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Ok, so I've only been on this diet/lifestyle change since Saturday morning. It has been 4 days.

I've very mostly very good....

I did, however, spoil myself yesterday and have a hot chocolate (100% cocoa, hazelnut milk, 3 sugars), as well as some squares of high-grade dark chocolate. So not perfect but not awful.


And today, my two colleagues and I were rewarded for exceeding our commission targets and beating 80+ other stores (HELL YEAH!). We were rewarded with a big box of Cadbury's white chocolate fingers. In the past I'd normally have 15-20 of them, and more if on offer. Today, I had 5. So I enjoyed them, rewarded myself for the hard work, but didn't go overboard. And I think that's what important - not that I had some bad things today, but that I had a small amount as a reward and made a conscious decision to not eat any more.


Anyway, back to the topic in the title. So I weighed myself 4 days ago, and wasn't going to weigh again until I was 2 weeks into this whole thing. But because I had the hot chocolate and things, I wanted to weigh myself today. 6lbs I've lost. 6lbs!! I don't know if this is water weight, if this is a little, a lot, or average. But the fact that I've lost weight in such a short space of time...well...it gives me great self-esteem and further motivation for.....


....my trip to Serifos in October!!



I'm a pescetarian scout who thinks that cows are the cutest!

One less bite may be one less inch on the tummy!


Goal #1: To be able to go into any shop and not hunt for my size.

Goal #2: To be able to enjoy sports without being conscious of my lumps and bumps.

Goal #3: To be able to wear a beautiful maxi-dress, fitted at the bust, for my vacation to Serifos in October 2014.

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