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First Challenge!!

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Hello Everyone,


So this is literally the first time that I have ever attempted a fitness challenge with goals. Also, this is the first time that I am committing to lifting weights and strength building. I am a runner only because I've been too lazy to do anything else. I am excited to see how the results will turn out in the next six weeks (even though I am late to the party)!!


Main Quest: Gain weight and get stronger by working out regularly. (I currently sit at 135 lbs).


Not to be unoriginal, but liked the sub-quests given on the info page, so here's my rendition...


Sub-Quest 1: Work out at least 4 days a week. Also include at least one day of intense cardio like interval sprints, rowing, or swimming.


Sub-Quest 2: Consume about 2500 calories per day of healthy normal food.

Note: This is an estimate. My metabolism is still crazy high even for living a fairly sedentary lifestyle as a college student. Also, I've never really put together any kind of cheap but healthy meal plan. Advice in this area is much appreciated!


Sub-Quest 3: Get 8 hours of sleep and get back into waking up early at least 6 days per week (6 a.m. or sooner).


Life Goal: Teach my first 3 flight students.


I'm very new to all of this; the proper eating, the working out, and the posting of my personal fitness level and goals.  I plan on kicking this off on Monday. So my target date for six solid weeks from now is Monday, June 23rd. The class I would like to be is ranger some day. Please post here if you have any suggestions on eating as a poor college student or gaining weight. Thanks for reading if you did!

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Welcome! You'll like it here I am sure. ^_^


As for tips, stores like Aldi's and Save A Lot are awesome! You can get cheap meats and dairy as well as frozen products. If you buy frozen food make certain it isn't a microwave meal but frozen chicken breast or frozen fruits. If you have any produce stands or farmer's markets those will usually save you tons of money. Also, planning your week ahead of time helps and don't buy what you don't need. I hope that helps.

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