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Newbie - First Challenge{saga}


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So, hi! I'm posting three days officially after the challenge started, but I've been officially into the challenge since the 14th. I'm not a forum person and (insert other excuses)... Writing makes everything official.


Short story long: I've been struggling with weight all my life. Genetics, anyone? Diabetes on one side, morbid obesity on the other. On my worst days I got to 90Kg, best ones 65 (when I was a teen and I made a mad diet which was probably illegal). Three years ago I was 85kg and had been around there for a while. After six hard months dieting I got to 71kg. I went slowly up.. then I quit smoking (yay!) and BOOM. I'm 79kg now. Life is a bitch.


I know kind of everything about diets, but little about exercise. I've been practising yoga for 5 years now, and I keep moving on with it <3. I like biking and I hate gyms. I'm a lazy person who wants to look like Kara Thrace :tongue:


So, enough talking, this is my challenge.


Main quest: 6kg (that's 1 stone, right? I'm from Spain!) in 6 weeks. I think that should be completely doable. After that, everything will slow down, because I usually get stuck in 73-75kg.



  • Diet: I follow a kind-of-paleo diet. I do get some dairy (yogourths, some milk with coffee, white cheese) and whole grain bread in the morning. The rest is all about meat, fish, vegs. No sugar, no hard carbs (pasta, rice, etc), little fat (I try to cook on the wok and oven, which requieres little oil).
  • Exercise: After close study, Im going for four days of exercise/week. Two would be for the Beginner Strenght Trainning (I alreadly started that yesterday, it was quite tough for me!), the other two will be for yoga and biking.
  • Alcohol - Dear friends, I live in Spain and have a quite busy social life. This means: WINE. Everything is fine when I'm home, but every time I step out of the house... Social life in my area is all about drinking+eating. Yes, go and find a bunch of bikers! You say. I did. After the two hour ride, they went for cider. So I'll just have to stay at home or go for water. My goal here, in order to keep my friends and some strangers, is to stay at 2 wines/week max. I could do better, but I've done it before and it's hard and I want to keep this realistic.

Life Goal: Be Kara Thrace? Seriously, I need to boost my self-confidence.


I've read the rules and I'm not sure what's the next step :) All your feedback is so welcome.





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I reckon you can rock this!


Kicking the hard carbs was hard for me in the beginning; it is amazing how many quick foods revolve around pasta/bread, but when I logged what I ate for two months? The calories in two pieces of bread, for my lunch sandwhich, 5 days a week? Kind of mind blowing. Even succeeding in reducing breads can be huge! Pasta was one of my banes for sure.  Iron will!!


Regarding Alcohol; you could have it be a simple challenge to have one large glass of water between drinks? It is, or at least for me, quite astounding how much less you consume; also in my area in the states doesn't uppercut my wallet so harshly when I go for my tab; also means I don't have to quash out the social aspect, or feel ackward not having a drink (alchoholic) in hand.


I wish I had more insight, but I'm quite the newbie myself; so here is to a successful challenge!


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Hi saga,


I think your goals are very sensible - and the main quest to be / look like Kara Thrace is just awesome! :)


Do you go to a yoga class, or are you doing the routines at home?


The next step is usually to simply start and kill those goals, one day at a time. ;)


It would be nice if you could keep us updated on how you're doing every now and then - some people like to check in daily, others rather once or twice a week. Depends a bit on how it fits in your schedule...


Have fun and good luck with your challenge! :star:


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I've read the rules and I'm not sure what's the next step :) All your feedback is so welcome.




the next step is to keep us posted on how you are doing!!




seriously... how ya doing??

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