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Hi to all Druids,

I am fairly new to yoga, I am taking a class once or twice a week for the past month or so. I was a car accident awhile back and while the doctor and chiropractor have cleared me I have an extremely tight lower back. I was wondering if you knew of any particular poses I could use to create a morning routine for myself. Btw sun salutations is my favorite combination right now.

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I am in a similar boat. A few years ago I had a horse flip over on me and a few years before that, another one stepped on my back. I started yoga about a year back and, while I don't have any poses to release the lower back (still working on that myself) I do have some advice:


Avoid back bends for awhile. Anything like fish post (head and butt on ground with legs and arms raised) or camel take very easily. They can cause a lot of pain in the lower back if rushed into. If I think of any poses that could help - I'll let you know.


Good luck!

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The above three are all good, and there are plenty of others. There are also general stretching routines for the back you can find with a quick google search. There are a lot of ways to stretch, and sometimes even Yogis have to do some stretching before getting into an asana.


Those with particularly bothersome lower back injuries should, as AsaPond said, avoid back bends for a while. If it's just a flexibility issue though, you should be fine the three I've listed here. Just work your way into the pose slowly. Don't rush anything.

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Check out Somatics for the painfully tight low back. Mine would spasm several times a year in a way that would tai me out for weeks at a time until I found Somatics. Google Essential Somatics Martha Peterson for more info. I use her book.

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