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Bear Force One Conquers Compounds

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Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by to check in. It's been another really rough week family wise, and the whole eating clean thing didn't go so well this weekend :/ . Back on the bandwagon this week though! I gym-ed on Monday, and will be gym-ing again this evening. It's a deadlifting day, woo! 

"I am the hero of this story. I don't need to be saved."

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Glad you're back and ready to crush it.

This message was generated by a room full of monkeys typing randomly--as you can see, they are far from producing Shakespeare.

Level 3, Rebel

Currtent Challenge
Previously known as: Curl Brogo, Darwins_Demon, Vincent Van Bro

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Hey lady, you can add me to the list of names checking up on you.  I hope everything is as well as can be. 

level 4 Gnoll warrior

Building a better Raev, part 1.

Goal: working set of 350# squat, 235# bench, 370# deadlift, 15% or lower BF%

Fix slight pelvic tilt, reinforce lower back to help disc issue

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