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Travelling Back to Epicness

Timmy M

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yh i'm getting the feeling i'm losing grip on my paleo challenge :/ fajita's today for tea and i tried out a oaty/dried fruity/nutty bar thing which was ok and i'll use for emergency snacking at some point in the future also had a bit of 60% chocolate today which i shared out with my mentor at work as well as a glass of milk with my breakfast, monday's cheat's consisted of a chocolate caramel biscuit and a little bit of 85% chocolate (this was at work and about 1 1/2 hours before i went to the gym, no PB's but i managed to trained deadlift at 140kg for 3/4 sets of 3 and got to about 95% 1RM on clean, clean and press and bench, finished off with a set of tabata squats) and had a glass of milk with a handful of 'Crunchy Nut' in it later that day.

on Sunday i cheated with a few potatoes and a chocolate souffle (mum had just got back from holiday) but i had a hideous amount of chicken (about 3 legs/thighs, 4 wings as well as cleaning the carcasses of 2 medium sized chickens) and curly kale to balance that out :D, also made a primal breakfast with 17 eggs, about 250g of kale (pre-boiled), a handful of cherry toms, 3 peppers and 160g of applewood smoked ham. I roasted a chicken for snacks on monday as well (i say snacks i had a breast this morning and had a breast and cleaned the carcass for tea on monday, the legs are for snacking at work with a bit of ham and hard boiled eggs)

tomorrow at 12ish i'll be doing my push day which now includes benching (i WILL reach 100kg by christmas) and i'm 2-10, tomorrow will be completely paleo apart from my after gym shake, (does peas count as paleo? i'll be having some of them as well :)... gotta love peas)

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Hello mr timmy.

Good to see your rocking your challenge ( mine went tits, lol!!)

Fancy a challenge to that 100kg bp? I'm at bout 70-75 ish. Can even brave scunny to pick up my reward :-P

The only antidote,

is blood, sweat and hope

and a blueprint to save us from what we have become.

'we work in the dark to serve the light'

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sooo last few days have been... ok ate something that my my tummy a bit funny... not sure what it was, might of been the possibly slightly undercooked chicken i picked clean... not sure but i've pushed through an i'm alright now, done all my workouts and 1 extra today! i met up with some buddies, one of which we hardly ever see and went to this hotel he works at... got a free breakfast :D so yh not the best quality meat and i did have a couple of slices of wholegrain toast, a yoghurt, a bowl of frosties (full fat milk tho) and a mini chocolate muffin but i (hopefully) burnt most of that off by doing a little circuit of: 3 reps of 60kg clean and press, 2 reps per side of side to side pull-ups (pull up to one side then move across to the other and back down for 1 rep) and 5 burpees for 5 sets with a minute rest in-between (i'm calling it my 3, 4, 5 circuit from now on) i've also got soup for my tea at work tonight so that means having some bread (it's highland game soup... 25g of protein per can... in soup!!!!!)

previous days i've had little cheats (ok i had a kfc on thursday but i mostly just had chicken) mainly comprised of glasses of milk, bits of dark chocolate and some oaty bars (only had a couple of them)

tomorrow is rest and then i've got really big lift day on monday to see if i can get some decent numbers to finish the challenge on (won't hit the deadlift goal, might get near it with a belt but the clean goal is looking fairly promising, probs get 95kg, hopefully i'll get the full 100) i should be able to do pretty well with it (i'm not doing clean and presses before hand either, just cleans then deadlifts) as i'm going to a much better gym (atmosphere wise) with some buddies to really get me charged up, i'll probably carb load a bit and have coffee and dark chocolate beforehand to pump me up a bit more but we'll see

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had a bit of 60% chocolate at work this morning along with my (heavily organically buttered) bread and a bun that my mum made (still warm from the oven and slightly crisp on top *drools*) and i've decided that i'm gonna lay of the low carbness for a bit, i'll stick to primally eating mostly but i'm gonna (after the challenge) finish off all the oaty bars, jumbo oats, oatabix and such stuff whilst i train like mad (reckon i'll be able to squat again soon) and try to blast through to the goals i've set and maybe gain a bit of weight. so that means i'ma be making some protein flapjacks! we've also got a metric shit ton of apples so i'll have a load of them (making primal apple crisp today as well, if it works i'll probably make quite a few of them :D )

so come wednesday i'll have a load of oaty protein bars (maybe some mookies as well) to add some calories to my training

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First Goal: 90% paleo... i'd guess on average throughout the whole challenge i was probably 80-85% (i did pretty well the first 4 the n went off the rails a bit in the last 2) i'll gimme a B+

Second Goal: 180kg deadlift and 100kg clean, these 2 where very ambitious, unfortunately my hip went a bit in the second week so i had to go a lot steadier than i was planning, i managed a 155kg deadlift for 3 today (wearing a belt and with a spotter for getting it up did 150kg RAW) and 2 weeks ago i did a 87.5kg clean, though i only managed an 85kg one today, C+ (shouldn't of set such a high target)

Third Goal: do Sprint Intervals at least once a week, again due to my hip this one failed but i swapped it for doing tabata squats/bike at least once a week which i mostly managed (some weeks i did 2/3 a week one i did none) so A-

Life Goal: Read a lot (full booklist on my thread) got about a third of Primal Blueprint left and am about a fifth of the way into 'Game of Thrones' and i've finished all the rest so i give me an A- for that

Bonus Challenge: only managed 1 visit to a farmers market due to my shift rota and the short time that they stayed open

Overall i think i'm on a solid B+ not bad for my first challenge

finishing picture (only took it last week, so slightly less definition than when i had at about week 5 due to carby temptations but not too bad): Posted Image

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