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Reporting Beach

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You just finished a 6 week challenge. There is no better way to celebrate this than with a nice stay at the beach, right?

 We want to thank all of you for participating, supporting each other and working so hard that the rest of us gets motivated by your success.

Special thanks to those who joined our minichallenge. I hope you liked it and had lots of fun!

So how did you do?

Post a summary here, grading yourselves on each of your goals on an A to F scale (see below). Then give yourselves an overall grade for the challenge.

Check out this post for all challenge info and questions.

Grading Yourself and Awarding Attribute Points

At the end of the challenge, give yourself a grade on how you did achieving your goals. Then, based on how you did, award points. Partial points are allowed.

A - 100% B - 75% C - 50% D - 25% F - 0%

Here is a link for a chart to help with the math.

Remember to talk about your succeses. You are more likely to be picked as a nominee if you talk about how your challenge went and what you learned.

Anyone can nominate someone!

Actually there will be something new for very successful rebels somewhen soon!


If you need examples look at the other reports or in the other guilds. If you need help feel free to ask!

Are you in next time?

Can you see that beautiful mountain jast above our lovely beach? I heard there is a nice wooden lodge with a great fireplace just next to a magic forest ;)

See you around!

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Challenge Summary: 

Details in my thread. Well, the physical aspects of this challenge did not go very well at all. Minor surgery on the back of my hand kept me out of the weight room for 3+ weeks, and I honestly wasn't on top of it even before that. I've got to get my weight lifting mojo and motivation back next time around. Meditating went well, I even upped my time on the floor by 2 minutes per session! It's getting easier to fit in the sitting time, even if actually meditating isn't really any easier. Steady progress was made on the quilt top; and I finally finished April's book and half of May's, confident that I'll finish it this week.



The Garden - not actually part of my challenge, it's still been a way of marking progress. 





2014 Goal 1: Deadlift my bodyweight

Challenge Goal:  do some sort of weight workout 3x/week. 


Challenge Total: 8 weight workouts. D +1STR


2014 Goal 2: Make meditating a habit

Challenge Goal: Meditate for 10 minutes every day.


Challenge total: 38 meditations. A +2WIS, +2 CHA


2014 Goal 3: Complete a king-sized quilt. Machine or hand pieced, hand quilted.

Challenge Goal: Work on a sewing project at least 10 minutes every day.


Challenge total: 38 days of stitching A +2DEX, +2STA


April 14:



May 26




2014 Goal 4: Read one non-fiction book outside of my comfort zone every month. For April it was A Short History of Byzantium by John Julius Norwich. I decided on the autobiography of Ben Franklin for May, and am about 1/2 way done with it. June's book will be Sister Wendy's Story of Painting. Lots of pretty pictures, and hopefully no blinding and castrating of children. Byzantine emperors were, as a whole, not nice  :nightmare: I'm calling a Pass on this goal. +1 WIS, +2 CON


Next Challenge I'll be back as a Level 10 Wood Elf Druid STR 15 | DEX 19 | STA 18 | CON 16 | WIS 22 | CHA 20. Have a great week "off!"

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Good morning everyone!


Yeah, I missed my end of challenge update.  Never fear, I am now here to remedy that problem.


Yoga/Meditation - Overall 19/24 - 79% C


Lifting - Overall 9/18 - 50% F


Unicycling/Juggling - Overall 13/24 - 54% F


Side quest 1: Food - Passed.  Not eating everything left on my kids' plates and I'm portion controlling much better

Side Quest 2: Life - Passed.  I've got some of my art in a store and since then, I've gotten 4 new commissions, not including one from Jess.  I feel well received and that my glass is good art.  I'm still stuck at my current crappy job, but they still deposit money into my account every payday.  I'm still looking, but it's been hard these past few weeks due to a lot of different factors, including planning my son's 7th birthday party.


Overall, I didn't do that well on the goals of this challenge.  Weeks 3 and 4 were dedicated to making enough glass pieces to get into the store, which really hurt my scores, but helped my side quest.  I came back from it and finished strong with the help and support of those here at Nerd Fitness.  I appreciate everyone here and I want to take this moment to say; Thank you.  You guys always seem to get me through things I don't really feel like doing at the time.  Please know you make a difference in another's life.   

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Starting Stats:

Comfort Pace = 12 min/mile

Fastest Mile = 9'56"

Fastest 5k = 33'25"


Ending Stats:

Comfort Pace = ~11 min/mile

Fastest Mile = 10'30" (for this challenge, but have yet to beat 9'56")

Fastest 5k = 32'32" (improved time by 53 seconds total)


In addition to the running and yoga, my boyfriend has been showing me some strength training exercises and watching to make sure that I have proper form.  Lemme tell ya - the lower half of my body hates my guts today, but on a positive note - it sorta feels awesome too!  Especially because I have someone there to help make sure I'm doing things correctly.


I fell asleep in my bed a total of 23 times over the last challenge.  I fell asleep on the couch 19 times.  It almost averages out to 4 times per week which was my goal.  I have noticed that when I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I like to fall asleep on the couch as a comfort thing, and the only reason that I can think of is that I lay my head in my boyfriend's lap and he will run his fingers through my hair when I'm feeling not so well and it soothes me right to sleep.


All in all, I'm pleased with my progress...I need to get my eating under control a bit, but after today - we only have 8 more days of school!  Once school let's out, it is so much easier for me to stay focused.  I'm going to dominate this summer!  :D


Congrats to everyone who finished!  You're all rock stars and I'm excited to see what you have in store for yourselves next time!

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Cross-post from my challenge thread-




My gosh, we're done with this one! It's over! While I tapered off in my updates (and wish I had stuck to a more frequent update schedule), I'm pretty pleased with how this one rolled along-


Stretching: Complete. 38/42

All in all, I really stuck to my guns on this one! Remembering to stretch directly after a workout (even if it meant ending 5-10 minutes earlier), and before bed really helped get me into a solid routine. While I'm not convinced I'm bendy enough to be a proper Catwoman (countdown to con: 2-3 weeks!), I'm really proud of how I've chipped away at improving my flexibility. Little steps get us there!

Score: 90.5% = A-



Meditation: Complete. 38/42

This definitely showed some big steps over the past six weeks! One of the coolest developments was that I finally got a meditation instructor; it took much longer than I expected, but I'm just so pleased with how it all turned out. She actually helped set up the center I go to, back in the 70's (she's been practicing for a long time), and is an amazing spirit. She helped me with my posture, taught me the technique for walking meditation, answered all my inane questions ("My left foot keeps falling asleep! Halp, what do?"), and assigned me some reading, as well as suggested an introductory weekend class that would be helpful for my continuation. I just couldn't be happier with this next step. I can imagine these encounters will help shape mindfulness goals in my next challenge!

Score: 90.5% = A-


Artistic Research/Training: Complete. 40/42

This goal was awesome, and I completed it regularly, but it pulled me in a lot of different directions that I wasn't expecting to go in. For example, while I thought I would spend  most of my time doing tutorials and freely creating, a lot of this time was allocated to overtime, client work and industry research. I feel good about it though; just because the work took a different form than I expected, doesn't mean that it won't help me become the very best, like no one ever was. I can feel my capability improving, and that's just so exciting!

Score: 95% = A!


WHEW! I guess like the last time, small and steady wins the goal-setting race. I feel like I've hit a good stride in balancing the size and intensity of my goals; they're not too big to be overwhelming, but they're frequent enough to require real dedication on my part, to keep up with them daily. This is something I hope to replicate in my next challenge! Good job everyone on another six weeks, and I hope to cheer you all on in the next round!

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End of challenge report:


  1. Meditation:
    Just a C
    I did not meditate often enough.
  2. Food:
    D because I was away so much and used my special rule. It really helped me eating less gluten.
  3. Body:
    F. I just didn't workout...
  4. Soul:

Life: The exam is done. Just one to go in July, the small thesis and the master thesis.

And i found a new flat. I hope I get it, but there are alternatives =)


Overall grade: c-


See you around next time!

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just Copy/Pasting from my challenge to here:


Diet: Failure

I failed the Whole30, but was otherwise generally cognizant of what I was putting in my mouth. I will definitely have to try to do a full Whole30 when I am more able to do so.


Meditation: 42/42 --> A+

I added in yoga to this as well, but was unable to do too much yoga, as I have recently started a summer class and job.


Projects: 1 was cancelled, the other was completed on time, there fore I get a 1/1, meaning an A+


Overall, I have to give myself a D for this challenge.


Needless to say, I could have done better. But, given the way things worked out, I am rather pleased with how things worked out.

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