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Ananke's first challenge!


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Diving in after lurking around the boards for the past few weeks!


My starting stats: 249 lbs, chest 50, waist 41, hips 51


Main Quest: Get smaller/ Get Stronger/ Get a baby!

I feel like this wording implies I will be using my new found size and strength to steal babies. 


Edited to add some actual targets here.  My goal by the end of this challenge will be to lose 10lbs or 1 inch off of my chest, waist and hips. My overall goal is too lose 50 lbs by then end of August 2014. This is all the weight I gained over the past 10 years since I graduated college and it's time to get rid of it!


Mini-Quest 1: Follow c25k/average  3 miles a day/Body weight workout 3x a week

Endurance, thy name is… not Ananke.  Gone are the halcyon days, aka high school, where I could run non-stop for 40 minutes.  I started a C25k late last fall and started to get into it but snow/rain cut my program short at 4 weeks.  Now that it’s nice again it’s time to get back on top of this project. Tomorrow kicks off week 2 of the plan and my goal is to finish week 7 by the end of this challenge.  Regardless of whether or not it’s a c25k day, my daily goal will be to walk/jog 3 miles a day or 21 miles a week.  Supplementing all this cardio, I will be strength training 3x a week using the body weight workout.


Mini-Quest 2: Limit dairy, grains, alcohol and processed food

I function best when I cut out most grains, processed food and dairy from my diet.  For simplicity’s sake, I am not going to be as hardcore with this as I could be but I am setting the rule that if I am going to have something in these categories it NEEDS TO BE WORTH IT!  We’re talking about homemade pie, or a bottle of my friend’s home brew that she spent all winter perfecting.. not McDonalds or crappy take-out because I am tired. 


Mini-Quest 3:  Start Aerials!

My best friend and I used to belong to the same gym. I loved it because we would take the same classes, push each other to try new things or set new goals and, most importantly, we kept each other honest and made sure the other committed to working out.  Alas, the almighty dollar broke up the good thing we had going on.  The rates at the gym went up a disgusting amount (Damn you Boston Sports Club!) and we both left.   Since then, she threw herself into Ariel arts (aka trapeze) and MMA training. She encouraged me to join too but my fitness hang-ups, specifically my phobia of being the worst/biggest/weakest person in the class, got the best of me.  But after getting to a better place physically and mentally last year, now is the time for me to get over myself.  Mauy Thai is still too intimidating to join.  So aerials it is. Soon I will be flying, well most likely hanging, in the air!


Life quest:  Get comfortable with myself

Basically I want to achieve Zoe Washburne ( aka Gina Torres) levels of self confidence. Some may say this is an impossible goal and that there can only be one but a girl can dream, right?

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I like your goals they are similar to mine and I think you are setting yourself up for success. I don't know anything about your C25k program but is 3 miles a day a bit much? I look forward to following your progress. 



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Good plan choosing something like a 5k training progression, it's important to have those measurable steps along the way to keep you on track.  And then having goal #2 as a diet fix, that's perfect.  You can't outrun your diet, so by making both of those changes at once you should see some real results!

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Thanks Deslock and Quickdraw!


I worded that goal poorly. What I meant to say is that I aim to do three miles worth of activity each day. On the days that I do C25k, a good chunk of that mileage will happen during my run that day and I will make up the rest by taking my dog out for a walk.  On the days when I am not doing C25k, my goal is to walk 3 miles throughout the course of the day, Maybe a mile in the morning,  a half mile during my dog's afternoon walk, and the rest during a before bedtime stroll.


The end goal is to not have a day where I'm not active at all.  Of course, life happens and there will be times where I may go under or over this goal but I figured at least if I set it at 3 miles it gives me something to aim for. But if it proves to be too much, I'll readjust.

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Welcome to the fun!


I’m Hazard, one of the Assassin guild ambassadors.  It looks like with the body weight workout and Aerials you may have goals similar to what many in our guild work on, and we’d love to help you reach your goals!  Also, Zoe!!!





Here is a link to more information about the Assassin guild.

And here is a link to the Assassin phonebook with a list of various exercises/skills that guild members are working on for this challenge, as well as links to their challenge topics.


If you ever have any questions or need help with anything, I would love to assist you!  An easy way to get my attention is to use the quote button at the bottom right corner of any of my posts.  I have the setting turned on that makes the forum alert me when somebody quotes me.  You can also get in touch with me easily through posting on my own challenge topic, on my battle log, or by using the messenger system (the envelope button at the very top of the screen).


There are numerous other people in the Assassin’s guild who you can also get help from.  I recommend stopping by the Assassin’s Den – a general chat thread in the guild forum – and introducing yourself.  You can always ask questions there too.


In any case, we’ll stop by from time to time to check in with you and offer support.  Good luck!


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Day 1 and 2 have come and gone and I'm pretty happy that I haven't immediatly failed any of my quests yet.  No thanks to the surprise SNOW RAIN that hit Masschusetts during the past 24 hours! 


Depsite the crappy weather, I hit the road yesterday morning and banged out Week 2 Day 1 of the C25K plan, like a (wet) boss.  In related news, I need to buy a cheap stop watch so I can avoid getting my phone wet trying to keep track of my run/walk times.  Other things I need to work out: what I should be eating on days that I run.  I didn't eat a big enough breakfast yesterday and packed too small a lunch for work. I was starving all day and nothing seemed to statisfy me.  Maybe more carbs in the form of sweet potatos?  Must research....  In happy news, I didn't let the black hole of hunger inside of me drive me to grab a sub for lunch.


I need to get on top of my last quest, so  I'm going to try register for an 8 week cylce of Gentle Aerials classes tonight! 

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The aerials sound like so much FUN!!!  I'm looking forward to hearing about how you like it. 


Now that a week here is done .... how are things going for you?  Any adjustments that you need to make or things you need answers to?  Let us know!!

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