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I am going to need some SERIOUS help.

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AislingLong, anyone who told you that you looked sickly at after dropping from 390 to 290 is someone that needs to be ignored, regardless of their advice. This is classic crab syndrome. Taking diet breaks is great when you have really tapped out the loss and your metabolism has down regulated. At 290 that was not the case. Intuitive eating is exactly what has caused the nation to balloon to hitherto unknown degrees of fatness, it is never the answer to the problem. As for PCOS, the weight gain that can be clinically attributed to it is pretty minor, and PCOS itself can typically be managed fairly well by reducing bodyfat and resistance training to increase insulin sensitivity.

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El Exorcisto, I know they were full of it.  I knew it then too.  It just became too much to listen to the Weeble family critique everything I did.


 There was a theory behind my starts and stops, and maybe intuitive eating was the wrong "buzzword" to use there.  I suppose I mean more of a system where you check in with yourself to rate 1-10 how hungry you are, how satisfied you feel, etc(this idea came from my thoughts on this book http://www.amazon.com/Whats-Eating-You-Workbook-Disorders/dp/1572246073/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1407348707&sr=1-1&keywords=eating+disorder+workbook ) , not eating ice cream sandwiches instead of dinner because you "feel" like it. ;)  I am not suggesting OP stop all dieting, merely that in some ways it might be useful for him to "shock his system" by trying something different.  For me the different was to loosen my adherence to the "dieting rules" while maintaining exercise and other goal activities: weighing, measuring, etc.  I reassessed frequently based on my measurements.  Though, I confess this takes a lot of mental space and dedication to put yourself back under restriction for someone so overweight.  


I basically treated myself like a science experiment. :D


As for PCOS, I gained 100lbs in 12 to 14 months with very little dietary or activity changes.  I do not know exactly what caused it, nor did I immediately have myself tested.  So, you could be right.  However, the general consensus is that it makes weight loss difficult, though I did not experience that. That idea seems counter intuitive to me because I have superhuman levels of testosterone that make me very reactive to resistance exercise.  Though I do have horrific feedback loops dealing with simple carbohydrates (and some that are not so simple, lol).

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Hey not really popping in not to give you advice just to say hi to a fellow Brit and animal person!! :P in all honesty your problem sounds medical is it low thyroid where you can struggle to lose weight? I track my calories on myfitnesspal to maintain now.. Bit of an obsession along with weighing myself everyday!! I work with horses teaching people to ride also work on the yard 2 days a week as well as a kennel job on Sunday I love to read too but don't recon I have a high IQ like yourself ;) I never had as much weight to lose as you but was overweight for my height am 5ft 2 I lost 40 pounds now 7st 12 that's 110 pounds for you Americans :P good luck on your journey I would write down everything that your eating then go to the doctor and show them.. Oh another thing I do is weigh my food veg cereal etc it's very easy to guess how much your portion is then realise actually you have had a double portion especially with something like cereal ;)

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I'm late to this thread too, its been so much fun it seems.


I don't know if it does sound medical. At one point the OP mentioned 2250 calories on average over a period of time. That could well be gaining for me (i'm also a man). I have no medical conditions. I also walk and workout, both interval training and strength.


I'm also currently losing weight by eating biscuits (UK ones, not the other delicious Southern American version) and ice cream on a daily basis so i'm proof that calories are king.

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....Well I'm super late to this.


But there IS one thing I've heard of that can make you retain fat while eating a caloric deficit and working your ass off, such as the OP has.




The bane of our human existence, really. If you're super stressed out (by, let's say, an incredibly strict diet and workout that wrecks you every time) your body produces a lot of cortisol, which basically makes it next to impossible to make some body fat budge.


The only thing I can recommend here is trying to relax and destress your life. Eat healthy and exercise, but don't kill yourself worrying about it. Enjoy it and don't worry or obsess with whether or not THIS exercise will be the one that finally makes the scale drop. Spend time with friends and family and do stuff you enjoy. Pump as much happiness as you can into your life.


Even if it doesn't make you lose weight, at least you'll come out of it a lot happier and stress free. ^__^

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