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Hugh's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Challenge: Karate Newt


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Immortal words of a Ninjutsu instructor, some years ago:
<brandishing a pair of Sai> "Right! Anyone who thinks they're Raphael from the Ninja Turtles can just ***k off!"


My Karate Sensei likes to include some kobudo in the class. Specifically we have been working on a couple of Bo katas and he is keen to have us learn at least one Sai kata (once more of us have our own Sai).

The other day I saw the trailer for the upcoming Michael Bay TMNT reboot and that got me thinking...


I've always liked swords. Now I'm learning some Bo katas and have the opportunity to learn Sai katas... all that's missing is the Nunchucks and I've got the whole TMNT gang!

So why not go for it? TMNT originally appeared when I was a kid so it's of my generation.

I've nothing to loose by learning some (more) Sai, Nunchaku, Sword and Bo techniques/katas!


Furthermore, why not make it a TMNT themed challenge?

Well, I don't do Ninjutsu these days but I do often wear a bandanna with lizards or newt shapes on it (I don't know why so don't ask) so Karate Newt might be more appropriate than Ninja Turtle. (I'm also very much NOT a teenager ;) )



April: Attend gym for some kind of strength training at least twice a week. 

May: Some kind of strength training at least twice a week. Probably bodyweight & kettlebells. Probably in my garden.

Cardio: Walking, sprinting, swimming, cycling... anything - just Move!

Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +1 Con +1



Keep attending weekly lessons. 

Keep practising the basics - stances, strikes, blocks, kicks. 

Do my grading. 

Dex +1, Wis +1, Cha +1


Unarmed Kata:

Keep practising Fukyugata Ichi and Ni.

Keep practising Pinan Shodan through Yondan.

Learn Pinan Godan.

Learn first three "two person katas" (can't remember what they're called): Kumite Katas

Sta +1, Dex +1, Wis +1



Keep practising Bo Shodan. Finish learning Bo Nidan.

Learn one Sai Kata.

Buy or make some Nunchuks and then learn one Nunchaku Kata.

Find or develop a simple sword kata. Learn it.

Str +1, Dex +1, Wis +1



Get my own pair of Sai.

Attend the Friday class (further away - more costly to get to)

Wis +1, +1 Cha.

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TMNT means auto follow!

Race: Dwarf. Class: Warrior. Level: 4 STR: 9 DEX: 4 STA: 5 CON: 7 WIS: 8 CHA: 2

Daily Quest Battle Log

Challenge 1: BBWW will be my bitch Browncoat

Challenge 2: Calling in the Cavalry Knights of the GSPC

Challenge 3: K.I.S.S. Knights of the GSPC

Challenge 4: Back in Black  C25K & Zombies, Run! Champions

Challenge 5: It's my Strong Hand

"So that's everything huh. no weapons, no friends, no hope. take all that away and what's left?


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TMNT!  Very cool. That load of goals will keep you very busy this challenge.  Looking forward to watching you nail it.



O-hohoho, yes. YES. This is brilliant. Very nice!



TMNT means auto follow!



Ah, a few turtles fans, eh? Excellent... though you might be showing your ages a bit ;)

I should probably add the caveat that when I speak of TMNT, I mean the original, badass, violent parody of the overly gritty comics of the early 80's.... and NOT the toned down cartoons that followed.



I hit the gym the other day (I'm paid up til the end of the month so I plan on making the most of it).

I'm pleased to report that despite not doing much over the past few months, I'm still deadlifting 100 - 110kg without bother.

The Deadlift Ninja returns!   :ph34r:

Also did sets of push ups, squats and KB clean & press (20kg).

Practised unarmed katas and basics (much to the bemusement of the guy in the aerobic studio doing his skipping).


Swimming today.

Tomorrow: more lifting of heavy things!

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Nice job!  Keep up the good work!


Thanks :)


That is an excellent day :-)  Congrats on retaining that deadlift too!


Thanks :)


Warm up: 2 mins rowing and 4 mins interval rowing (tabata style)


More deadlifting.

Was planing to slightly increase the weight but was feeling a bit of a twinge after repeatedly throwing a ball for my friend's dog (it was the first nice day this year and it would have been positively wrong to not go to the park).

So further warmed up with 60kg, and 90kg lifts then did a few sets of 110kg.

interspersed the sets with a few push ups and kettlebell swings / C&Ps just to keep busy ;)


Then 2 sets of: 40 bodyweight squats, 40 assorted push up types (half normal and half kneeling but with one hand balancing on a kettlebell)

After the deadlifts it was hard doing even that many push ups!


Cooled down with katas and stretching.

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Yea, nothing better than taking a dog to a park to have some fun and unwind.  Still, even if those lifts were lighter for you, they are still pretty damned nice.

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Challenge: RisenPhoenix Turns to Ash


"The essence of koryu [...is] you offer your loyalty to something that you choose to regard as greater than yourself so that you will, someday, be able to offer service to something that truly is transcendent." ~ Ellis Amdur, Old School

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Well, I wouldn't say "light" exactly ;)

Today saw a bodyweight centric workout, in prep for my gym membership ending soon.


inverted rows, push ups, leg-assist pull ups, kb c&p, double kb squats. All 6x6.

Also interval sprints and some rowing.


Constructed two pairs of nunchaku today... haven't got round to having a go yet though.

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Neat!  Post pics?  It would be cool to see some of your weapon collection.


I'll see what I can do.. ;)


Wow, so it sounds like your gym is willing to let you go from time to time. Waaaaay better than the gym situation Stateside.


I've heard about the "hard sell" that US gyms tend to go in for. It's weird...

When I signed up, they wanted a 6 month membership commitment but I told them that wasn't going to happen so they amended that paragraph of the contract on my membership.

Quite frankly, I just can't consistently afford €50 per month. I sure as hell can't afford €50 per month AND assorted fees for direct debits bouncing and payments being late (which they seem to end up being about half the time)... safest to end my membership for the time being (also, I'm kinda hoping that the sports, recreation and fitness course I'll soon be starting will include free access to a gym - it's taking place in a hotel with some facilities so it's not beyond the realms of reason...)

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50 EUR per month?  Wow, that's bad. 


That's Ireland I'm afraid... 

Cost of living is about 8th highest in the world (well, from a table of 113 anyway. UK about 14th highest, US about 28th...). Put simply, we get totally ripped off for pretty much everything. It's a mix of corporate greed and governmental corruption (and incompetence) 

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