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Circus every damn day (Thatgirljj)


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Wow!  Roll ups look so challenging.  Are your arm bruises healed yet, or are you just adding new ones on top of the old ones by trying even more roll ups?  :)

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What, what, what???  I got most wanted!  Shazaaaam!  Super exciting!


And no, I did not get another roll-up in the two times I've been on straps since then.  Whuh-whuh.  I kind of expected that though.  Monday I got hammered from my teacher on not overdoing it and doing a better job of using my lats properly.  It was probably needed, but a little rough.  However today, my lats are super crazy sore and I'm sitting here thinking... damn, gotta get a lot stronger.


And Nymeria, of course I laid down more abuse on the bruises!  :-)  Actually they did get a week to heal, then I did a class Sat & one on Mon so now they're all beat up again.  But I won't be on straps again until next monday, so hopefully a full week will do them some good.


Onward to challenge recap!!!

Goal 1: Circus every damn day: A-  I missed a day here or there, but not that bad.  Lagged a little bit at the end, but it was genuinely because my forearms were sore a lot of the time, and I did my splits several of the days that I skipped handstands.  Also, I'm super pleased with the skills progress I've made over a short time.  Not sure why things are suddenly clicking, but it feels great.


Goal 2: Consistent training schedule: B+  It's been pretty good. Like goal one, I've missed a few days, but in several cases it was unavoidable conflicts.  I've been making solid progress on my squat and am up to 105lbs, feeling good about being in the triple digits there.  I had to do some fixing to my squat mechanics, but I feel like that's mostly done and I'm finally lifting really from my glutes.  Was a little slower with the P-bars training, but kept at it (at least on days where my forearms weren't fatigued)


Goal 3: Pretty legs:  Uh... C-/D?  I tried, a little.  I modified my goal.  And then I just plain realized that laying on my floor doing floor barre was just an invitation for a tiny kitten to bite and claw me.  


Goal 4: Better engagement with NF assassin community:  Maybe a C+.  I was more engaged than I had been the last two challenges and I searched out new assassins rather than just following the same folks.  But once again I got sucked into a lot of stuff in my regular life, and wasn't as caught up as I'd like to be.  I dunno, i"m feeling good that I was more engaged, even if I didn't get as involved as I have sometimes been.


OK... and onward to the next challenge!  Well, after a deload/rest week.

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NF: Treedwelling assasin. Druidish leanings. Gnome.  

IRL: Amateur circus geek.  Mad cook. Mom. Mad Max junkie. 

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