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Assassins, Report! How did you do!


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My challenge started very 






and was full of 






But all of a sudden, I was like





my workouts became 



And my challenge thread just kinda   






So I was really surprised when I totaled up my final score, and ended up with a B+



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RedCedar uses the pronouns they/them/theirs. What pronouns do you prefer? 

Here is a fun game to help learn/practice pronouns that might be new to you: http://minus18.org.au/pronouns-app/


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I said to the sun, "tell me about the Big Bang".

The sun said, "It hurts to become." 

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Totally completely late for this, but posting anyway :)


1. Eat at a deficit.  +2 CON + 2 STR B +1.5 CON +1.5 STR

While eating at a deficit was not really difficult, I found that after the first week hunger leveled off and didn't rear it's head again, except when I thought I might "not have enough" food, or would have restricted access to it.  This tells me that my body is not actually panicking at hunger; it's got a whole whack of other issues instead.


2. Move more +4 STA A +4 STA

Walked to work 15/16 times I could.  Worked my way up to 3 blocks away from work, so pretty excited about that as well.


3. Quiet time - 1 ½ hrs a day + 4 CON 


I completely neglected this goal, and didn't even think about it most of the time.


4. Workout, stretching & PLP -- 12 sessions of Star Wars workout & stretch/foam rolling, PLP reboot (back at 1 with harder exercises), graded on done/able+3 STR


My health was not good enough at any point during this challenge to add PLP or any other workout back in,  The walking was all I could manage.


The Take Away:

I will be facing my hunger differently this upcoming challenge, and look forward to seeing if I can get over this fear of being without food, rather than just eating less.  It was good to learn, though, that my actual food intake isn't running me.  Now just to deal with the rest.

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Hiraedd the Twice Risen:

Hamadryad; Pilgrim

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