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Hi everyone,


My name is Robin, I'm a 45 year old artist and puzzle solver (account reconciliations) and currently just over 150lb at 5'7" ... but the scale says my body fat percentage is 36% as a female and 22% as a male.  So I either need to work on the percentage or transform into a man???  My highest weight (aside from when I was carrying my son 19 years ago) was 180.  I was in a dead-end relationship and stress eating instead of working things out.


Now I'm back to being a soccer and volleyball player, a boot camp lover and I have a handful of DVD's such as P90x, Insanity and FitBrigade from Sunrider. 


My current issues include:

1) motivating myself when I am alone, at the moment I have all the time in the world ... well, in between purging and packing for our move from the prairies to the mountains.

2) remembering to stretch

3) eating veggies - it's not that I don't like them ... I just haven't made enough effort to eat them at 3 meals a day

4) reformed sugar-addict - I've cut out pop and sweets, but, I still need to take it one step further and cut out the hidden sugars!


My last issue is getting so motivated reading about everyone's great goals and challenges ... that I forget to shut off the computer and work on my own!


Can't wait for the next 6 week challenge!

Wizard of Balance - Assassin Level 1

STR(3), DEX(2), STA(3), CON(2), WIS(3), CHA(2)

"If it is important to you, you will find a way ... if not, you will find an excuse" - (I don't recall whose quote this is, but I love it!)

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Welcome robin! I'll be doing the next challenge too :) let's work hard and stuff

Sounds like you are already making bold moves and concrete goals, good for you, keep it up :3 if you've got lots of time on your hands and need to eat more veggies, maybe check out cool paleo recipes! Well fed/ theclothesmakethegirl has a lot of really tasty ones. Do you like cooking?

Cooking can be time consuming but it's an awesome way to while away the free moments and then eat all the tasty low cal veggie filled things

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Level 1 Halfling - Rebel Nooblet - STR 2|DEX 2|STA 1|CON 1|WIS 2|CHA 2

Challenge Thread

Challenge goals:

Pole dance 15x


Rock climbing 18x


Lab for 36 hours


What the junk is lumberjane up to?

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