mountain School means a return to eating in the dinning hall twice a day, a constant source for desserts, and a culture of constant stress-eating. I tend to make good choices around dinner, but the dessert temptation is strong. I do not want to give in! My plan:

  • Make protein shakes or eggs and bacon breakfasts at home to avoid the French toast and pancakes of the dinning hall.
  • A salad shall accompany all dinners in the dinning hall, and that salad will not include cheese.
  • Desserts will be limited to two per week. Seconds count as two desserts. I must choose wisely.



12 desserts or less (2/week) = A

12-18 Desserts (3/week) = B

18-24 Desserts (4/week) = C

24-30 Desserts (5/week) = D

More than 30 desserts is a fail!


Desserts: Gave up counting after week 5 got off to a bad start.

I should have looked back at my scoring rubric before I stopped counting; I wasn’t doing nearly as bad as I thought. Last count the dessert total was 20.5, both dinning hall and other desserts combined. That was the end of week 4. I’m gonna guess I had more than 3 and less than 9 desserts in that last two weeks, which would mean not a total fail! This goal gets a D.


Life Goal: Clean my room once per week!

This busy month especially, my constant disorganization has gotten out of hand. I have grown so accustomed to stepping over and around piles of paper and clothes on the floor that I consider myself “clutter blindâ€. But when I am feeling low energy or overwhelmed, I look around my trashed room and it brings me down even more. This challenge I want to start to break that cycle. Plus, If I don’t keep enough floor space clear, I wont be able to do my pushups!



Tidy up 6 times = A

Tidy up 5 times = A-

Tidy up 4 times = B+

Tidy up 3 times = B-

Tidy up 2 times = C

Tidy up once = D


Clean:     1/1 0/1 1/1 0/1 0/1 2/1 | 4/6

B+ Pretty simple grading here as well, 4 times was on my rubric as a B+. 



The main aim of this challenge was to feel good about myself and feel confident taking pictures on my Hawaiian vacation. That part of the challenge was a huge success. My girlfriend and I hiked every day and only went out to eat once (well, twice if you count the wedding reception). We made great food choices and stayed active. I even did a 100 pushups program workout one morning. I felt damn good the whole time. Sure the sunshine, beautiful beaches and general island vibe had a lot to do with it, but I got a good view of how much eating better and moving more are just a part of who I am and what I do. Not out of feelings of guilt or "I should", but because it generally makes me happy to be healthier. That kind of success can't be graded. 

RedCedar uses the pronouns they/them/theirs. What pronouns do you prefer? 

Here is a fun game to help learn/practice pronouns that might be new to you: http://minus18.org.au/pronouns-app/


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I said to the sun, "tell me about the Big Bang".

The sun said, "It hurts to become." 

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Wrap Up:

I learned a lot this challenge, like how easy it is to forget to post things here. :P

And also exactly how much is too much! Trying to work out 3 days, run 3 and bike 3 was just more than I could reasonably handle. I'm pretty sure the leg issues that have been plaguing me this whole time are due to jumping up substantially in how much I work out. Next challenge will actually be more reasonable in goal setting.


Do Bodyweight Workout Level 2 3x a week

B - Averaged 2.25 per week


Successfully complete weeks 2-7 of the Couch to 5k program

This switched to 'Run 3 days a week'

B - Averaged 2.16


Spends 2 hours a day working on capstone project

Averaged 6.16 hours, and that's with Spring Break in the middle. B


Life Quest

Averaged 5.6 - B


Secondary Life Quest

Averaged once a week. F


Overall, I give myself a B. Yay!


STR – 6.75 | DEX – 2 | STA – 3.25 | CON – 3 | WIS – 8.25 | CHA – 0

Challenge Thing

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Ugh.... just now posting here myself and we're two days into the next challenge. All in all, I'm pretty happy with how things turned out. Bodyweight and Parkour/Weapons were pretty much a breeze to stick with. While my minor injuries affected parkour slightly, they pretty much ground my running to a halt. So, for that reason, I'm not beating myself up to bad about the running. I've been sticking with my workout in the interim, but this next challenge is going to be hard as life is already starting to encroach more and more on my workout schedule. I have faith, though! I can do this!


Bodyweight Workout: A


Trail Running: C


Parkour/Weapons: A


Life Quest: Pass

Level 3 Half-Elf Assassin

STR= 9.5  DEX= 14  STA=4  CON=3  WIS=3  CHA=2


Current Challenge


"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't... you're right."  ~Henry Ford

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