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Su cuy'gar "nerd" vods. Ehehehe...(crickets) ANYWAY!
Hey nerds, it's your pal the King of Lame and I was curious if there were any nerds in the area of Tacoma Washington that would want to meet up one weekend and chill, or do random workout-like activities you know. I'm hoping there are some around here and I'm not the only one.(cue A Perfect Circle)

If you're in the area, drop a line on here and we can schedule in a way to fit everyone's best chance to meet up!

Cin vhetin. Ca'nara at am, vod!


Race: Gallifreyan.

Class: Vigilante (Ranger/ Assassin/ Monk)

Current Class: Assassin

Level: 3 Level Per Class: 2/ 1/ 0
STR: 4 DEX: 4
STA: 6 CON: 6
WIS: 4 CHA: 5


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