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OptimistPrime's Transformation Challenge


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I've never done a regimented exercise plan before, so I'm going to reward myself for losing 40 pounds by starting out with the RSG's Basic Training plan.

Fitness/Diet Goals:

- Before the first workout, I thought "planks? Man, those can't be that hard," and proceeded to last 5 whole seconds. I want to get up to 60 seconds by the end of the challenge. I'd like to get bored before I get tired.

- Tangentially related to Fitness, but I've been having trouble forcing myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I'm going to try to be in bed by midnight every night, preferably 11.

- I want to get down under 230lbs by the end of the 6 weeks. I spent most of my life at 220, got down to 205 (still overweight), then let it get out of control up to 275. I weighed 235 this morning, so I'm going to shoot for 230.

Life Goal:

- Work through my to-do list of personal items I've been pushing back every week all year.

Status so far:

- I did an initial Session A on Friday of last week, but I'm going to aim for today to start Tues/Thurs/Sat at my workout days. I'll try to update this thread weekly, but I track things daily.

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Fitness/Diet Goals Status:

- Completed my 3 RSG workouts Tues/Thurs/Sat. I was still sore Friday night and started making excuses about Saturday morning, then decided that excuses won't get me where I want to be. Managed to get planks up to 30s.

- Went to bed before midnight every day except Saturday night.

- Weight hovering at 238. Going to do a better job of watching calories while also doing the workouts.

Looking forward to next week's workouts. I need to get a dumbbell or something for the one-arm rows.

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Fitness/Diet Goals Status:

- Completed my 3 RSG workouts Tues/Thurs/Sat. I split up my Saturday exercises to do the one-arm rows in the evening when I had something heavier to lift (5gal water bottle!).

- Went to bed before midnight every day except Friday night, and the night I worked until after midnight. Will try to do better next week.

- Weight rollercoastering between 234 and 238 on daily weigh-ins. I'll see where I'm at in another week, I know I haven't been doing a great job with watching my calorie intake.

I'm over 30s on the first set of planks. Getting close to 30s on the second set (1min rest between).

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Fitness/Diet Goals Status:

- Completed 2 of my 3 RSG workouts Tues/Sat. I tried to start Thursday's but I was too tired.

- I think there were a couple nights I went to bed after midnight. I was racking up a sleep deficit throughout the week, which contributed to Thursday's fail.

- Weight still rollercoastering between 234 and 238 on daily weigh-ins. I'm putting off measuring until the end of the six weeks, but I'm hoping to see some redemption there even if I don't lose the entire 6 pounds I was hoping for.

I went to bed on time Friday night and did my Saturday workout, so hopefully I'm back on the right path. I hit 40s on my first set of planks today, and got close to 30s on the second set, but they still kick my butt; what an amazing, simple workout!

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Fitness/Diet Goals Status:

- I had to shift from Tues/Thurs/Sat to Tues/Fri/Sun this week (so I still need to do Sunday's).

- I seem to have really fallen off the wagon on going to bed on time, which definitely seems to be a huge part of whether my exercises succeed.

- Weight finally trending downward again, but still at 235ish.

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Fitness/Diet Goals Status:

- Trying to make sure I do at least 2x/wk even if I wind up missing one of the 3.

- Lacking sleep this week really hurt my progress, but I'm keeping at it.

- Weight moving downward finally. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures/measurements in a few days. I'm going to make sure I get my last one in Tuesday morning to really see what I've accomplished the last 6 weeks.

Planks are still challenging but I'm at least up to 2x30s, sometimes nearly 60s on the first set. The angle of my elbows seems to make a huge difference, so I'm trying to be consistent -- my arms being a little more forward seems to make them easier.

Lunges have really been kicking my ass, which I assume is because of the extra weight (mine, that is..). Maybe I should be doing something a little easier to build up to those while the weight comes off, but I'm not sure what.

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At the beginning of the 6 weeks, I couldn't do enough reps to even break a sweat through the entire Basic Training workout. By the end of the challenge, I felt energized the rest of the day after working out in the morning (and man would I sweat during/after!). I lost about 3 pounds during the 6 weeks, which I'll take as a combination of not watching my intake as closely as I should have, as well as (hopefully) some muscle gain. I think I'm going to do the Basic Training plan for another 6-week challenge with a focus on getting sufficient sleep and see how that goes.

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