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Jiu Jitsu?


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So I've been thinking about learning a martial art.  I've always been intrigued by jiu jitsu and after a brief search, there is a Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu school in the next town over. 




It's $80 / month with unlimited classes, and even personal classes (included in the cost according to the site) 


So my questions are, is $80/month a good price?  (I'll also be spending an additional ~$60 in travel expenses per month)


And, is jiu jitsu a good martial art to learn compared to Taekwon-do, mma, or karate?

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I'm not sure about the pricing, but in terms of whether it's "good" or not, I'm sure you already realize it's a very subjective question.  MMA shouldn't be in that list though, as MMA isn't a style like the others; it's a format that allows you to mostly use what you want to use.  People who do MMA will train jiu jitsu, muy thai, etc....


Personally, I like the judo/jiu jitsu styles.  Their philosophies resonate with me and I find them fun.  TKD and karate are very different in comparison; there's more structure to them and different approaches to competition and training.  Whereas judo/jiu jistu are more like bags of tricks you flesh out through frequent sparring, TKD and karate are generally more about forms and repetition.  Obviously there's structure to both, but judo/jiu jistu are generally more free-form.


If you're asking what's best in a street fight, the answer is don't fight.  Jiu jistu will probably serve you better in a brawl than the others, but if you're being robbed or something, don't fight.  And if it's a life or death thing, fight dirtier than any of those styles will teach you.

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