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The Most Wanted Assassins

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Now that we've had time to settle into our new challenge, it's time to reflect on our most wanted assassins of last challenge.


Every week, the journalist team looks through all the threads of the assassin guild, making special note of all achievements, personal records and other form of awesomeness. We handpick the 5 most awesome threads, and make them the most wanted assassins of that week.


Additionally, once the challenge is over, we pick our overall-challenge-most-wanteds. These are people that have shown great consistency, participated in the guild life and other parts of the forums (PvPs, accountabilibuddies, etc.) and/or reached goals that many of us dream of!


We'll use this week, now that we've settled into the new challenge, to give special applause to our 


Most Wanted Assassins of Challenge #32




FreddyMcFred has shown great consistency and participated in almost all the mini-challenges we set up! He sets a great example for both of it. 




Mad Hatter caused a minimum of 9000 broken keyboards thanks to the food porn she posted. She was amazingly consistant, acted as a teacher for us during the mini-challenge and reached some great goals.




KB Girl learned  to love teh green bell like it's a puppy that farts rainbows. Not only did she show great consistency, she had lots of success and even qualified for worlds in the professional division! Soon we'll have a professional world champion among us!




Nymeria has fought her way through health and sickness in our guild, and during the last challenge she fought the evil boredom that PT can be. But she didn't give up - she stuck to is, and serves as a great example to those of you have are injured, or get injured in the future. Great work pays off, and we can't go without making special mention of it!




Last but not least: Raptron! Raptron kept us all on the edge of our seats in anticipation of her meet-ups and the outcome. She didn't get demotivated by wobbles or stumbles, but fought on, always got back on her feet. In the end, she got rewarded with not only a million bucks on her head, but also with a great meet-up.

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I only just saw this as well! Holiday weekend stole me away from the forums. Thank you guys and as always, awesome job to the other amazing assassins from the most wanted! :D

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It's time for the Most Wanted Assassins of Week 1!


Boy, did we have many to choose from! You all rocked this week so hard. We have, however, chosen a few that should definitely be hunted and caught as soon as possible, so we can learn from them and keep them in damp basements and.... let's just get to the poster part.


Our very first big achievement goes to two assassins! iatetheyeti and Lilith are our two squat champions of the week! Lilith managed to do 170 squats in a day, and iatetheyeti got to 280! We may try to steal their legs once we've got them in the basement. For science.




Silverwitch found an amazing way to get some kettlebell training in without buying a kettlebell! Her invention could be useful for all of you, so have a look at her thread!




Elsfaire can be found in tall grass or generally near the ground - for she has managed to hold a crow pose for 7 whole seconds!




maenumania achieved what so many of us are trying to do (especially after the mini-challenge of week 1): maenumania stretched and streeetched and streeeeetched until finally the fingers reached the floor!




Helanna has managed the big leap from knee push-ups to to full push-ups - with those muscles you might just be pushed away when going in for the capture!





Congratulations, assassins! You did great :)

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