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I guess I'm looking for a buddy! Will anyone be playing Wildstar (early release midnight PST tonight!) or is anyone active in any other MMOs?
The time I get online at home, I spend gaming, and I've been an MMO/PVP fanatic for the last 15 years. I'm playing Marvel Heroes right now, and been playing League of Legends regularly for the last couple years. I wasn't super impressed with Elder Scrolls Online, so been waiting for Wildstar.

I'm going to give weight-loss a serious shot this June, and would love a gaming friend that can keep me encouraged and motivated fitness wise as well. Probably a guy is best, simply because my girlfriend wouldn't like me getting too friendly with random girls online. She hates my gaming and nerd stuff, so that is a challenge alone for me. The relationship has isolated me a bit, so I don't have much of a social circle to draw support from.


I'm going to start my first challenge June 9th and do my best to document all my efforts. I just turned 30, about 5'11 and 300-310lbs (I don't want to look yet!) and 50 lbs came in just the last five months. Unemployment floored my energy and motivation, but back to work now and hoping to improve my life.


Who's with me!!! <flex>

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Hey Olybard. I am in a similar situation. My gf hates gaming! But we both work out and have other hobbies in common so that's ok! I currently play FFXIV, although I've been waiting for TESO for a while, and kind of lost interest after I saw beta. Anyway! If you want to play some FFXIV I'd be glad to. Just to warn you, I am a RPer. If you want to shoot texts I'm up for that as well. I wont be getting into WIldStar because I barely have time for 1 MMO, not to mention 2! 


I am same height as you, 240 currently (maybe a little less) and have also been recently unemployed. Still am technically, until July! Also I just started my personal trainer certification so... I can try to help you out as much as one can over long distance. I am based in Brooklyn NY. Let me know!

Smiling River

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My Level 1 Challenge!

Personal Trainer ... in training! Ask me anything.

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