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Climb ups/top outs and muscle ups on ledges and bars.

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Hello. I have started training for parkour. I couldn't do one pull up when I started out; now I can do 5 from a dead hang.

My current goals in parkour include mastering the wall climb/top out, the kong/monkey vault and dropping from heights a little taller than me with a roll. I have the kong vault in a decent situation and I am getting better at it and I can roll smoothly on grass.

However, I am struggling a lot with the climb up/top out from a cat hang and I would like to know if it requires a lot of upper body strength because I don't think there are too many flaws in my footwork and grip.

Also, I would like to do muscle ups! Do you need to do an awful lot of pull ups before you try muscle ups?


I watched and awful lot of tutorials but can't seem to put it all together when it comes to the transition from the pull to the dip (in the cases of muscle ups as well as climb ups).


Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Where are you with your climb up? 



I can do a level 3 (the second fastest) and sure, it takes a decent amount of upper body strength, but getting your legs under you with a good solid push is incredibly important. The knee drive is crazy helpful too. Push off hard with one foot, drive the other knee up, and pull with the arms. I cannot yet do a muscle-up (don't have the technique down yet) so it isn't necessarily all upper body.


I think where I train, they start pushing you toward muscle ups when you can do 10 pull ups. Then it isn't really dead hang muscle ups. It's parkour. It's about efficiency of movement and conservation of energy. Get on top of that bar the fastest and most efficient way you can. Personally, I would just do a pull over then cast to top out. Though if I could do a muscle up then cast top out, it would probably be faster...anyway, I'll still be working on the muscle up.


As far as training, work on negatives. If you can only do 5 pull ups, do them. Then do 5 more negatives. As slowly as possible. Then you can start working on muscle up negatives other days. Do a pull over or use something to jump up, then do your negative, again, as slowly as possible.


HERE and HERE are some great exercises to build the proper muscle groups. Those are articles by the owner of the gym I do my training with, and I think they do a fantastic job teaching parkour. Just keep working. Take video. Way easier to see issues when you're looking from someone else's point of view.


Oh another thing, on the transition from pull up to dip, just use your momentum to get your chest on top of the wall, then dip from there.

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