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Martinpanduh's Can't-Out-Train-Your-Diet Challenge!


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Hey guys!

First off, I'm a bit pressed for time so I'll just go ahead and list my top goals for this challenge with specification and details in an upcoming post. I am going to say though that this time around, I'm going to continue with my workouts--yet the difference is, I'm going to pay more attention to my diet because frankly, I think this is where I am failing.

My overall goal is basically to burn excess fat. Right now, I can definitely say I have a lot to spare. Stats off of the top of my head are:


5'10 Height

41 Chest Circumference

40 Waist (widest part of belly) Circumference

Will post a picture in the detailed post to follow! But Overall goals are:

1. To adhere to a strict 90% Paleo diet, with no shortcuts and cheats (i.e chocolate, dairy etc.)

- Maintain a basic nutritional log fdor grading everyday

2. Continue with my StrongLifts influenced workout and increase my lifts

3. Increase my cardio capacity

As for life goals, after smashing my 23 year old goal of learning how to drive (I'm kidding), I finally smashed it last challenge and I can't feel any better about it! So for this challenge, right now only one comes to mind--and it's work related:

1. Pull out a SMASHING Holiday F/W 2011 collection for my company (I'm a junior designer, mainly in-charge of menswear and kidswear)

Wish me luck!


Started on time with the challenge, for once. Had a heavy day workout but again, a bit pressed for time so I skipped the deadlifts in favor of getting a full run in.

5x5 255lbs + bar Squat. INTENSE, will stick to this weight for the next workout.

5x5 135lbs + bar Chest Press. Pretty difficult, will stick to this weight also for the next couple of workouts.

After that, pulled out a 25 minute run at 10kph for the most part but up-paced at 10kph for the last 3 minutes! I increased my sprint by a minute, huzzah. Can't say it was easy though.

As for diet today: I can fairly say I had no part of mindlessly eating, and apart from fruits, I skipped all sorts of dessert and unnecessary snacks. Step in the right direction, for sure!

Anyway goodluck and see you around! Looking to sign up for an epic squad. I swear details will follow tomorrow, including a present picture. Cheers!

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Hey guys! Time for the detailed post, my workout today and pictures!

Before we start, let me just post the "BEFORE" pictures from last challenge.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Lol forgive the gratuity of the third picture, it's just there to make me feel good. And to compare, pictures I just took now for this challenge:

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Well what do you know, if you look closely you can see I'm not as round as I used to be. Totally did not expect that, even though I went higher on the weighing scale, it just goes to show that it really isn't a good measure. Wuhoo, looking to improve this pictures after six weeks! Now, challenge breakdown in the next post!

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Solid goals this challenge:

1. To adhere to a strict 90% Paleo diet, with no shortcuts and cheats (i.e chocolate, dairy etc.)

Up until now, I've been following the Paleo diet for quite some time. Albeit I have cheated a couple of times in the last challenge (namely, when I was in Shanghai--I didn't want to be the stickler who'd give up authentic Shanghainese fried rice while I was already in Shanghai!) and thought nothing of it. Apart from the occasional cheats, I'd chalk up my eating chocolate and obscene amounts of dairy as being paleo-friendly. I think in the long run, it definitely adds up and makes a dent in most of my progress. From hereon out, I resolve (the past two days being a sheer testament) to avoid all kinds of unnecessary snacks (i.e chocolate, jello, random desserts) unless it is some sort of fruit.

I need to maintain a basic nutritional grading log, simple as can be, to just take note of I failed or maintained my diet goals for a particular day. I'm keeping it really simple since I barely have time each day from the commute to work, to working out etc., so bear with me on this one.

I'm really sick of not seeing results due to my failings in terms of diet, the Paleo diet isn't the end-all be-all of diets--I have learned that the little mistakes really do add up for some serious damage.

2. Continue with my StrongLifts influenced workout and increase my lifts.

Here we go, weight lifting goals!

Squat. Current: 255lbs + bar. Goal: 270lbs + bar.

Chest Press. Current: 135lbs + bar. Goal: 145lbs + bar.

Deadlift. Current: 255lbs + bar. Goal: 270lbs + bar. or more.

Overhead Press. Current: 85lbs + bar. Goal: 105lbs + bar.

Bent-Over Row. Current: 105lbs + bar. Goal: 120lbs + bar.

Bicep Curls. Current: 55lbs + bar. Goal: 65lbs + bar.

Chin Ups. Current: 3 sets x 5 reps, some assisted, some from static. Goal: 3 sets x 5 reps of full static.

3. Increase my cardio capacity.

As of last challenge, I increased my run from 20 minutes to 25 minutes--at a 10kph pace sustained with a sprint during the last two minutes at 12kph. At the onset of this challenge, I increased my sprint to a full 3 minutes.

I'm looking to increase my sprint times with 30 second increments each week amounting to a full 5 minute up-pace at 12kph. Let's make this happen.

Basically that's it for me. I'm not working any new formulas, I'm just looking to break some personal records and increase my cardio capacity. It's going to be a true test of discipline for me, I hope I don't fall into the same old tropes.

On that note, today I did a "light" set of workouts.

Overhead Press 5x5 85lbs + bar. Doable, can move up to 90 next workout.

Bent Over Row 5x5 105lbs + bar. Move up next workout.

Bicep Curl 5x5 55lbs + ez curl bar. Move up 5lbs also next workout.

Chins up 3x5 reps in between each exercise.

After that, put in a 25 minute run at 10kph with a 3 minute sprint of 12kph at the end. Must say, it felt easier than yesterday! But it was still HELLA tiring.

Looking forward to seeing everyone progress--body fat burning off, inches getting smaller and all that. Cheers and let's keep each other posted!

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Rest day today for me, my legs are absolutely on fire! Here's to hoping they shape up by tomorrow.

Diet today for me, I'd give it a C+. I didn't eat chocolate or bread, but for a snack (merienda--as we call it here in the Philippines) was sweet potato deep fried in brown sugar. I couldn't resist, I probably had a 100g of it all. Otherwise things were normal, but after dinner, we got frozen yogurts and despite the touted "health factor" of those treats, I still feel it set me back.

But on that note, stayed 100% Paleo today (sweet potatoes included), just need to scale everything back a bit for optimization. Looking to improve my diet choices as I go along!

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Since about each every thread is reppin' some sort of inspirational video, this is my contribution:

That is my goal body right there, and the Clean and Press is my kind of lift. Here he's doing it at a 1RM of 230lbs, I'm still a far way behind but you never know, someday. Him in a speedo? That's just a hot coincidence HAHAHA.

Cheers and see you tomorrow!

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that fried sweet potato sounds deadly good!

"Come with me if you want to lift" -The Brominator

"Later, I would learn that coincidences are the most planned things in the world. Later, I would learn that every single moment is a coincidence." - Douglas Coupland

"Anyone who doesn't want french fries every day is a commie." - AngelaTheGeek

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Heavy day today! Just got back from the gym, phew am I tired.

Squat 5x5 at 255lbs + bar. Throughout the first few sets, I definitely thought I was getting the hang of this weight. But then by the last two sets, I sort off felt my back go out through bad form. First time it's happened to me, nothing serious but it's definitely making me consider using a belt. Thoughts on this? But definitely going up 5lbs next time.

Chest Press 5x5 at 135lbs + bar. Wuhoo I did, I just supercharged my chest and dug my back against the bench. Worked wonders in the final sets, will try this weight again next week just to solidify my lift.

Deadlift 5x5 at 255lbs + bar. Moving on next time.

After that, put in a 25 minute run at 10kph on the treadmill. Up paced to 12kph for the last 3 minutes. Felt great after hitting the stop button.

Now for nutrition, today I'm going to give myself a big fat F+. 0.5 of a grade away from a passing of D. I genuinely feel like I failed myself today, everytime I hit lunch it's like my brain goes into mindless eating mode. Not that I go for the pasta or the rice, but I definitely feel like I'm overeating. Today I indulged in some fancy cheese my boss brought home from Germany. Bad bad bad, I definitely took a step back a few bites too late. But oh well, it's no big.

Good thing is, I'm recognizing my pitfalls and will try to avoid them next. Doesn't help that for mid-afternoon snack (merienda), friend bananas were served. And I ate that too! Cripes. I'll just do better tomorrow.

Anyway on that note, what do you guys think. Are weight lifting belts recommended at these weights? Thanks!

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Hey y'all, just checking in!

Was supposed to put in a light day today + a run but I got home and I felt quite dizzy, so I just napped it off. Anyway there will be other days.

In terms of diet though, I give myself a solid B today. I didn't have anything unsavory (lol, in terms of Paleo) but still not up to standards where I should be I feel. Anyway, won't be able to workout tomorrow but here's to not over-indulging for the weekend!

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Quick update, it's Sunday night here and I had a busy day! But I managed to get a quick workout in, emphasis on quick. I only had 30 minutes to work out so I decided to do my usual Bear Complex.

I did 5 sets of 7 reps, progression of Bear Complex starting at 50/55/60/65/70 for the final set. I clocked in at 16:45 minutes. It was a doozy, after that, I sat down for a while and then I tried to go for a 10 minute sprint at 12kph but it was a no go, I stopped at the 3 minute mark hahaha. No big deal.

As for diet, I had a heavy dinner (it was a family party, what can I say) but I had no carbs. I did, however, have some frozen mango torte, which had some sugary cream on top. Definitely hurt me a little bit, so I give myself a C+ for diet today.

Sigh, to round it all off--I didn't have such a stellar week. It's kind of sad but that's the reality, I'm not exactly pushing myself to achieve the results that I want. So goal for this week, to kick-ass diet wise and to get my workouts in!

Let's kill it. Cheers.

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Hey guys, beginning of the week! Put in a heavy workout today and increased my sprint by 30 seconds, details:

5x5 260lbs + bar Squat. Moved up 5lbs from last week, intense but I pulled it out. Increased my rests incrementally but it was worth it. Felt every muscle there.

5x5 135lbs + bar Chest Press. Wuhoo, conquered. One more round and then move up to 140 next week.

1x5 260lbs + bar Deadlift. Grips almost gave out but powered through.

After that, I pulled out a 25 minute run at 10kph, for the last 3 minutes and a half I upped the pace to 12kph. Pretty intense, but doable. Just have to keep focus and push through.

So for workout, today I give myself an A for pulling through with what I set out to do.

As for diet, I'm giving myself a B for eating silly things earlier in the day. I had some sugared pecans and a few fried bananas again, ugh.

So in line with this week's goal of getting a perfect grade average each day, I'm starting out with a rough B+. Not bad but can be totally better. Wish me luck!

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hey man, remember the name of your challenge!! if you get your diet in line, you're going to kick ass at your goals!

"Come with me if you want to lift" -The Brominator

"Later, I would learn that coincidences are the most planned things in the world. Later, I would learn that every single moment is a coincidence." - Douglas Coupland

"Anyone who doesn't want french fries every day is a commie." - AngelaTheGeek

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Light day today!

5x5 90lbs + bar Overhead Press. Quite difficult, will retain this weight for this week.

5x5 110lbs + bar Bent Over Row. Will move up next round.

5x5 60lbs + bar Bicep Curl. Difficult, will stick with this one.

In between each exercise, I put in 3x5 reps of Chin Ups.

After everything, I ran for 25 minutes at 10kph with an ending sprint of 3:30 minutes at 12kph. I'm beat!

So today, I give myself an A for the workout.

As for nutrition, it's a somber B for again, snacking on unnecessary things at work. Really need to get my act together!

Today's average? B+.

Rest day tomorrow! Hope I don't fudge up my diet. Cheers.

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Rest day today but got home early, so I went out and put in a run! Yay me, but no really.

Just did the usual run of 25 minutes at 10kph with a 3:30 minute up-pace at 12kph. Let me tell you, I got winded as if I did my full-on 2 hour weights + cardio routine. Pretty pysched about it.

So today, I give myself an A for workout. Was supposed to be a rest day but put in that extra bit of cardio.

For nutrition, I give myself a B+ for really sticking to the program, but may have slightly gone overboard with the calories.

All in all, a high B+! Heavy workout tomorrow, let's see where it goes.

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Hey guys! So much for my perfect week, last week. Ran into some obstacles and I couldn't put in some gym time from Thursday to Sunday. Can't say I looked after my diet also, pretty safe to say I let all hell break lose. Over the weekend, I went to some pretty fun parties that served epic food: I had raclette (this amazing cheese dish, with potatoes and sausage--a must recommend) and other debaucherous things. Didn't drink though so that's a point for me!

Long story short, I pretty much bombed the last four days but here's to making up for it.

Today, thankfully, some time freed up and I got to put a workout in. But I got pressed for time so I didn't get to perform my Deadlifts, no matter:

5x5 260lbs + bar Squat. Still incredibly heavy, will work this weight again.

5x5 135lbs + bar Chest Press. CONQUERED. Will move up next workout.

After those two, I did a 25 minute run at 10kph with an up pace of 12kph for the last 4 minutes. As according to plan, I increased my final sprint from 3:30 last week to 4 minutes now. Very intense, I got so tired I ended up eating dinner at 10pm just to let my body recover.

At any rate, today I give my workout a B for missing out on the deadlift. And I give myself a B for diet because I think I overate during lunch. Peace out!

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Hey guys! Rough week this week but I'm chugging along.

Heavy workout today:

5x5 260lbs + bar Squat. Wuhoo, this was easier than I expected. Well, I mean it wasn't easy but I came into each set with only a 1 minute rest and my body didn't seem to mind. Looking to increase by 5lbs next workout! My legs are getting hella stronger.

5x5 140lbs + bar Chest Press. Damn, stalled. Only did 5/5/5/4/2. Will try again next workout.

1x5 260lbs + bar Deadlift. Went well, will increase but did my fingers hurt afterwards, yeesh.

After I ran for 25 minutes at 10kph with a 4 minute up pace of 12kph. Looking to have a light workout day tomorrow!

Diet today was fine, could've been better though. Yesterday was a disaster, just saying. Cheers!

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Light workout today!

5x5 90lbs + bar Overhead Press. Difficult, but will move up 5lbs next workout.

5x5 115lbs + bar Bent Over Row. Will move up 5lbs.

5x5 60lbs + bar Bicep curls. Move up 5lbs.

In between, I did 3 sets of 5 reps of Chin Ups.

Then I ran again for 25 minutes at 10kph, up paced at 12kph for the last 4 minutes. Pretty tiring.

Diet today was a hot mess, I snacked way too much at the office. It's the perils of free food I tell you. Will definitely try to limit this. As much as I get frustrated with my weight loss goals, my fitness and weight training goals are going through the roof. At least I'm happy about that!

Cheers, it is the weekend! Hope to get in a workout this Sunday, cheers!

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Sunday workout!

I did 5 sets of 7 reps progressive Bear Complex. It was hella difficult, I was panting way hard on the third set and I had to take 2 minute breathers.

Started at 55lbs + bar/60/65/70/75lbs + bar last set. Nightmare. Will try to move up 5lbs next Sunday!

After, I put in a 30 minute run at 8kph for the first 20 mins, up-paced to 10kph for the next 8 then 12 kph for the final two minutes.

And now I can't believe that's already the end of week 3, week 4 tomorrow guys! Let's get it!

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Heavy workout today!

5x5 265lbs + bar Squat. Wasn't as hard as I expected, kept rests at a minimum between each rep. One more round this week then move up to 270 next week! YIKES.

5x5 140lbs + bar Chest Press. Some improvement, stalled but did 5/5/5/4/4 respectively. Not bad.

1x5 265lbs + bar. Bingo. Will keep for this week.

After lifting, I was going to put in a 25 minute run at 10kph with a 4:30 up pace at 12kph. But at the 15 minute mark, I got a bad side split and I think my body was telling me to slow it down--so I stopped. No big, I ran yesterday so offset offset. Will try to make it up tomorrow on my rest day.

Diet today was bad, oversnacked. God the office is a blackhole for unnecessary food. Gee. Good luck to everyone this week! Cheers!

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your workouts look great!

maybe start seriously tracking your food intake? this may help you stay on track?

"Come with me if you want to lift" -The Brominator

"Later, I would learn that coincidences are the most planned things in the world. Later, I would learn that every single moment is a coincidence." - Douglas Coupland

"Anyone who doesn't want french fries every day is a commie." - AngelaTheGeek

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Definitely need to get that on track, thanks for the constant encouragement Nightlight!

So in other news, BIG typhoon in the country. Flooding in some areas, thankfully my area (a flood-prone place) did not sustain much damage. At least we stayed pretty dry throughout the whole thing. At any rate, my gym was closed so I just stayed home. Can't complain!

Today was supposed to be a light day but I took full advantage of the time I had and put in a heavy workout instead.

5x5 265lbs + bar Squat. Will move up 5lbs next round.

5x5 140lbs + bar Chest Press. WUHOO nailed it, will stick with this weight for the next week.

1x5 265lbs + bar Deadlift. Punishment on the hands but will move up also.

After that, put in a 25 minute (deathly) run at 10kph. Up paced for the last 4:30 minutes at 12kph. Tiring as heck.

Read this awesome article on one of my favorite running/tri blogs SteveInASpeedo about how working on your weaker side (either speed or endurance) will induce gains on your stronger side.

Seeing that I'm always all about the fast and short runs, looking to increase my long distance runs from now on. Wish me luck.

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Hey guys! Just got back from organizing a Triathlon over the weekend, I was the swim manager. It was supposed to be your run of the mill half Ironman distance triathlon. Seaside in a province here in the Philippines, but there was a storm during the weekend and everything went to shit. Minutes before the swim (open water), I was beside myself looking at the waves and I couldn't believe we were going to push through. White caps and a strong current all around (bad signs), but thankfully nobody drowned. The bike and the run didn't fare any better though--a few accidents, a lot of flooding on the route but at the end of the day, the triathletes were super happy they conquered such a difficult course and were really thankful that we didn't wuss out with the race.

Great experience, but frankly--I never want to go out into open sea with waves like that again.

Any rate, got back today! Diet was a bit bad over the weekend, had to eat what I could find out there on the race course. Will try to salvage things now.

Today did a heavy workout:

5x5 270lbs + bar Squat. Oh my gosh, this was super intense. I really felt this one, the weight was so heavy my technique was getting tweaked going up into the squat. Will definitely keep at this weight until I can conquer all reps without compromising technique.

5x5 140lbs + bar Chest Press. Wasn't easy, will keep practicing.

1x5 270lbs + bar Deadlift. MESS will practice more this weight.

Was about to put in a run for 25 minutes at 10kph and up pace for 4:30 minutes at 12kph but I wussed out. Frankly, my body was telling me to rest so I listened. Looking forward to putting in a light day tomorrow!

Wish me luck! Wuhoo.

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