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Travelling Back to Epicness

Timmy M

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OK then background info... injured my hip due to bad form deadlifting a couple of months back and it's pretty much healed now so i can finally do a challenge

First challenge:

Eat as paleo as possible (looking at 90% here, still living with the parents but being a shift worker means i don't always have tea with them and i sometimes cook my own stuff anyway)


Sprint more, by that i mean starting doing sprints... just started reading the PRIMAL BLUEPRINT (insert dramatic music as you see fit) so i'm gonna fit in at least one sprint/interval session a week, more than likely going to be on an inclined treadmill, for at least 15 mins (was gonna do 10 but this makes me accountable and stops me wussing out)


Unlikely due to the hip problem but possible, get a 2.5 x BW deadlift which right now stands at about 180kg (which is going on 400 pounds which i swore i'd beat spezzy to but then failed on form one day, woe is me...), might even be able to push in a 100kg clean... maybe

Life goal:

Was going to be get driving but did that yesterday *facepalm* talk about bad timing... sooo instead i'll read more instead of playing daft games (yh my mate got me back into WoW...) and i've currently got the primal blueprint to finish (on page 86 at time of publishing) and then 7 more books that either i've recently got or are the books before the ones i've just got (have to read the one before to remember whats going on!) which is perfectly achievable as long as i don't get distracted and i may add more to the list, the list being...

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

The Gladiator by Simon Scarrow

The Legion by Simon Scarrow

King of Kings by Harry Sidebottom

Lion of the Sun by Harry Sidebottom

The Caspian Gates by Harry Sidebottom

Empire in Black and Gold - Adrian Tchaikovsky

A Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin (<- someones been copying Tolkein :P)

i'll add measurements and pics tomorrow/wednesday (i'm a busy man ;))

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yh i wanna read the whole series and i'll decide if i will after i've read this one... but more importantly:


there's 2 farmers markets near me and my extra challenge is to go to them both, first this saturday (10th of September) and the next on the 24th (also a Saturday...) oh and i've gotta buy something organic and paleo there, as long as there is organic stuff there, i'd imagine there is but still

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i've also decided as part of my paleo challenge to record all i eat, so far today (it's 18:10 hours at time of writing) i've had:

(06:45) 1 Pear

(07:30) 120g tin of tuna and 1 cup of Mint Green Tea (known henceforth as MGT)

(09:00) 1/6th of my primal breakfast (http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?4076-Primal-Breakfast-Recipie the one made on 09/01/2011)

(09:30) MGT

(11:00) Oolong Tea

(11:50) handful of macadamias

(14:00) handful of brazils

(17:15) 275g duck breast (i actually ate the skin this time!!!) with about 15g of cheddar left over from the next 'primal breakfast' melted on top with 100g of sugarsnap peas and a carrot

gonna have some haddock with broccoli and fine beans i reckon so i'll add that when i get a time for it

(i don't usually have such posh fare as duck etc but it was on offer and it's NICE! got another for tomorrow as well :D)

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sooo then final meal at 21:30 was 200ish gram cod loin with 100g fine beans and 85g of broccoli

measurements are as such:

shoulders: 43.5in

navel: 32in

hip: 36in

upper leg: 22in

upper arm: 14in

i'll weigh myself at the gym tomorrow... should be about 72kg/160lbs ish


ooookay then can't get these to rotate... mods... lend a hand?



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well i do believe i may of ruined this challenge, specifically challenges 2 and 3 due to going too deep and a tad too heavy and my injured hip went a bit funny... luckily i already had a visit to the chiropractor booked so i'll be off there on friday morning and was planning on going to the gym after... hopefully

food and gym for today:

08:00 Primal Breakfast (the one posted on the 6th)

11:00 707mg omega 3, handful of hazelnuts

12:20 Gym

13:20 Shake

14:30 3 Hardboiled eggs

15:00 MGT

16:00 Handful of Macadamias

17:00 200g Duck, 1 red pepper, peas, 10g of mozzarella

18:30 MGT

22:20 TIn of Tuna with cup of acai berry white tea


pull ups: 10, 9, 8

Chins: 8

Squat: 50kg 2 x 12, 70kg 2 x 5, 80kg 2 x 5 (hip went)

BW row: 3 x 15

rev flye: 8kg 3 x 12

weight: 11st 3lbs, 71.3kg

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ok so the whole 'log all i eat' thing isn't really working, might knock it on it's head (read: already knocked it on it' head) i'll just list all the non-paleo stuff i've had over this weekend (been nights friday sat and sun so bit fucked up)

also went a bit grokish on friday to gather some blackberries in the park down my road, ran out now so i might get some more tomorrow

Friday: 3 sq's (10gram ish) of green and blacks 85% chocolate (i'll just write 'choc' now, i usually have the same amount each time)

Saturday: bowl of special K oats n honey (i'm trying to get pretty low on carbs and i had a massive drop and we had rock all food in so i just had a bowl :( ), choc

Sunday:... me did bad, it was my grans 80th birthday and i was helping serve the food... so apart from some scraps of veg i ate a load of crap from getting up at 13:00 to having a nap at 18:00 ish before i went to work, including a few slices of cake, bowl of apple crumble, a few after 8 mints, random assortment of crisps (not many of these)

Today: i had 3 caramel chocolate biscuits with my cup of normal tea (milk, 2 sugars) so i could stay awake at work (funnily enough i left work at 6am, went to the gym at 7... and haven't slept since)

GOOD NEWS THOUGH! went to one of the farmers markets on saturday and got some unpasteurised cheese and butter and some 100% (bit of pepper incl) free range pork sausages for my primal breakfast which is dam filling! cooked a whole chicken for the first time today as well, to prevent the breasts drying out i just cut into the skin on the top and slid some (kerrygold) butter in, spread a bit more on the skin and added some salt, mixed herbs and cayenne pepper... and it's NICE! :D

MORE GOOD NEWS!!!!!! beat my clean and press and my deadlift (no belt) PB's today (straight after a night shift as well ;)) on CnP's i did 5 reps of, 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg, 70kg (70kg for 2 reps) then moved onto deadlift and did 100kg-10rep, 120kg-5rep, 140kg-4rep and 145kg-4-rep... after jarring my hip again last week, back on track peoples!!!!!!!!!!!! might actually complete my lifting challenge

due to my hip i can't actually squat with any appreciable weight or lunge and i'm cautious about sprint intervals so after each session i'll either tabata body squat or tabata bike to make up for the lack of quad and sprint work (replacing the sprint challenge with a tabata one if that's ok with you peeps)

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been to the gym today and did a bit of a random mix of deadlift superset with pull ups, curl and press, and then loaded a bar and went did whatever came to me (bent over rows, upright row, military press) with a few reverse flyes and lat raises, also tried walking pushups which went ok (do a push up with weights in each hand and move one foot and hand forward (with the weight obv) then press ups with your body staggered then do the same with the other side, reaching as far as you can with your hand)

and i've been naughty, 4 squares of choc and a bowl of oats and honey special k but apart from my primal breakfast and the tomatoey carbs in the leftover Bolognese with a chopped chicken breast that i had for breakfast (primal breakfast was my 'breakfast' at work at 9, been 6am-2pm today)

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it's official... i'm a bad person, just had some rice (let's say a fist sized portion) with my tea that my dad made for us and to prevent my parents getting cardiac arrest from the sheer amount of sugar in it, i'm having some jam roly poly... so that's my less than 100g of carbs a day thing ruined, luckily i'm 2-10pm tomorrow so all of my meals are done by me and i'll only get carb from my primal breakfast and a little bit from some veg, probably broccoli in my dinner at work just to make me look less weird also gonna go to the gym tomorrow after i've had my breakfast just to keep myself as keto as possible tomorrow to 'counteract' it

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why do we fall bruce?

that would've been better :P

and now i'm gonna do a load of press ups to burn a few of them nasty sugars off :D tomorrow'll probs be heavy deadlift and cleans depending on how my hip feels, was a bit achy today from standing up at work no stop

EDIT: 30 diamond, 20 fist at side, 25 regular pushups, full ROM, chest to floor - full extension

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bad day today, started off by being too lazy do to an unplanned gym session, had a Jordan's Almond and Honey oat bar to give me a bit of energy before i went.. then didn't, lazed about in bed until i had to eat before work so didn't have time to stretch/trigger point my hip which meant it being knotted like mad whilst at work (had a ball ache of a job that included standing up all day and my machine wasn't working right) so i was in a right mood most of my shift and stayed perky with dark chocolate, a couple of chocolate caramel digestives and another Jordan's bar, reckon i managed to stay below 150g of carbs though they weren't the best of carbs planning on trying for under 50g of carbs tomorrow (may be more because i'm making some paleo 'cookies' to take on a trip with me on monday... by trip i mean the first 2 days of freshers week, which'll include alcohol mixed with alcoholic pancakes but i'll try to keep the rest of my food paleo or at least low carb) along with doing a circuit so i need to be prepared with lots of food (read: turkey, eggs, tuna and nuts) hopefully i'll do better than today but i was in such a mood it couldn't be helped night all! (like anyone reads this drivel :P)

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nah am good this morning, got up, did a bit of trigger point thrapy on my hip and cut up my 85% dark chocolate into choc chunks for my paleo cookies i'm about to make then went to the gym and did a little bit: did a light full body circuit then some pull ups and reverse flyes and now we're at now so i'm off baking!

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yesterday i could of done better, did a push day, and my only bad thing s i ate where a few 'mookies' and an ice cream... what can i say, i was meant to have a blow out few days but that ended up on it's head due to unforeseen circumstances so i was pretty dam annoyed.

today i had 3 mookies (only got a few days supply left) a few pieces of 85% dark chocolate and a 'jordan's oats and honey bar', everything else paleo, including the 3 sausages and broccoli/carrots i'm gonna have in a bit, got a pull day at the gym tomorrow and i'm gonna do a primal breakfast and a chicken so should be a good day tomorrow... apart from the mookies :D but they're not too bad

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yh they're pretty paleo but the sugar from the maple syrup is kinda against my low carb thing i'm donig right now (costing me fortune in chicken :P) and i only made em for my blow out in manchester with my boys where is was only gonna eat a few of them (admittedly i was gonna load up on apple vodka pancakes...) and diner plans changed, the sausage is now going into my primal breakfast and i'm having chicken!

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got up at 8:30, IF'd till 11:00 then did 3 sets of 12 Pull-ups super-setted with 20 Press-ups then had a 'Breakfast' of a mookie, a chicken leg and a small apple (basically wild from a tree in my garden) and today i'm gonna chill, make a primal breakfast (a much more spartan affair than previous ones) and spend the day reading and playing piano with a bit of mw2 chucked into the mix

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