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Martinpanduh's Can't-Out-Train-Your-Diet Challenge!


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Light workout today!

5x5 95lbs + bar Overhead Press. Very difficult, will stick with this weight for a while.

5x5 120lbs + bar Bentover Row. Solid, but will move up 5lbs next workout.

5x5 65lbs + EZ curl bar Bicep Curls. Will stick, couldn't keep form in check.

3x5 reps of Chin Ups in between each workout.

At the end, I ran for 25 minutes at 10kph with an up pace of 4:30 minutes at 12kph. Wuhoo.

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Heavy workout today to round out the week!

5x5 270lbs + bar Squats. Getting better, but I feel like I need to work on this more before I shift up.

5x5 140lbs + bar Bench Press. Had a weird start but finished everything down pat. Will stick to this.

1x5 270lbs + bar Deadlift. Will move up 5lbs next workout. Still an issue with grip.

After everything, I ran 25 minutes at 10kph with a 4:30 minute up pace of 12kph. Tiring, as per usual.

Today, I literally blew my diet out of the water with snacks. Haven't been keeping track honestly, I just can't be bothered right now the way work is going. It's not that I'm eating all the wrong foods, I'm still on Paleo (90% of the time) but I've let myself go in terms of cutting it down with the unnecessary snacking.

Right now I'm super happy with where my workouts are going and my muscle mass, I'll hold this diet thing off a little bit longer just so I can get a proper handle on it. I know this is a bit like wussing out but hey, what can you do.

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Start of a new week, 2nd to the last week am I right?

Anyhoo, heavy workout today:

5x5 270lbs + bar Squat. Way more difficult than I expected, don't know if my muscles are still tired or my form is getting tweaked but I still need to work on this weight.

5x5 140lbs + bar Chest Press. One more round and then I move up to 145.

1x5 275lbs + bar Deadlift. Paused too early, only got to finish 4 reps because my hands gave out. Bummer.

After everything, I ran for 25 minutes at 10kph with the last 5 minutes up pace to 12kph. It was hella tiring, but so glad I got to do it.

Cheers! How's everybody doing?

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Had a 9 day work-bender it seems, had a super hectic week last week prepping for our Holiday 2011. I didn't have time to hit the gym at all, just got to put in the time today. 2 days after the challenge! Yikes.

Anyway, the shoot is over and today I got a little bit of time in. But not a lot.

Put in 5x5 270lbs + bar Squats.

A5x5 of 140lbs + bar Chest Press.

Couldn't put in a run since I ran out of time, nor the deadlift. Full update later! Anyway, I'm really happy with how the shoot turned out, the clothes and the models and the accessories all came together so well. GUSHING but yeah, let me show you:

Posted ImagePosted Image

I'm more involved with the Menswear, so here are some of the looks. Pretty snazzy huh, if I do say so myself. Well that's what's been going on with me the past few hectic weeks (months!), cheers. I'll come back with a full challenge evaluation soon. Looking forward to the next one.

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