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Hermione Crusher disarms pants-tightening gnomes while flying

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It sounds like your goals are shaping up really well! BTW, I'm a pretty big believer in positive affirmations - go for it!

Gosh, I wish I had a better answer about how to resist temptations. I think I have always been one of those people who does what they set their mind to, so I guess that's what matters most, it's the mindset. You just know it isn't an option, you KNOW it. No negotiating, no justifying ... If something is on the blacklist it's poison, you're allergic, that's it. If there is even a second of hesitation in my mind, I'll probably do whatever naughty thing comes into my head.

Maybe some of that steeliness comes from the whole military thing. This is the second time my husband has been overseas and people always ask, "how do you do it? How do you make it though?" and the question I always want to ask in return is, basically, what's the alternative? He's gone and I certainly can't pretend he doesn't exist or sleep in the closet or throw myself to the ground in a tantrum - all I can do is carry on with as much joy and grace as possible. It's kind of the same for food - I can't eat a bunch of crap and then stay thin with a tantrum. All I can do is accept that eating macaroni and cake will not make me feel healthy and happy, and carry on with finesse and enthusiasm for good food.

The other thing I've found is what you've said above, momentum matters A LOT. When I'm good I'm good, when I'm bad I'm bad. Just that simple! I've been trying to learn that there is no such thing as a "small" indiscretion, I'm just not a one cookie chick. I need to believe in no small wins and no small losses, if that makes sense. It sounds like you may be the same way :)

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