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The Saturday practice pack was a success. Turns out I can fit 2x more stuff in the roof bag than anticipated. 


My friends fed me an obscene amount of food and much beer this weepy eyed weekend. After the practice pack the monster and I went to a housewarming/goodbye bbq where everything was in my honor. The hamburgers the size of my head, the sausage dropped on the ground, Ernie #1 winning at Love Letter, the absurdly smoky bonfire. Sunday I gave up all my little side project bottles and roasted nuts and seeds as "Jamie's bouncing" gifts my last little project in DE. I think my friend's Sunday FB update sums up the weekend well "Today I learned why they sell beer in 750 mL bottles, because you have friends you don't spend enough time with and your local craft brewers are trying to give you a hint." Honestly I won't be surprised if I don't eat again until Wednesday, however I must eat Wednesday because that's my work happy hour and my boss has the publicly proclaimed goal of getting me shitty and pouring me in a taxi. He's driving me to work that day and "forcing" me to start day drinking at 3pm. OH. God. Somebody PLEASE make sure I get dinner. 


I was not very successful on the exercise front but got back on track this morning. 


Drove up to REI last week to make a return. It's ~ 1h away. The monster felt I was making her life hard and boring on purpose. I said "oh, puppy you have no idea what's coming"


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Being able to load twice as much as expected is pretty much the best outcome of a practice pack.  


I drove out to Colorado a few years ago with a 90lb yellow lab and a half grown husky pup. They made it pretty well, and I have some great picture from their crazy poses they worked their way into.   

The path to Swolehalla is paved with a lot of Swolehate, and you won't get there without being Swole of Spirit too.

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I am struggling to stay on top of this challenge! With the exception of running (which doubles as dog stuff) I'm pretty hit or miss what I do each day.  And today I won't do a damn thing because it's my work HH. 


WAY too many distractions from moving and interviewing. T minus 2.5 work days left!!!! I'm spending my last hours at work productively building my play list for the drive, drafting my email updates (one for each day and one for each state) and compiling the email list. 


My boss gave me 900gb of music and another good buddy gave me 175gb. How, exactly, do they expect me to process that much information? But still, she with the most music wins, no? I'm winning. Most definitely. 

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