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had to take blood tests today on fasting. so didn't eat since 9 pm last night ( woohoo) shocked i did that. however i worked out last night at 5ish, so dinner was early so it worked.

in the morning had 4 cups water, and then took out 12 tubes of blood YIKES, almost fainted. was not concerned really about eating properly today at first, since i was soo sick from being weak. ugh i notice my grammar and speech is so bad this late at night, i apologize, i just get so lazy


breakfast: 4 cups water, 1 cup oj, 1.5 slices dempsters multi-grain bread with 2 tsp of margarine

lunch; kfc veg burger, small fries, 2 cups water

dinner: 4 cups water, veg burger

snack: 1 pear, 2 cups cantaloupe

midnight snack,: honey nut cheerios with milk

UGH bad day. should have limited carbs, and worked out.

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so i want to continue to post even though the challenge is up and i so so so so didn't win.

i just can't seem to lose weight. inches are being lost, slowly but surely. i can see a diff. but no friggin pounds. i have lost 7 lbs since january, and the last 3 lbs from that goes up and down almost daily. boo.

i have decided to really cut out fast food, limited to once a week on sundays, and even that to watch it.

amp up to ten glasses of water daily, and 5 cups of fruit/veggies daily. hopefully that will help. and now working out 6 days a week as well. i hope to see results now.

breakfast: aloo paratha, 1 tsp butter, 1 bowl plain yogurt, 2 cups water

snack: 1 cup cherries, light hot chocolate

lunch: veggie patty, caesar salad, 2 cups water = 2 cups lettuce

snack: 1 cup cherries, 1 cup carrots, 1 slice whole wheat bread with 1 tsp pb -3 cups

workout: 2 cups water

post workout: protein shake

dinner: besan poora, 2 cups water = 1 cup sauteed veggies

totals: fruit/veg (5 cups), water ( 11 cups),

workout: legs day

50 squats, 50 lunges, 50 donkey kicks, 50 side way donkey kicks, 50 calf raises

15 minutes at 2mph treadmill, 15 mins at 3mpn treadmill, 45 minutes kickboxing.

it's been a while since i worked out, so was very tiring today.

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just wanted to toot my own horn.. lately, i have been saying no to all the yummy foods and desserts my family has been making when guests come over. There are certain indian desserts I don't like, so I always refuse to eat them if they are there. Now, I say the same thing to my favorite ones. I also started saying " don't talk to me about it", when my mom asks me if I want a piece of whatever yummy thing she is offering me. It helps a ton, since I pretend it doesn't exist. I think I have avoided many many food disasters this way. I also ask them to hide all tempting foods out of my way, so I am less likely to slip. also, if i do happen to slip and ask them for a piece, luckily I don't know where it is to get more.

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okay okay day. really working on limiting bread/pasta/rice to once a day. i thought it was near impossible to begin with, now not so bad.

breakfast: besan poora with a ton of veggies, 2 cups crystal light

snack: half bowl yogurt w/ 1 tsp chia seeds

snack: 1 apple, half bowl of garbanzo beans, 2 cups crystal light

lunch: one veg patty, caesar salad, 2 cups crystal light

preworkout: one cookie -yikes

workout: 2 cups water

post workout: protien shake

dinner: wheat bread w/ ff cheese slice, 1 tsp hummus and veggies with 2 cups fresh oj

workout: arms day

12 reps * 5 sets of triceps , biceps, counter pushups, shoulder raises, and side raises

45 mins kickboxing + 15 mins of 3mph treadmill, 5 mins of 2mph treadmill,

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midnight snack: 2 granola bars,

breakfast: besan poora, 2 cups water

snack: apple, 5 breton crackers, 2 tbsp hummus, 2 cups water, half cup carrots

lunch: veg patty on whole wheat bread (half of this ), 2 cups water, 2 granola bars , yikes

preworkout: 5 breton crackers, 1 tsp hummus

workout: 2 cups water

post workout: protein scoop in water (yucky)

dinner: half veg sub with veg meat slices, and veggies, 1.5 cups fresh oj

went over calories by 200:S but mainly bc of not eatin much the night before and getting munchies n eatin the granola bars:@ and then, waiting too long to eat lunch so i ate teh granola bars yet again. they are well hidden now!

workout-legs day . was on a time crunch. fit in as much as i could.

12 reps * 5 sets : lunges, squats, donkey kicks, side donkey kicks , calf raises

30 minutes kickboxing, 5 mins 3mph treadmill

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I feel i'm on the right track. My stomach isn't always cramping up. I never feel full or satisfied. As in say you eat half a sandwich, you could def eat some more, but that half has sustained you for now. This is a new feeling to me, don't get me wrong I never ate to be extremely full, in company most would say I under eat, it's just my metabolism is so shit slow from years of antidepressants and no breakfast, so yeah.. weight gain, yikes. anywho... i'm really upset with my slow weight loss and trying to be 100% on it now . my friend just cut out soda and junk food out of her disgusting daily junk that she eats, and has already lost 10 lbs, my 7 lbs has taken me since january and i work out hard, and eat pretty good. so anyways, no excuses, going to be tough about it.

i've had a new mentality. i realize okay, it takes about 5 minutes of will power to make the right decision. think about it, waiting in line at a fast food place, reading off a menu at a restaurant, walking into a kitchen. those few minutes of bad food ideas in ur head, sucks. but it takes about 5 minutes in total to beat through and make a good choice. I was at the mall a few days ago with a friend and we wre trying to figure out what to eat. Taco Bell was calling out to me and I figured I could track it and accomodate it, but I knew, okay really,,, weight loss and taco bell don't go hand in hand. let's be smart here. and i just got in line for subway and said, it's going to be 5 minutes of temptation , I can beat it. Even today, just came back from a dinner at Caseys Restaurant. I was eyeing the pasta, but chose a vegetarian burger with caesar salad, dressing on side. Had a pretty healthy meal , and again those 5 minutes of temptation passed when I told myself ,it's just five minutes. The crazy yummy granola bars are calling out to me, but they are high up on the fridge. I swear I think they call my name, they just watch me. Having them up at the top of the fridge means I can't possibly reach them, but at the same time I see them when I enter and leave lol. Need a new hiding spot clearly.

so anyways yesterday was a great meal day. didn't get to track it, so i will now.


breakfast: protein shake

snack: one apple, one peach, 2 cups water

lunch: veg patty, caesar salad, 2 cups water

snack: half slice of whole grain bread, tsp of peanut butter, 2 cups water

snack: 1 cup carrots, 1 cup cucumber, 5 crackers, 1 tbsp hummus

snack: granola bar

dinner: whole grain bread with ff cheese slice, 2 slices of veg meat, n veggies, 1 cup of fresh oj

Honestly.. i thought friday was an amazing food day. I had a lot of protein, I ate only til I needed to without getting too full or stuffed. my stomach had that feeling of kinda hungry but not to the point where it hurt or it growled. I realized that I was getting hungry between snacks, and I quickly ate my lunch. I actually went over 60 calories yesterday. which was a BIG awakening. you know why? I thought I ate pretty damn good, if i had'nt tracked it , I would have probably had a bit more food, thinking i wasn't near my calorie goal. Realizing I ate that and still went over 60 calories, makes me really realize that I did infact eat alot. Just because it wasn't greased with fat and arterie clogging doesn't mean it still doesn't add up!

Saturday: (today)

breakfast: instant oatmeal

snack:2 apples, 2 cups water

lunch; protein shake

snack: whole grain bread slice, 1 tbsp light cream cheese, 2 cups water

workout: 2 cups water

post workout: protein shake, 2 cups water

dinner: @ restaurant. had 3/4 veggie burger ( patty,bun,veggies, 1 tsp mayo), caesar salad (w/ dressing on side had very little to none dressing) coke zero


-very happy about the apple idea. I was hungry at that time and was craving the cream cheese bread slice, but I was like no no , I only deserve it if I eat some fruit first. I reallllllly didn't want to eat the apples. I mean who really ever craves an apple? Even if someone claims that, I won't believe them. I took them upstairs and said I can't go downstairs and get more food til these are done. and you know what...... I ate em both. and finished it off with 2 cups water. and i was full for a while.

-i'm glad it was one bread slice for a snack. I have decided that if it isn't counting as a meal (breakfast,lunch,dinner) than carbs should be even more scarce.

-i'm so happy i had 2 protein shakes. they taste great, leave me feeling satisfied and i feel stronger and happier.

-dinner:) i deserve a round of applause. really. I usually throw common sense out the window. see my gorgeous thin friends eating crap and feel like I deserve it too. I was very nervous ordering, and talked myself out of ordering fries as a side. Had one tiny pita chip from their appetizer they all shared. I realize now it's my body. I can't justify my looks with "oh i have a slow metabolism, or i have bad luck with slow weight loss". When I see people on the street, in the mall, at parties, they don't have time to get to know me. they just see me, my face and my body. and i know i shouldn't care what people think. but hell, i should atleast be proud of myself.

con's -not enough fruit nor veggies. however i have 300 calories left, i might just have a bowl of fruit befor ei go to bed incase i'm still hungry.

workout- so this was quite confusing. i notice i am not getting any results and i am doing the same thing pretty much. I might lunge lower, squat lower, and be more sore after workouts, but overall in general, it's the same shit daily. I looked for my "shaun t- rockin body' workout tape, couldn't find it. so now downloading it, shh........ so in the mean time what do i do?

awesome members here pointed me to some sites. I decided to go ahead and do Steve's beginner workout routine. Ofcourse I am a rebel and need to change it up somehow... So instead of dumbbell rows and planks, I did bicep curls and tricep extensions. to be honest, it was more or less the same workout I usually do, but the fast paced circuiting in between made a diff. Usually I do circuits as well, but never have I added jumping jacks, or done them all on the same day.

My numbers were slightly off, bc I got confused:$

- 20 squats

- 10 counter pushups

-20 lunges

-10 bicep curls with 12 lbs

-20 calf raises

-10 tricep extensions with 12 lbs

-20 jumping jacks REPEATED 3 times

now usually when I do strength training , similar or not, I do sweat, for sure. However my heart isn't racing I can't hear it for sure. And I do kickboxing right after, and yes I am sweaty, yes sweat is pouring down me. But it is not continuously dripping down me like I am showering, and I wanted to keep that up. Also, I had only worked out for 30 minutes, for me I usually work out an hour minimum, so i wanted to do more. What to do next? I decided to do Steve's Interval training. I knew it was meant for alternate days, but I was just excited to do it. Now again, I changed it up a tiny bit.

Rather than increasing intensity at each set, I just kept it similarish. Also I was on a treadmill and the speed adjustment is a knob so you can't really be precise at all.

Overall I did.

1.5 minutes of jogging + 1.5 minutes of brisk walking = 3 minutes

I repeated this 5 times. My jogging speeds were between 3.1-3.5 and my slow speeds were between 3 to 2mph

then, I did 4 minutes of 3mph walking. and then 2 minutes of 2mph to cool down.

Overall, 22 minutes of treadmill. and the entire time sweat was dripping down me, booyah

Now I'm not too sure if I should do his strength training on one day, and alternate days of the treadmill routine. Plus 30 minutes of kickboxing daily. OR, do this entire routine one day, and then alternate it with days of 1 hour kickboxing. not too sure. I also plan to do the hip hop dance aerobics that I am downloading. Main thing is to have fun and keep my body guessing right. I wasn't sore at all from the workout, but I sweat a lot, which is good. I guess my body will tell me how sore I am tomorrow. I def squatted alot better today, however it's because I saw Steve's workout demonstration and I saw how low he dipped. I used to think my back had to be a different way with squats, so I didn't go as low. now I realize i was wrong, and went quite low today.

my goal plan is to from now on.. have 2 protein shakes daily. one caesar salad, 2 fruits, minimal.

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