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As theme I picked some of the things that a true rebel should never do. And twisted them completely

My wife and me are in a long distance relationship at the moment. It sucks to live in different countries, but for the time being we have to cope with that. So, when we are together we try to make the most of our time together, which means also leave on the side some of the interests and activities that we do no share. Of the 42 day of the challenge we have 17 days together this time. So I split the challenge in a "alone"-challenge and a "together"-challenge. The "together" bit is still my challenge, in the sense that I want to take the initiative and the lead, but if she is really not up to it, then we will do something different. I am not going to force her into this :)

Collecting pants (alone)
If I collect enough pants I will achieve world domination.
I mean this one quite literally. My house is a mess most of the time and I end up doing emergency tidy-up every 3-4 weeks. That must change. So I start collecting pants. That is: pick the clothes up from the rack where I hung them, fold them and put in the proper drawer. It will happen within 2 days from the washing (3 for hand-washed things, they need time to dry out)
CHA +3 for the more guest-friendly house
DEX +1 for the getting better at folding clothes

I don't like boring (together)
While my wife is here, I'll walk with her every day, for at least 1 hour, every time on a different place/path. Just to start some good habit.
CON +1 for the good habits and the movement
WIS +1 for finding the way
STA +1 for the walk itself

Lift light (together)
I know that when we are together we tend to eat more. Because we go out, we have dinner with friends, we enjoy cooking and we don't throw away anything (everything that land in our dish is eaten). So, portion control is the word here. Not to eat less, but to eat "as usual". So, my dish will be lighter even when going out
CON +2 for the food
CHA +2 because nobody like to eat with a pig like me

Don't change anything (alone)
I was happy with my previous challenge. So I keep it as is was: push-ups, pull-ups, handstand, run (but 2.5 times/week), climb, check the food. This part of the challenge will happen in the days that I am not with my wife. If I manage to sneak in something, good, otherwise I still have the point for family life
STR +3
STA +1


No yoga as a challenge this time. Maybe I will do something anyway, but just as recovery or for the fun of it. And the monkish bit as always is the background for all this :)

The usual spreadsheet will follow
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If I collect enough pants I will achieve world domination.


I like the world domination reward. Sounds way better than a sixpack ;) . And I think the getting your wife -sort of- involved into the challenge shows cleverness and vision. Good luck with your challenge!  

MadMaxHatter, level 1 satyr (adventurer)


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