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thegeezneez's fight against laziness.


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This is my first challenge and I'm super excited about it!

Diet/Fitness Goals

1. Strength Train 3X per week.

I will either workout with my trainer or do the Angry Birds workout. At the end this challenge I want to be able to do 5 REAL push ups. I can barely do 20 on my knees now. I have a lot of work to do!

2. Go to at least one kickboxing class a week. Bonus points if I get 2 in!

3. Keep eating Paleo with occasional treats

I currently have one treat such as a mocha or a cookie once every other day. I want to eventually bring this to only once a week by the end of the six week challenge.

4. No more Red Bull.

I work the graveyard shift, and would stop at my local coffee stand and get a sugar free red bull with sugar free raspberry syrup 4 times a week. I want to eat as clean as possible. Also they cost about $3.25 per drink and that adds up! I could spend that money on a new pair of shoes!

Life Goals

1. Clean my cottage and keep it clean.

Yes, I live in a cottage and it's amazing! I have the best landlords that are avid gardeners. Let's just say I haven't had to buy vegetables in a month.

2. Make a list of all items I own in the cottage.

Hopefully by the next challenge I can make a list of the stuff I have in storage.

3. Work-Complete tasks assigned on time and take more initiative. Organize current training material and create a solid training program.

4. Complete challenge even if I fail. I have a tendency to be on board with challenges only to choke halfway through and give up. I will complete this challenge even if I fail at it.

MyFitnessPalWhatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln

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I'm very happy with my first day. I worked out with my trainer this morning even though I was super tired. (I only slept about 3-4 hrs yesterday & then worked a graveyard shift last night)

My workout:

Cable Fly: 15x10.5lbs

Romanian Deadlift: 15x60lbs

Body Weight Rows: 15

Squat: 15x50lbs

1 Leg Glut Bridges: 15 per leg

Tri Pull Down: 15x25lbs

Kettlebell Swings 20x35lbs

I only made it through 2 Sets of this circuit. On the 2nd circuit we lowered the weight on the Tri Pull Down to 20lbs the last 8 reps. The only thing that got me through the kettlebell swings on the 2nd set was the video from this post.


Especially about the part about wanting success more than sleep. While I know that enough sleep and rest is important...there are times that it isn't possible and I need to fight through the urge to give up. On a side note, I slept 9 hours today which is pretty amazing for sleeping during the day. Most days I'm lucky if I get 6 hours.

My diet is awesome the past few days. I even made cupcakes tonight for a coworker and I didn't eat one....and I only licked the batter off the spoon 2x. (I said no to tasting it about 20 times)

MyFitnessPalWhatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln

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I work third shift to and I TOTALLY know what you mean! Getting enough sleep is a constant challenge. It all looks great on paper and then those things that HAVE to get done during business hours sneak up on you and the next thing you know you haven't slept and you have to be at work in 4 hrs.

Grats on getting your workout in even though lack of sleep made it hard!

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Thanks @katspell and @bm141414!

Today was pretty good as well.

I went to my kickboxing class tonight. I slept 6 hours and actually woke up before my alarm. I rarely set my alarm but my kickboxing class starts at 5:30pm and I have to make sure I eat at least an hour before so that I don't get sick or dizzy.

My diet was just ok today. I need to eat more vegetables. I struggle with this all the time! I went to my friends house after kickboxing to watch the Saints and Packers game where I was constantly asked if I wanted food! I said no a million times. I drank water, ate a little bit of watermellon, but then my friends daughter made homemade from scratch cheesecake. I said no 2x but on the third time I couldn't. It's good though. It was amazing and it was a cheat day for me. I was going to get a mocha before work, but I'm glad I had the cheesecake instead.

MyFitnessPalWhatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln

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Today was a fail. Well, with the workout anyway. I had to cancel on my trainer this morning. I had a meeting that ran long. I've eaten ok today. I still haven't gotten any veggies in yet. I was supposed to go a potluck tonight, but I overslept and I didn't have time to get ready and go and then make it to work on time. ugh. Today is Friday, and I have the next three days off. I have plans to go to an outdoor concert and sleep. That's pretty much it so far.

I did get paid today. Yay! I've already figured out my budget. Yay!

On the house cleaning front (I realized I haven't updated this) I have cleaned my kitchen and kept it clean. I haven't had a chance to clean anything else but I'm going to get to that this weekend.

On the work front. I talked to my boss today about were things were going for me. Tonight is any easy night for me. I don't have to get anything specifically done since its the weekend. It's a great opportunity for me to finish up a few projects that I've needed to complete for a while.

MyFitnessPalWhatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln

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Well, this weekend was interesting. My diet wasn't great this weekend. I went out to eat with friends on Saturday night, and I ordered well, however I had 2 beers. The rest of the weekend wasn't any better. I had a mocha 2 days in a row. I got back to eating well yesterday. Yay me! Today I am struggling with the no red bull thing. I'm so groggy and I just want one! Yesterday I had an amazing workout with my trainer. I did 3 full circuits...which the last few times I went I could only do 2. I forgot to copy down the exercises I did but let me just tell you it was hard! I lost 1 lb in a week, but my chest measurement went down half an inch and my arm measurement went down 1.5 inches. This means I'm gaining muscle right? I'm sure I wold have lost more if my diet had been better this weekend.

I have most of my cottage cleaned...I just need to tackle the bathroom. :( I hate cleaning the bathroom.

Well, I'm off to do laundry and then head to my kickboxing class.

MyFitnessPalWhatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln

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I'm feeling a little out of sorts the last few days. I'm not sure why. I didn't go to my kickboxing class on Tuesday and I couldn't make it on Thursday because I scheduled my trainer at the same time thinking I would go to kickboxing on Tuesday! Ugh. Also on Thursday with my trainer I struggled so much and I only made it 30 min of the hour work out. I made it through 1 1/2 circuits. I felt super tired and weak. I think it was due to the fact I didn't eat very much Thursday morning and when I woke up Thursday evening the meal I had before my work out didn't really have time to give me the energy I needed. Anyway, moving on. It's a learning experience right? I'm just bummed because I had such an awesome work out on Monday and I felt amazing and I wanted Thursday to be the same.

Tomorrow I'm going to the farmers market with a friend so I'll get a good walk in along with purchasing some delicious organic local vegetables. I will also be doing the Angry Birds workout on Saturday. I seriously need to start working on the pushups....especially if I'm going to be able to do 5 by the end of the challenge.

I finally have most of my cottage clean. I just need to mop my floors which will take like 15 minutes. I need to start on my master list of stuff!

MyFitnessPalWhatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln

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Laziness kicked my butt this weekend. I had kind of a sad weekend and I couldn't shake the sadness for a few days. I kept telling myself I would rally the next day only to not rally. I pretty much didn't feel like doing anything that I needed to: cleaning, grocery shopping, working out. I didn't even eat for the first part of the day and only ate in the evening which was fast food. I never eat fast food so this was crazy for me. I did this 3 days in a row. I did work out with my trainer on Monday as scheduled but I immediately came home and slept. I think part of it was that my sleep schedule was off. I work Friday night and the I have 3 nights off. Usually, on Saturday I will only sleep a few hours during the day so that I can sleep that night, but I slept from 8:30 AM to 7:30PM. I think I woke up once or twice briefly, but would immediately fall back asleep. I needed the sleep but then I was up most of the night and slept half the day on Sunday.

Anyway, I did work out with my trainer last week and so far twice this week. I have not made it to my kickboxing class this week again. Ugh! Today I finally rallied. I went grocery shopping this morning before I went to bed and I made dinner tonight before I came to work. I'm back to eating Paleo...which I love. :)

Paleo side note: My coworker who is always trying some kind of cleanse, new extreme diet, starving herself mentioned the other day that is was so hard for her to go grocery shopping for her diet (whatever it is she's on) since she has to read all the labels and count calories and whatnot. I told her that since I've been eating Paleo grocery shopping is so much easier. I literally only go to the grocery store to buy meat, veggies, and fruit. Since I don't really eat anything that has a label (except for cottage cheese-I can't give it up. It's my drug) it has become extremely simple to shop for food. I love this since I HATE grocery shopping.

To end on a happy note....I weighed myself at the gym today and I lost 5 lbs from last week! Woohoo!

MyFitnessPalWhatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln

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Hey man, just wanted to pop in to give you a thumbs up. You're doing awesome, and it's great to see you sticking with things despite your challenges. Keep on building that momentum!

"Let another say. 'Perhaps the worst will not happen.' You yourself must say. 'Well, what if it does happen? Let us see who wins!' ".

- Seneca, 63 AD

"There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength." - Henry Rollins

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